Stairway/Spiral Wind Chime
Shell Wind Chime

An elegant spiral sea shell wind chime that will add an ocean feel to your home or garden.

Shell Windchimes are a great way to remember a Vacation to Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Florida Keys, or a local beach, and this spiral stairway wind chime is one of our most popular.

A must have for any ocean themed garden motif where chimes are desired!

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(A1) 24" Stairway (Spiral) Wind Chime, Style - $19.99
Please note that these now have a small cowrie at the end of the spiral similar to the E2
(A2) 18" Stairway (Spiral) Wind Chime, Style - $16.99
(B1) 26- 30" Stairway (Spiral) Wind Chime, Style - $22.99
(B2) 18" Stairway (Spiral) Wind Chime, Style - $16.99
(C2) 18" Stairway (Spiral) Wind Chime, Style - $16.99
(D2) 18" Stairway (Spiral) Wind Chime, Style - $16.99
(E2) 18" Stairway (Spiral) Wind Chime, Style - $16.99

Please note these are HANDMADE from GENUINE seashells, so slight differences/imperfections from the pictures are normal

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Stairway Shell Wind Chimes (Spiral Wind Chime)-


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