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Aquarium Decorations
Artificial Decorative Coral (“DeCoral”),
Driftwood, Plastic/Silk Plants, and Ornaments

World Class Aquarium & Pond Information for aquarium decorations

• Currently we sell Blue Ridge, Red Pipe Organ, Yellow Cup, & small mixed coral 4 packs
• This is an extremely realistic and environmentally friendly coral decor.
• Unique aquarium decor such our real Driftwood/Mango Wood.
• ZooMed Frog Moss for Terrariums OR Aquariums
• Ceramic castles, plastic & silk aquarium plants
• For authentic seashell collectibles/décor


Aquarium Decoration (& Natural Acid Buffer) Products:
  • Driftwood
    *$9.99 & UP
    *Great for freshwater aquarium decor, especially where lower pH is desired.
    Superior natural driftwood for use in FW aquariums

  • Manzanita Wood
    *$18.99 & UP
    *Great for aquascaping, planted freshwater aquariums.
    *For Reptiles and Birds too!

  • Sea Garden Plants
    *Fancy Plants Silk Marine & Freshwater Aquarium Decor

  • Orange/Purple Sponge Replica
    *Another realist DeCoral decorative coral replica that is beautiful in Marine Fish only, FOWLR, etc.
    *Aquariums where the worry of destruction by aquarium inhabitants of real coral is a concern.
    *Safe for freshwater too.

  • Pink and Purple Sponge Replica
    *Synthetic coral replicas- $27.99
    *Unique Polyurethane synthetic coral decorations for saltwater (or even freshwater aquariums)


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