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Updated 5/12/16

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What makes the best aquarium LED lights
LEDs are the new tech for aquarium lighting. Learn what it means to have a quality fixture. Most all can light a tank, but which ones are meant for aquariums? Which ones are going to take the most energy? Which are waterproof and have the longest warranty! Learn about the best LEDs in the world.

The selling page for some of the best LEDs out:
*AAP/TMC AquaRay AquaGro AquaBeam LED Lines

light and fish health, aquarium redox
Learn how light can affect water in a good way or a bad way. What do to do depending on type of light being used. Light affects immunity too!

Further reading on a healthy tank and aquarium Redox:
*A healthy or unhealthy aquarium

Best aquatic plumbing parts
Some of the most useful plumbing parts for aquarium and pond keepers. Skip the plumbing parts store and let the professionals help you figure it out.

For Unique Aquarium Plumbing Parts:
*Unique Aquarium & Pond Plumbing Parts

Aquarium Bulkhead with reducing bushing The picture to the right shows a Bulkhead, along with a reducing bushing properly connected to a glass or acrylic aquarium (please click to enlarge)

When used correctly, Carl Strohmeyer (the owner of AAP) has had these ABS bulkheads last decades, not a just a few years as implied by some inaccurate YouTube videos by a popular online reef supply discount retailer.
To provide more security from leaks (& longevity of the bulkhead), Carl suggests adding a small bead of quality aquarium silicone on both sides of the bulkhead just prior to final tightening. This idea was handed down to him by an old timer aquarium builder years ago and it has allowed him to have bulkheads last as long as the aquarium itself!!

Large Aquarium Plumbing diagram, picture using canister & FSB filter, UV Sterilizer

Large Aquarium Plumbing Tip

This diagram/picture displays one way AAP founder Carl Strohmeyer set up a 250 gallon aquarium utilizing bulkheads, canister filters, heavy duty quick disconnect unions, ball valves, a Premium AAP/TMC Vecton UV Sterilizer, and high bio capacity FSB filter.

Video, Proper Use of Aquarium Bulkheads

Video; Proper Use of Aquarium Bulkheads

Recommended viewing for proper Bulkhead use!

Some Resources:
*Plumbing Parts (Bulkheads, Disconnect Unions, etc)
*Premium Highest Dwell Time AAP/TMC UV Sterilizers
*AAP/TMC Highest Bio Capacity Fluidized Sand Bed Filters

Lake Malawi, home of many popular & beautiful aquarium Cichlid fish
Lake Malawi, home of many popular & beautiful aquarium Cichlid fish.

Location; Malawi National Park located in the nation of Malawi at the southern end of Lake Malawi.

Further Reading about some East African Cichlids:
*East African Cichlids; Fish Profiles
*Paradigm Fish Foods, The BEST Food you can feed your African Cichlid!
*Aquarium Chemistry, including African Cichlids water chemistry

DIY Gravity Aquarium Automatic Top Off, ATO Picture
For Automatic Top Off Systems (ATO), there are many ways to do this from simple floats (like used in toilets reservoirs), the Hydor Smart Level and similar electronic ATO systems, or simple gravity fed ATO reservoirs that use a simple air line valve to control input of water placed above the aquarium,, often hidden and out of the way.

This simple DIY ATO can be just a one gallon water container as shown or can be a much larger Rubbermaid container tank that hold many gallons of water that you pump up to fill from your RO/DI collection reservoir or simply tap water.
With the pictured ATO, all that is done is a small hole is drilled into the cap to allow breathing, along with a small hole to allow an air line control valve to be inserted (the drill hole should be slightly smaller than the airline control valve.

The selling page for the air line control valve:
*In-Line Airline Valve Set

Main Aquarium Information Page this content is quoted in part from (for further information)
*Freshwater Aquarium Basics; Water Top Off

AquaRay LED Light, The highest water-resistant rating of any major marine reef LED AquaRay LED Light, The highest water-resistant rating of any major freshwater LED

The highest water-resistant rating of any major LED (IP67).
This means your electronic lighting device that is placed in a wet aquatic environment has a chance of lasting more than a couple years.
Warranted for 5 Years including full replacement!

Resource: AAP AquaRay Aquarium LED Lights

Aquarium Pond Tubing Installation Tips

Aquarium Pond Tubing Installation Tips

Resource: Aquarium/Pond Tubing Installation Guide/Tips

Freshwater Aquarium, Fish Feeding Frenzy

Freshwater Aquarium, Fish Feeding Frenzy

Resource: Freshwater Aquarium Basics

Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilization, Sterilizer Use Benefits

This diagram/picture displays in a simplified way the benefits of using a TRUE UV Sterilizer, noting that most UV Sterilizers now marketed are NOT true UV Sterilizers, rather Clarifiers at best due to design, dwell time, flow rate and use of 25% efficiency medium pressure UV Bulbs/Lamps so as to keep the cost low (instead of using low pressure high UVC output low pressure UV bulbs/lamps)

Resource: Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilization, Sterilizer Use Benefits

Diagram for AAP Hydro Sponge Filter with an air pump installation

Diagram for sponge filter with an air pump installation. Click on the picture to go to the web page with more information, including a larger picture blow up.

Product Resource: AAP Hydro Sponge Filters

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Freshwater, Planted, Marine, Reef researched aquarium light information
Aquarium Lighting; Facts & Information
: The Internets most in depth/researched aquatic light information source; From Watts to PAR to Types

Information for the Proper Set Up, Maintenance, Care and Feeding for Freshwater Aquariums
Freshwater Aquarium Care, Information, Basics
Information for the Proper Set Up, Maintenance, Care and Feeding for Freshwater Aquariums/ Tanks

Pond Water circulation, Filtration, UV Sterilization, Cleaning and maintenance, Winter Care, more
A Clear Pond

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