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UV Light Bulbs
; Page 1
Including this popular compact replacement lamp/bulb:
*PUVR2418 18 Watt G24 UVC Lamp (Cal Pumps)

T-5 & T-8 UV Bulbs; Page 2
Including this popular T5 replacement lamp/bulb:
*PUVLF211; 11 watt T-5 (4 pin) 8.75 inch

T-2 Lights, SHO, CFL lights, & LED Aquarium Lights

TMC Professional Protein Skimmers

High performance, quality protein skimmer incorporating a patented venture injection system which optimizes the perfect mixture of fine air bubbles and water and ensures intensive, efficient skimming and the removal of proteins and other harmful toxins (waste) from the aquarium.

Aquarium Pump & Filter Kits

Featuring the Aquarium Industry Best Hydro Sponge Filter
Several different size kits, all include Start Right Conditioner


Via Aqua Glass Submersible Aquarium Heaters
Via Aqua/ReSun Titanium Remote Sensor/Controller Titanium Heaters
Hydor Under Gravel Mini Heaters for Bettas, etc.


Includes twelve 1 watt Cree LED emitters
Optimum PAR 65K Daylight emitters
95 lumens per watt

Wonder Shells

The premier aquarium mineral block from the only supplier with decades of knowledge about the use of this product.

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Aquarium Products

Driftwood, Decorative Synthetic Coral (DeCoral), Artificial Plants, and Castles

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Aquarium Lighting; Facts & Information
: The Internets most in depth/researched aquatic light information source; From Watts to PAR to Types

Freshwater Aquarium Care, Information, Basics
Information for the Proper Set Up, Maintenance, Care and Feeding for Freshwater Aquariums/ Tanks

A Clear Pond

For our FULL Pond Information article please visit this site.

Freshwater Fish Profiles

This site (still a work in progress) is contributor driven with many unique fish profiles and notes about care as well as some useful maps for certain fish.

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*As well all pictures are the copyright of American Aquarium Products & Steven Wright

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