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Aquarium Test Kits |
Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, kH, gH, CO2

Fresh & Saltwater API, SeaChem, Salifert, & Ista CO2 Test Kits; from AAP

Available Test Kits
* Hanna Testers, Meters
* API 5 in 1 Test Strips
*SeaChem NH3 Ammonia Alert
*SeaChem pH Alert
*pH Low Range
*pH High Range
*Salifert Silicate/ Silica
*Salifert Iodine, Iodate Test Kit
*Salifert Oxygen O2 Test Kit
*EcoSense ORP 15 Redox Meter
*Saltwater Hydrometer (PPT & Specific Gravity)
*CO2 Indicator Test

Aquarium Test Kits
All the test kits we sel are simply based on our Mission Statement which follows what our founder found to work most simply and with the accuracy needed to get the job done for good aquarium husbandry.

We sell the simple, accurate, & affordable API (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) test kits including the popular 5 in 1 test strips.
We also sell the SeaChem Ammonia Alert which has an innovative color device that uses a gas exchange sensor for continuously detecting and monitoring toxic free ammonia and not displaying non toxic ammonium (this is excellent for use with Prime or Amquel Plus).
We also sell the test kits from the Salifert line where our founder found them to be unique (please note we have not found their entire line to be worth the extra expense over the test strips or API liquid tests).
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Finally we also sell other miscellaneous test kits such as Specific Gravity Hydrometers, CO2 tests, and more.

For API Color Charts and Test Kit Instructions, please see this page: DOWNLOADS

Test Kit Information: AQUARIUM & POND TEST KITS; Review, Use & Why

Hanna Instruments Aquarium Testers, Meters

Hanna Instruments Aquarium Testers, Meters

For our precision Hanna Testers & Meters, please see this separate web page.

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Sea Chem pH AlertSEACHEM PH ALERT - $7.49; Jump to Shopping Cart
• The SeaChem PH Alert is a unique color device designed to be placed in the aquarium or filter and monitor pH continuously. A sensor changes color reversibly to alert the aquarium keeper to shifts in pH levels between 5.8 and 8.2.
• For Freshwater use ONLY.
• Lasts 6 months once activated with the presence of water
• Directions; Simply place pH Alert visibly anywhere n the aquarium or filter. No chemicals or procedures.
When first placed in the water, response will be in about 30 minutes. Thereafter, pH shifts will register within 10 minutes.

Sea Chem Ammonia Alert in tank free NH3 testSEACHEM AMMONIA ALERT - $7.49; Jump to Shopping Cart
• The SeaChem Ammonia Alert is an innovative color device for continuously detecting and monitoring toxic free ammonia.
• A sensor changes reversibly from yellow to green to blue, relative to the ammonia concentration.
• Tests ONLY toxic ammonia (NH3), not ammonium (NH4)
• Lasts for over one year.

API 5 IN 1 AQUARIUM TEST STRIPS- $13.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

The quick and accurate way to test for pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, General Hardness and Carbonate Hardness. Desiccant-lined tube, with snap-tight cap, provides maximum moisture protection for accurate results.
(Click on picture for a better view)
• Highly precise color charts
• Dip directly into aquarium – no separate vial needed
• Although not generally as accurate as titration (GH/KH) tests and other liquid tests, these are still a reliable way to quickly gauge your aquarium water parameters
• 25 strips
• For fresh and salt water

FRESHWATER KH AND GH TEST KIT- $7.49; Jump to Shopping Cart

• A must for proper ph buffering.
• Great for proper calcium (KH) and magnesium (KH) maintenance (two important elements for fish health).
• Fast, Easy and accurate. Over 250 tests each.


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• Tests ammonia, the number 1 killer of both freshwater and saltwater fish.
• By accurately measuring the ammonia level, this kit gives an indication of the efficiency of the biological filter.
• Fast, Easy and accurate. 130 tests

FRESHWATER LOW RANGE PH TEST KIT- $4.49 Jump to Shopping Cart

• Accurately tests ph between 6.0 and 7.6
• All fish thrive at a particular ph level. Ph can fluctuate due to fish waste, tap water, and build-up of natural acids.
• Fast. Easy and accurate. 250 tests.


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• Accurately tests ph between 7.4 and 8.8
• All fish thrive at a particular ph level. Ph can fluctuate due to fish waste, tap water, and build-up of natural acids.
• Fast. Easy and accurate. 250 tests.


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• Monitor nitrite to help prevent fish loss
• Reads nitrite 0- 5 ppm.
• 180 Tests


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• 90 Tests
• An accurate way to help determine when to change water and determine over all aquarium health.


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• An accurate way to gauge calcium levels in fresh or saltwater aquariums.
• Effective for testing marine alkalii reserve.


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• Useful for determining causes of unwanted algae growth in aquariums and ponds.

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• Easy and Reliable tests of your Reef Aquarium Calcium Levels • Essential Tool for any Marine Reef Aquarium

API COPPER TEST KIT- $8.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

• Test reads 0 to 4 mg/L or parts per million (ppm) of copper
• Essential when treating with many copper based medications/treatments
• Essential Tool for any Marine Reef Aquarium

EcoSense ORP 15 Redox Meter, Temperature Probe


Consider our combined ORP/pH Meter from Hanna

• Waterproof case and easy to use keypad
• Replaceable Electrode Included
• Graphic display with menu-driven operation and date/time reading
• ORP Range -1200 to +1200 mV
• ORP Resolution 1 mV
• ORP Accuracy 1 mV +/- LSD.
• Temperature Range -5.0 to 99.9 C (23.0 ro 211.8F)
• Temperature Accuracy +/-.3C -5.0 (+/-0.6F)
• Battery Life 40 Hours

• We have found calibrating to 250+mV in distilled water establishes a good baseline to use this ORP meter (follow instructions in the enclosed booklet for calibration and use distilled water set at 250+mV)

Redox ORP meter Video

AAP Redox ORP Meter Use Video

For cleaning your ORP Meter between uses, please view this video:

Silica, Silicate Test Kit, Salifert

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Silicate/Silica occurs especially in tap water or in purified water when the RO or DI unit is not functioning properly. Silicate not only results in diatom bloom but might also block some essential trace elements such as vanadium and molybdenum.

• Salifert offers a very sensitive and accurate silicate test kit
• Approx. 60 tests per kit.
• The test range is 0.03 - 30 ppm as SiO2.

Salifert Aquarium iodide, iodate, molecular iodine and hypoiodite Test Kit


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Iodine is present in natural sea water in a very low concentration (0.06 to 0.08 mg/L) and this iodine occurs as several different species including iodide, iodate, molecular iodine and hypoiodite.
What is also noteworthy is that many if not most iodine test kits are not capable in detecting iodate. Since in an aquarium iodide can be transferred to iodate. This means that if a test kit is used not capable in detecting iodate, a false low total iodine concentration (sum of iodate and iodide) will be obtained and the iodate concentration can climb far too high and possibly upsetting the aquarium environment.
It should also be noted that time released iodine supplements or supplements containing organically bound/complexed iodine species will give false results with many iodine test kits

• Approximately a total of 40 tests per kit. Measures iodide and iodate (together with hypoiodite and molecular iodine)
• The AAP/Salifert Iodine Profi Test measures all naturally occurring iodine species such as iodate, iodide, molecular iodine and hypoiodite. No other test kit offers this possibility.

Salifert Aquarium Oxygen, O2 Test Kit


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Oxygen is highly essential for all life forms. Especially corals and marine fish require oxygen concentrations at saturation level. This is because of the low solubility of oxygen in saline water which is approx. 5 - 7 ppm.
Knowing O2 is also important for planted aquarium keepers, as as COs systems can drive off some oxygen, and more importantly at night plants will lower oxygen levels, sometimes to dangerous levels for fish

• The AAP/Salifert oxygen test measures oxygen concentration in just a few minutes.
• Approximately 50 tests per kit.
• Test range: 2- 14 ppm.

ISTA CO2 INDICATOR TEST- $12.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

• For Aquatic plant aquariums and ponds
• Allows the monitoring of the CO2 level from any angle. Reusable color chart sticker permits user to change the position of the label on the aquarium surface
• KH Test Kit recommended as well for best results

USE: Take apart CO2 Indicator
Add 1 cc of indicator solution to the reservoir then reattach the indicator firmly. Submerse the CO2 indicator vertically and attach to the desired location inside the tank by suction cup.
Stick the color chart on the glass wall of the tank to read the CO2 in your tank.

Aquarium Test Kits, Hydrometer for specific gravityAQUARIUM SOLUTIONS MARINE (Saltwater) HYDROMETER (for testing specific gravity) - $9.49 Jump to Shopping Cart

• Includes salinity and specific gravity scales
• Easy to use
• Certified Calibration, Accurate to +- .001 specific gravity
• Durable clear plastic, not easily broken like glass hydrometers
• We suggest “breaking it in” by filling with saltwater and letting it sit for a few hours, then rinsing well with clean freshwater after each use.

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World Class Aquarium & Pond Information

Aquarium and Pond Medication Treatments Experts, Test Kits


TMC Total Dissolved Solids Monitor

An excellent stand alone product for testing your TDS from Tap, well, or even aquarium water.
A must have for any advanced aquarium keeper.

For SeaChem Products, please follow this link:

SeaChem Aquarium Products

Including the premier Ich treatment; ParaGuard, as well the best available water conditioner; Prime.

Kordon, Mardel Treatments
Home of the popular Ich Treatment Quick Cure, as well as CopperSafe treatment, Herbal Ich Attack, and Methylene Blue for fish baths

Jungle Aquarium Products

Products include Start Right water conditioner and Clear Water

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Treatments

Products include the popular remedies Melafix and Furan 2

Wonder Shells

The premier product for a constant supply of positive mineral ions, as well as a medicated version

Bio-Chem Zorb Chemical Filter Media
Blended carbon and resins that can aid in nitrate control.

Other Recommended Products:


Models 90, 200, 600, 1000, 1100, & 1700; Proven and Versatile Rio Aquarium, Fountain Water Pumps, Powerheads

UV Bulbs

Optimum 254nm High Output ΅W/cm2 UV-C Hot Cathode Quartz Germicidal Lights at Competitive Prices!
Such as the popular 18 Watt, G11 UV Bulb

LED Aquarium Lights
The best in reef or planted aquarium LED lighting, with the best drivers and patented emitters. Featuring the unique Ocean Blue NP Ultima for high light needs reef aquariums.

Aquarium Silicone
Professional Grade Aquarium Silicone


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