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Wound Control (Merbromin)
Res-Q Medicated Water Conditioner
Super Ich Plus
Super Velvet Plus
Naladin (Naladixic Acid)

Aquatronics Aquarium Treatments, Medications

Aquatronics is a company that has been the premier manufacturer of aquarium treatments going back to the 1970s.
Our founder was made aware of this great line of products when working as the aquarium room manager for a small chain of pet stores that operated in strip malls and a major mall. He later started his aquarium maintenance business and as Aquatronics expanded, so did his use as he found NO OTHER comparable products in quality and effectiveness. Unfortunately Aquatronics disappeared in the early 2000s leaving a major hole in the world of aquarium treatments that some filled, but not all (such as Wound Control & Naladixic Acid). AAP is now attempting to bring this product line back and asks your support to keep it available by making your purchases through them

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AAP Aquatronis Wound Control, MebrominAquatronics Wound Control (Merbromin) 1 oz.- $6.99

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AAP/Aquatronics Wound Control/Merbromin is a swab or paint-on disinfectant with PVP emulsifier for: wounds, scrapes, and abrasions as well as opportunistic bacterial infections that often result from these problems.
A scrape against rocks or a bite on the scales can result in a serious infection. The simple process of catching the fish and painting the affected area will often prevent more serious problems or aid in an in tank or hospital tank treatment with antibiotics for more serious infections.
Wound Control should also be used after any operation such as extraction of visible parasites.

All Fish safe assuming the fish can be safely handled without causing further injury

USE: Net the fish. Gently use the net or hand to hold the fish in place (applying Req-Q, StressGuard or similar to your hand or net prior to application may be helpful). Apply Wound Control through the net or use a cotton swab to apply directly on the area.
Place the fish in a hospital tank or quarantine box if possible & treat in tank if needed (Consider following the application of Wound Control with a Medicated Fish bath too). In a calm protected area the fish heal faster and less fish stress will occur when catching the fish.

Ingredient: Merbromin

AAP Aquatronics Medicated Bandage water conditionerAquatronics Res-Q
1 oz.- $5.99

Each ounce treats 120 gallons

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AAP/Aquatronics Res-Q is the ultimate water conditioner when fish have frayed fins or have visible abuse. A most effective product with seven way action. RES-Q detoxifies and conditions water by polymeric complexing (bonding) of metallic ions. Coats the fish with a slippery medicated bandage, balances osmotic processes, removes chlorine, clarifies water and aids in safe shipment of fish. Does not color the water. Used in lieu of other water conditioners if medication on the fish is indicated such as after injury or introduction of new fish.
Great when used in conjunction of a Medicated Wonder Shell.

All Freshwater Fish safe

USE: One teaspoon treats 20 gallons.

Ingredients: Quinine Hydrochloride, Sulfamethazine, n Alkyl dimethly Benzyl Ammonium Chloride, Propyl Paraben, Sodium Thiosulfate and Polyacrylamide

AAP Aquatronics Super Velvet Plus, AcriflavinAquatronics Super Velvet Plus 1 oz.- $7.99
Treats 600 Gallons.

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AAP/Aquatronics Super Velvet Plus is the non anti-biotic treatment of choice for VELVET infections. This formula is a concentrated mixture of Acriflavin and Sodium Chloride. Their combined actions aid to combat this infection in an effective manner.
Also often effective for fungal/saprolegnia infections.

All fish safe and will not harm the biological bed when used as directed.

USE: Every other day for 3 days at 1 drop per net gallon. Repeat treatment in 3 days if necessary. Remove carbon or similar filtration (such as Purigen or Bio-Chem Zorb) prior to use.
Can be used at half dose when combined with a Medicated Wonder Shell (use of a Medicated Wonder Shell is recommended at least as a follow up treatment after completion of Super Velvet Plus treatment).

Ingredients: Acriflavin and NaCl

AAP Aquatronics Naladin, Naladixic AcidAquatronics Naladin (Naladixic Acid) - $7.99
10 Capsules, treats 100 gallons.

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AAP/Aquatronics Naladixic Acid is an effective, colorless aid in Freshwater aquariums for the treatment and prevention of:
* Neon, Cardinal and Tetra Disease (THE treatment of choice!)
* Erratic Swimming and Whirling (Whirling Disease)
* Abdominal Swelling
* Rapid Breathing or Gasping
* Loss of Color
* Small and Baby Fish Disease
* Wasting Away
* Cichlid/Angelfish Disease. .

All fish safe and will not harm the biological bed when used as directed.

USE: Open capsule and introduce powder directly into tank. Use 1 capsule to each 10 NET gallons of aquarium water. After 24 hours a partial water change (1/3 of the water) is suggested. One treatment is usually sufficient.
Repeat treatment is not recommended.

Ingredients: Naladixic Acid

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