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Freeze Dried Fish Food, Brine Shrimp, Blood worms, Krill Aquarium and Pond Fish Food Nutrition Experts, Rain One, Brine Shrimp, Blood Worms Rain One (AquaOne) is not a brand name that is as well known in North America, however in Asia and Western Pacific Nations it is already well know for the quality of their ingredients and fish food processing.
All Rain One products are from the best sources and along with their first rate processing, are of equal to the many better known brands commonly found in North America that often cost far more.

Freeze Dried Blood WormsAQUAONE FD BLOOD WORMS;
100% blood worms processed by the new freeze dry technique (removal of moisture under vacuum at sub zero temperature).
This process does not disturb vitamins, minerals and other excellent nutritional elements.

Blood Worms Analysis:
Crude Protein- 60%
Crude Fat-6%
Crude Fiber- 5%
Crude Ash- 8%

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Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp
RAINONE BRINE SHRIMP are specially cleaned and tested to remove the presence of salt and undesirable organisms that may be found in live brine shrimps.
The methods of freeze dried can keep the nutrients and tastes of live brine shrimp without any contamination.
Brine Shrimp are good substitute for live or frozen brine shrimps. The brine shrimps contain high levels of protein and natural carotenoid pigments to bring out the strong health and deep colors of your fish. This highly nutritious, completely natural food is eagerly eaten by all fresh and saltwater fish alike.

Brine Shrimp Analysis:
Crude Protein- 52%
Crude Fat-3%
Crude Fiber- 2.9%
Moisture-Max- 5%

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*.62 oz. ONLY $2.49

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Freeze Dried Plankton, shrimp RAINONE FD SMALL SHRIMP (PLANKTON) is a 100% top quality natural food.
It is excellent for fish coloration. A highly recommended food for growth of carnivores such as baby Arowanas, Oscars and many other freshwater and saltwater fish. Approximate size = 1 cm.

Plankton Analysis:
Crude Protein- 62%
Crude Fat-11%
Crude Fiber- 5%
High Natural Vitamin E
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