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The Cadillac Model; Patented V2 Premium 500 Pellet/Multi-Media Reactor
(Older Models Discontinued)
Also: Instructions Download, Tips, Replacement Silica/Oolitic Media, Optional Adapters

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Fluidized Sand Bed Aquarium Filter RunningThe use of fluidized sand filters or multi-purpose reactors for aerobic bio-filtration is no longer a new concept, however these filters are still not well known to many aquarium keepers, especially when it pertains to advanced planted aquarium keepers as these filters do not wear off your CO2.

We have used these filters for many of our professional freshwater, marine, & turtle aquarium set-ups (by our affiliated aquarium maintenance company). The advantage is the self cleaning of the surface area of the sand grains by the constant churning and mixing of sand suspended within the filtration chamber.

This type of filter provides high amounts of surface area for unsurpassed nitrifying bio-filtration capacity by any comparable size bio media filter.
In fact, our React 500 FSB has a considerably higher bio capacity when used as directed than most popular canister filters, the are march larger with a bio capacity of 10 lbs. of Bio-Load (10 lbs of fish is a lot of bio load for a filter this size)

With the use of nitrate reducing polymer products such NPX Bioplastics Nitrate Reducing Polymer, the TMC FSB filter can be an excellent full nitrogen cycle filter, especially for top tier reef aquariums!!
As well the Model V2 500 Reactor comes supplied with Tropic Marin NP-Bacto Nitrate Reducing Pellets, so no additional purchase is needed (sand is sold separately).

As well, a deep sand bed, live rock, live rock crumbles, volcanic rock, refugiums, chemical nitrate absorbents (such as Purigen and/or Matrix placed in a Canister or other Filter), Protein Skimmers, etc. can be employed as a compliment where nitrates need to be lowered.

*Note with the exception of the NPX Bioplastics or NP-Bacto-Pellets that require a reaction chamber, NO other products should be place in your Reactor or FSB filter other than sand (place these products such as Purigen, Marix, Phosphate Removers in a separate filter or in a bag next to the water pump intake).

Fluidized Filter Mounting, Installation DiagramsThe most efficient fluidized sand bed filter. which utilizes the most efficient method of aerobic biological filtration available.

The V2 500 Premium Multi Purpose Reactor is of the newest technology and far superior quality than any other fluidized bed filter or reactor available.

Fluidized Aquarium Filter Connected To Canister FilterPlease Click on the Pictures to the right to enlarge.
The first picture shows connections to powerhead or internal filter while the second picture shows a canister filter installation (SunSun HW 302)

The TMC V React Fluidized Sand Bed Filters have a versatile compact design, which can be installed internally in a sump or aquarium, or externally as a stand alone/'hang-on' filter (powered by a power head such as the Rio 1000.


(1) For our Multi-Purpose Reactors, experienced use with 100s over the years has shown use connected via a submersible pump within the sump while the filter is hung on the back or placed beside the sump is the most simple method of use for both filter, of course assuming you have a sump.

(2) Otherwise generally the next most simple method of installation is in-line on the exhaust/return side of a capable canister filter with the FSB hung on the side of the aquarium.

(3) When compared apples to apples is a better bio filter than an average canister filter by itself. When combined with a separate canister filter, it will provide maximum efficiency and filter redundancy.
This is our aquarium maintenance companies preferred method of FSB filter connection.

The use of the V2 500 React Multi-Purpose Reactor using supplied Bacto-Pellets and optional Silica or oolitic sand run with a SunSun JP-066 Pump(or similar) along with a Filter Max #3 will also outperform most any Standard aquarium canister filter for bio filtration (aerobic AND anaerobic)


  • Can be easily incorporated with ANY aquarium set-up.

  • Just connect to a water pump, or power filter (NOT SUPPLIED) to create an advanced professional filtration system.

  • Tubing supplied or tubing with a canister filter will easily mate these fluidized filters to a canister filter with no extra parts required.

  • While not pictured, the FSB filter can even be placed directly inside the aquarium if this is more convenient.

  • Superior design over 1st, 2nd, and now even over the 3rd generation Fluidized filters we previously sold (with our newest V2 Bio React 500). This eliminates issues of clogging or poor fluidization found on these earlier models (that are still sold elsewhere).
    In fact the new patented V2 Bio React 500 does not have the typical down-tube that often would clog with sand when power is cut, eliminating a major complaint many have had with FSB filters

  • Fluidized Sand Bed Top removal, sand servicingEasy to remove top for adding sand media and servicing. A vast improvement over the difficult smaller opening of other model FSB Filters such as the LifeGuard/Pentair.

  • Superior bio filtration over most common canister or even sponge filters when compared head to head. Each half kilogram of sand media when properly suspended can manage 10 lbs of bio load.

  • If space is an issue and only bio filtration is desired, this filter powered by a power head pump IS THE BETTER choice over most any canister filter!

  • Since Fluid Sand Filters do not wear off your CO2, this is THE SUPERIOR FILTER by a wide margin for planted aquariums over wet/dry in particular s well as canister filters and even HOB filters.

    This is not to say a wet/dry or other filters cannot work, but the FACTS are that filters such as a wet/dry usually will required added CO2, often with high tech versions at that, while a FSB Filter will often need basic supplemental CO2 AT MOST assuming your aquarium is not over agitated via aeration or circulation.

  • Unsurpassed as an Aquatic Turtle bio filter as well as for dirty fish such as goldfish

  • A unique feature of the TMC V, is the ability to use with Marine Oolitic Sand (available separately), this filter also acts similar to a calcium reactor and helps with trace elements, calcium, magnesium, and minor buffering. All essential for a healthy Marine/Reef or African Cichlid tank (Livebearers too)!

  • Can also be used to fluidize other media and is ideal for use with nitrate & phosphate removing media that also work well in a reaction chamber (such as NPX Bioplastics Nitrate & Phosphate Reducing Polymer).

    When used as a reaction chamber, as already noted Oolitic sand can be used to maintain minerals, alkalinity and more. As well this filter can be used a carbon reaction chamber (generally for short term clean up use) and then moved from aquarium to aquarium.

    The video below demonstrates this well and is a "must view" (note this is the previous generation FSB Filter):
    FSB Carbon Reactor Cleaning Filter Video
    FSB Carbon Reactor Cleaning Filter Video

    From the author of this video: "Just drop the FSB into the tank and CaBoom... water will be crystal clean in the morning. I pull the FSB out and drain the water then dry out the carbon for the next time I need it."

  • Suitable for both freshwater and marine applications.

Further FSB Filter Information & pictures can be found here:
"Aquarium Filtration, Fluidized Filter"
OR the "TIPS" SECTION further down the page


  • Most all the points above apply to this newer filter/reactor as well, except that the sand is NOT supplied while 500 mL Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Pellets (from Germany) are supplied

  • Very solid acrylic construction; more durable than ANY OTHER Reactor or FSB Filter (including the TMC FSB Filter).
    Definitely the choice for those desiring the best construction along with a patented design reactor for sand and/or media!

    Comparing this quality Reactor to the plethora of cheap Reactors flooding the market is the same as comparing the latest Apple iPhone to a first generation cell phone from the 1990s

  • Unique patented design incorporating a specially designed flow inductor which maximizes media to water contact time within the reactor and ensures efficient fluidization of media even when using low flow rate pumps.
    The unique patented design of the flow inductor along with the media diffuser bowl ensures that the media is kept in suspension better than ANY other Reactor or FSB filter design.
    The unique patented design also resists back up of filter media into the intake tube, which is sometimes a problem with standard designs of FSB Filter/Reactors.

    This new patented design also allows for much more variable flow rates, meaning problems of a little too low flow (or head pressure) resulting in poor fluidation or too high flow rates resulting in sand being "kicked out" is more of a thing of the past (unlike earlier designs).

    NO OTHER FSB Filter or Reactor has this fluidation design and along with the solid construction makes this reactor worth the almost double price over even previous TMC models!

  • Simply THE BEST FSB Filter/Reactor ANYWHERE!

  • ball valve for Fluidized Sand Bed Aquarium or Pond FilterA 1/2/5/8" Check Valve is recommended to control flow on the outlet side (NOT Included)

V2 Bio React 500 Multi-Purpose Aquarium filter Reactor

V2 Bio React 500 Multi-Purpose Reactor/FSB Filter- $139.99

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  • Rated for aquariums up to 130 US gallons or 500 liters (combinations of this unique Reactor/FSB Filter can be used for larger aquariums)
  • Media Capacity 800 mL
  • Recommended Optional- NOT INCLUDED Sand by weight: .6- .7 kg
  • Includes Nitrogenous Waste removing Tropic Marin "Bacto Pellets" (removes nitrates, etc., similar to NPX BioPlastics)
  • Maximum Flow Rate of 400 gph or 1500 lph
  • Inlet/Outlet size = 16 mm (about 5/8")
  • Dimensions: 5.5" (140mm) x 9.75" (250mm) x 15.6" (396mm)
  • V2 Bio React 500 Multi-Purpose Reactor connected to canister filterSuggested Filters/Pumps:

    With Rio 1100 or JP-66, you can have a vastly superior bio filter with better durability than often over-hyped canister filters such as the Fluval 306 for about the same price

    Please note that all TMC FSB filters use 14mm ID tubing while many pumps require 3/4" ID tubing or larger (such as Rio 1100, Rio 1700, or SunSun 3500), so use of a Part #3- 1/2 or 5/8" to 3/4" hose barb coupling hose barb connector might make connections much easier

    For further tubing connection information, see our Aquarium/Pond Tubing Connection Tutorial

    Replacement Oolitic Sand Media 1 kgReplacement Silica Sand Media 1 kg *Replacement Silica Sand Media 1 kg. (slightly over 2 cups dry) -$15.99

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    This media is inert
    (Original replacement media supplied with filter)

    *Oolitic Sand Media 1 kg. (slightly over 2 cups dry) - $15.99

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    The Oolitic Sand is an excellent choice for Marine, African Cichlid, Livebearer, and even goldfish aquariums as well as Koi Ponds.

    TMC Oolitic Sand will aid in buffering as well as adding calcium, magnesium, & trace minerals back into the water (this can be especially help for ponds with high amounts of organics that are often introduced to the water and subsequent decomposition).

    Strongly suggested for Marine/Reef aquariums!

    Ceramic Pre-Filter MediaCeramic Pre-Filter Media 4 oz. - $3.99Jump to Shopping Cart

    As per our "TIP" section, this media can help better fluidize and break up organic debris than the standard pebbles provided as a pre-filter by TMC. 4 oz is suggested for the #600 and 4 to 8 oz. is suggested for models #1000 & #1500

    Fluid Bed Control Valve/ Union- $9.99

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  • Fit ANY 14mm to 5/8" vinyl tubing
  • Installation Suggestion; slip compression ring over tubing first, then screw back over threads on control valve/union.

  • Replacement O-Ring for TMC FSB Filters- $5.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

  • Fits all models (600, 1000, 1500)

  • *TIPS:

    FSB Filter Instructional Set Up Video

    (1) Our recommended flow rates and pump/filter sizes are based on the head pressure required once the sand media has grown healthy established nitrifying bacteria. These bacteria add to the weight and from our experience will add as much as 40% to eventual head pressure.

    When first set up, you likely will need to close off the valve slightly to a considerable amount so as to NOT blow sand out of the chamber, and then open is slowly over time as the sand bed and bacteria ages and adds weight to this media.

    The recommended flow rates can vary since one pump with the same rated 0 head pressure flow rate may have a lower flow rate once head pressure is applied. We recommend taking the suggested flow rates as minimums since one can always back off the flow if needed with the supplied valve.

    For more about how a FSB Filter or other device such as a UV Sterilizer affect flow rate due to head pressure, please read this excellent article from "Aquarium & Pond Answers:
    Head Pressure in Aquarium and Pond Water Pumps

    (2) Recommended Tubing is 14-16mm, this approximates between 5/8" -3/4" ID Standard tubing with 5/8" ID being recommended along with additional clamps for a snug fit if additional tubing is needed.

    Following our Tubing Installation Guide can help with connections too.

    (3) We recommend "lubing" your FSB/Reactor Filter 'O' Ring with Petroleum Jelly or Silicone Lubricant.

    (4) While the TMC Fluid filter is marked with a minimum and maximum fluidation line, if your pump or filter that's used to power the fluid filter cannot quite fluidize to the minimum line, this does not mean your filter is not operating correctly. This line is only the optimum line, not the minimum required for operation.

    Also many canister filters with sometimes poor head pressure (such as the Fluval) cannot fully fluidize this or other Fluidized Filters. So, to get the best possible performance, we suggest elevating both the canister filter and Fluidized sand filter to a level closer to the base of your aquarium.

    Aquarium Fluidized Sand Bed Filter, TMC model 1000 with Rio Pump

    (5) If used with a water pump/power head, which does not include a sponge or similar built in pre-filter (such as the SunSun HJ-1542), the addition of a Pre-Filter Sponge such as the Filter Max #3 or for larger pumps such as the SunSun HQB-2500/3500 the addition of a Hydro Pond #3 or #4 or other Sponge Filter will prevent larger debris from entering your Fluidized Filter and causing loss of efficiency. As well this will add another layer of filtration to your Fluidized filter.

    The first picture shows how we would recommend plumbing a Rio 1000 Pump with Filter Max 2 or 3 for use with a Fluidized Filter
    The second picture shows how we would recommend plumbing a Rio 1100 or 1700 Pump with Filter Max 3 for use with a Fluidized Filter

    As an example, a Model #1500 Fluidized Filter combined with a SunSun HQB 3500 along with the high flow Hydro Pond #3 or #4 will far surpass even the most expensive of Canister Filters including all Eheims and Fluvals!

    FSB Aquarium Filter HOB

    With a water pump or power head configuration, we suggest hanging the FSB filter on the back for best results, not under the aquarium, with the valve over the water as this valve will eject water when closed with back pressure applied

    (6) I have generally found that at least with older down-tube style fSB filters, it is best for the FSB filter be the only device in line after a canister filter or pump, no other devices such as UVs used in the same line

    (7) If the FSB Filter is hung on the back of the tank/aquarium. The screw clamps should not be tightened too tightly or can often not even be necessary.

    (8) When changing water, generally if run via a power head/water pump. The pump does not need to be turned off.

    If water from water pump or filter is turned off, CLOSING the inlet valve on the FB Filter is is strongly suggested suggested to prevent back up in the FSB Filter.
    Some canister filters can create a suction when disconnected (which is why the valve should be turned off when servicing), however for SOME canister filter applications the addition of a check valve between the filter (or pump) will solve any issues with water backing up in the sand filter.

    ball valve for Fluidized Sand Bed Aquarium or Pond FilterWith the use of a power head/water pump to power your FSB filter, the use of a 1/2-5/8" Ball Valve on the exit side of the FSB filter (or even used to replace the stock valve on the inlet side) can help prevent unwanted back flow when servicing the filter.

    If air is trapped in a water pump powering the FB Filter, tipping the pump or disconnecting the pump temporarily from the FB Filter generally allows it to quickly function again.

    FSB Filter running with ceramic media (9) Use of ceramic media instead of the pebbles (with down tube style, not the newer flow inductor models), which are supplied with the FSB Filter can help better Fluidize the sand media as well as better breakdown organic mulm/debris when first entering the FSB reaction chamber.

    While impossible to see in the .gif picture to the right (click to enlarge), this filter is running with these ceramic pre-filter media and the fluidation is improved over the standard pebble media.

    Generally about 4 oz is all that is needed for the model #600 and 4-8 oz. can be used for the larger models to provide even better breakdown of debris and fluidation.

    We sell 4 oz increments of this ceramic media in the shopping cart at the bottom of this page.

    We have more tips and troubleshooting in the FSB Filter section of our Aquarium Filtration article:
    Aquarium Filtration: FSB Filters Section

    Explanation of Rated Flow Rate:

    By Rated, we mean the general flow rate under normal head pressure, generally no more then 25% of the peak head for the pump. Example a pump (the Rio 1100) of 382 gph with a Maximum Head Pressure of 6 ft. would be "rated" at 382 gph under 1.5 feet of lift from pump to FSB Filter base.

    With Canister Filters (not just what we sell or recommend), the rated flow often differs from the actual flow once media is added and the filter is placed below an aquarium stand. However, with a higher placement closer to the aquarium the actual flow can be closer to the rated flow thus utilizing our suggestions such as the SunSun 404B with the TMC #1500 FSB Filter.
    Another example using the popular Fluval Filters; The Fluval 406 is rated at 383 gph which means the model #1000 filter would be a good fit. This does NOT mean your flow once normal head pressure is added will be 383 gph, more likely just over 200 gph

    With either a pump or canister filter to power your FSB Filter, it is OK to also utilize a filter with a higher than needed rated flow, as one can always (& should) use a ball valve after the FSB Filter to turn down flow. However with an underrated pump/filter, you will never get the flow rate for optimum functioning of these otherwise second to non bio filters!!

    World Class Aquarium & Pond Information, including FSB Filters

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    Helpful Installation Tips

    Aquarium, Pond Tubing Connection Tutorial
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    For help with tubing connections with your UV Sterilizer, Pump, Fluidized Filter, etc.

    For help with figuring aquarium or pond water pump head pressure, please read this article from "Aquarium & Pond Answers:
    Head Pressure in Aquarium and Pond Water Pumps
    Excellent information for helping to determine the best pump for your Fluidized Sand Bed Filter

    Sold on Separate Web Page:

    Optional Plumbing Parts

    *Optional Water Return and Intake Adapters
    For use as an alternative method for adding water back into the aquarium with more directional control that the parts included with the filter. The Intake Prevents tubing "kinks" when powering a Filter placed below an aquarium with an internal filter or pump.
    The TMC Fluidized Filter already includes similar parts, so these are rarely a necessary part

    TMC Fluidized Sand Bed Filter

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