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Freshwater, Planted, Marine, Reef researched aquarium light information
Aquarium Lighting; Facts & Information
: The Internets most in depth/researched aquatic light information source; From Watts to PAR to Types

Information for the Proper Set Up, Maintenance, Care and Feeding for Freshwater Aquariums
Freshwater Aquarium Care, Information, Basics
Information for the Proper Set Up, Maintenance, Care and Feeding for Freshwater Aquariums/ Tanks

Pond Water circulation, Filtration, UV Sterilization, Cleaning and maintenance, Winter Care, more
A Clear Pond

For our FULL Pond Information article please visit this site.

Cichlids, Livebearers, Catfish, Loach, Betta, Goldfish
Freshwater Fish Profiles

This site (still a work in progress) is contributor driven with many unique fish profiles and notes about care as well as some useful maps for certain fish.

American Aquarium Silicone Sealant, clear or blackAmerican Sealants 10.2 oz. Contractor Tube (ASI #502)- $5.99
Regular $6.59
Clear & Black Available

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REGULAR SELLING PAGE (& Further Information):
Aquarium Silicone

Made in USA, Construction Grade Silicone
Safe for all Aquarium/Pond use and aquatic life
High Performance sealant adhesive, versatile, long life, weather resistant
Remains flexible from -80F to 400F; will not crumble, crack or dry out
Used by many Aquarium Manufacturers
A Quality Silicone without the brand name price of Silicones such as the "All Glass Silicone" we also sell.
Meets the following specifications; Agricultre Canada, USDA, FDA regulation #21 CFR 175.105, Mil Spec mil-46106 Type 1 and US Fed. Specs. TT-S-001543A Class B and TT-S-00230C Type 2 ClassB. UL File #E209770

Why use a hardware store brand that is not certified as safe for human construction to place your important delicate aquatic pets into an aquarium constructed with??

Available in Clear & Black

Aquarium Silicone, Black and Clear, Fish Safe, bottom view

T2 302 Light Fixtures, Actinic, 6400K Daylight
*#302; 13 Watt 6500 Daylight HO Fixture for T-2, INCLUDING bulb! - $28.99
Regular $33.99

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REGULAR SELLING PAGE (& Further Information):
T2 Aquarium Lights

Measures Length; 21.25 (53.8 cm); width is 7/8" (2.3 cm); the depth is 1-5/8" (4.3 cm)

Very Low Profile with a 7 mm Diameter and compact length
Axial type Wedge base
73 LUMENS PER WATT; for example the 13 watt 6400 K produces 950 lumens (73 Lumens per Watt) which is 70% more lumens per watt than most bulbs, making this one of the best planted aquarium lamps available for its size (as well as an excellent complimentary Marine/Reef Light)!
Even a standard T5 Light does not have this output per watt, only LEDs are more efficient!
*Bluntly, the highest output of useful light energy for aquatic life of ANY fluorescent light!
The Newest Technology T2, the 3rd generation model #302; includes a rotating lens with built in reflector, a feature not available in T5 Fixtures!
For freshwater OR saltwater use (excellent for SW zooanthellic/symbiotic algae growth), or even home lighting too for economical space saving healthy full spectrum lighting.
A LOT of light from a very small lamp that takes up little space! In fact one 13 watt T2 produces as much light as two comparable 6400 K 15 watt CFLs (13 watts vs. 30 watts for the same light!)
Click on the picture to the left for a comparison.
As little as 1 to 1.25 watts per gallon for a planted aquarium is all that is needed from these T2 Lights!!
10,000 hour lamp
Very low Heat Output from self contained/ballasted fixture
Great for DIY applications in hoods where space is a premium!
These T2 fixtures are great for retrofitting small hoods in aquariums with little space needing an intense plant light (or lighting a shelf of bettas), includes on/off switch

For more about Planted Aquariums, in particular lighting, please reference this in depth article:
Planted Aquarium Care

Linkable; complete fixtures (each includes ballast) can be connected in series (end to end), or in parallel via connecting plugs that are provided with each fixture (no separate purchase necessary to utilize this feature).

With linkable feature (INCLUDED) this is not only an inexpensive replacement for older style aquarium light fixtures, it is far superior to much of what is currently available including the older technology T8 (or even slightly older T5) fixtures/lamps.
Lamp is protected and is easily changed (see the picture below which also troubleshoots correct lamp placement)

T2 Example

T2 Lights over 10 gallon planted aquarium
The picture above shows a 10 planted aquarium with TWO T2 6400K lights installed for extremely high light output
Click on the picture to enlarge


Hydro Pond 4 filter, for aquariums sumps too
Water Driven Hydro-Pond #4 Pond or Sump Filter- $17.99
Regular $19.99

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REGULAR SELLING PAGE (& Further Information):
Hydro-Pond; Pond or Sump Sponge Filters

Saltwater Sump Set Up using Sponge Filters Sponge Size; 4.5" H x 5.25" W x Two Sponges
Excellent for Aquariums over 100 gallons, especially in sump or bulkhead fitting applications
Excellent for use in Aquarium Wet/Dry Sumps or Central Filter Systems
For ponds up to 1500 gallons as secondary filter or 250 gallons as the primary filter.
Surface area= 276 square inches

AquaBeam Ocean Blue 1500 NP Aquarium LED *30 Watt Ocean Blue NP Ultima 1500- $238.99
Regular $259.99

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REGULAR SELLING PAGE (& Further Information):
LED AQUARIUM LIGHTING; TMC AquaRay Lights, with Patented Cree, Osram Oslon High PUR emitters & PWM

The "Ocean Blue NP Ultima" is an over all wide angle 20K Reef Aquarium Light which consists of 4 x 10,000K extremely high output NEW patented Ocean White XT-E LED, 2 x "Fiji Blue" XT-E LEDS (deep blue), and 4 x NEW "patent pending" NP full spectrum Blue ("Nature Perfect" from Osram Oslon) LED emitters
These are on two different channels and so the daylight can be controlled separately from the actinics (with the use of a controller).
The overall color balance of the "Ocean Blue Ultima" when full on replaces a 20,000K Light.
It is ideal for a wide angle light in a marine reef aquarium and perfect as the sole lighting for a 30 gallon or less nano reef (not recommended for freshwater aquariums)
Uses the newest generation patented XT-E emitter by Cree (NOT an off the shelf XT-E emitter) as well as patent pending Osram Oslon NP emitters, with the first unique "full spectrum" blue emitter specifically designed for photosynthetic marine life!
Best used for tanks under 20 inches of depth and where more light spread is needed
24 x 24 inch usable light spread or 16 x 16 strong light spread; Two of these Ocean Light Ultima LEDs can easily light a 48 inch by 18 inch marine aquarium (2 Marine Blue 600s could be added for an advanced reef tank of this size)

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