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Aquarium Air Pumps, Fusion 700, 600, 300, small to large aquariums, hydroponics

The Fusion Quiet Power aquarium or hydroponics air pumps are the latest generation in vibrator air pump technology.

Fusion Baffles Heavy Duty Valve and Diaphragm Design

High Air Output

Great Value, the Fusion is often less than other popular Air Pumps such as the Rena, Optima or Whisper, yet it is more quiet

The Fusion has a patented baffle system for the quietest operation of any vibrator air pump

Simply put, based on our professional aquarium maintenance use, the Fusion is ONE OF THE BEST aquarium air pumps available under $30!!

*In tests we have performed; ALL these pumps maintained good aeration down to 48 inches with a four inch air stone attached with only one outlet used in the case of dual outlet air pumps!

See this 48 second YouTube Video for the results of this test:
Aquarium Air Pump Comparison

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Fusion 700 Fusion Quiet Power 700- $27.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
6 Watts; 110/120 Volt 60 hz
5.6 Liters of air per minute flow
Rated for up to 15 air operated ornaments, filters, & airstones
This is one of the most powerful aquarium air pumps available
Great for aquariums 36 deep (or more)
Adjustable Flow
Dual Outlets

Fusion 600 Fusion Quiet Power 600- $23.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
4 Watts; 110/120 Volt 60 hz
4.6 Liters of air per minute flow
Rated for up to 9 air operated ornaments, filters, & air stones
A very powerful aquarium air pump
Great for small to large aquariums, even 30 deep (or more)
Adjustable Flow
Dual Outlets

Fusion 300 Fusion Quiet Power 300- $12.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
2 Watts; 110/120 Volt 60 hz
1.4 Liters of air per minute flow
Rated for up to 3 air operated ornaments, filters, & air stones
A very powerful aquarium air pump
Great for small to large aquariums, even 28 deep (or more)
Single Outlet

Fusion 600 & 700 Repair KitFusion 600 Repair Kit - $7.49
Fusion 700 Repair Kit - $9.49

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Also Available; Air Valves, Tubing, Airstones, etc.:

*Set of two airline 'T'- $2.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

*Standard airline tubing, 10' length- $2.29

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*In-Line Air Control Valves #14104 (set of two)- $2.79

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*4 Air Stones- $1.49
1 Air Stone - $.89 each

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Aquarium Bubble Wall, Air Curtain*60 cm (24") Air Curtain - $6.99

*30 cm (12") Air Curtain - $4.99

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Flexible porous air tube create a wide curtain of bubbles
Can be formed into a variety shapes (it also retains these shapes until changed)
Does not float up like other bubble walls/curtains (such as the inferior Marineland Bubble Wand)
For best results with the 30 inch curtain, we recommend a twin outlet pump with a 'T' to combine lines and increase air pressure.
Please click on the picture(s) to enlarge

*Air Line Check Valves- $4.19 Jump to Shopping Cart

Aquarium Air Control Kit

*Lees In-Line Air Control Kit (#14103)- $4.69

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*Contains 4 Tees & 5 Tee Valves

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