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    By Carl Strohmeyer
    Interviewed by Devon Trigg

    Q: What's all this talk about Aquatronics medications?

    A: It's true! AquaTronics is back on the retail market! Some people may not know the name, but AquaTronics was the leading name in high quality medications going back 30 years. Then, like many items in this industry... the market shifted to bulk discount and the manufacturing of the meds stop. Recently, the company was handed over to the person who ran sales many years ago and the manufacturing is back!

    AquaTronics is able to make the highest quality of meds by having aquatic specialist on staff. The founder of AAP found the products when running aquarium fish rooms and maintenance. The product really stood out for how effective it really was and how well thought out the medication combinations were.

    If a person was serious about the aquatic hobby a few decades back, they knew the name of AquaTronics.

    AAP has brought back the line EXCLUSIVELY and has regain much of its success. People who have been in the hobby for the while are getting very excited and the word is getting passed more and more around!

    The medication choices need to be looked at. There's some great meds that AAP never went out to service without.

    Also take a look at dosing recommendations and the history of the meds.

    If you haven't had luck treating a disease, take a look. The Aquatronics might be just what you need.


    Featured Aquatronics Medications
    AAP Spectrogram is the widest spectrum, gram positive and negative medication treatment available in the industry. It is indicated for all persistent or undiagnosed conditions (other than parasitic infestations).

    Spectrogram is MUCH easier to use than the traditional Kanaplex/Furan 2 combination as there is no conflicting dosing schedules which also allows for this synergistic combination to work MUCH better since both antibiotics are required at THE SAME TIME for optimum results.

    As well this blended combination overcomes the draw backs of using Nitrofurazone in higher pH aquariums.

    Far superior to Maracyn II too.

    For ALL fish (freshwater/saltwater)!

    Marex is a colorless antibiotic blend of Pyrimethamine and Chloroquine Phosphate. The first effective copper substitute treatment Marine/Saltwater Oodinium.

    MAREX is an effective, colorless aid in aquariums for the treatment and prevention of:
    * Marine Oodinium
    * Marine Ich (Cryptocaryon)
    MAREX is a copper substitue and unlike copper, may be safely overdosed in difficult cases. As a preventive, treat aquarium when introducing new fish.

    American Aquarium Products Specials

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    • Natural Nautilus Shell Night Light- $12.99 (SPECIAL; - Limited Quantities)
    • Tropic Marin Ultra Premium Reef/Marine Aquarium Salt- $19.99 for 7.5 lbs/25 gallons mixed (Limited Stock)
    • Select Driftwood- Price Varies in Cart (Select Items Until Sold)
    • AAP/American Sealants Premium Aquarium Silicone; Clear or Black- $7.69 (Limit 24 & Available Stock)
    • SunSun HBL-501 HOB Power Filter- $13.99
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    • High Output T-5 #GPH287T5L/4P, four pin 14 -15 Watt UV bulb (Fits Classic Aqua 15 watt, more) - $22.99 (Limited Stock)
    • High Output T-5 #GPH436T5/4P, four pin 25 Watt UV bulb (fits Aqua Ultraviolet, Savio, Laguna, & more)- $25.99 (Limited Stock)
    • #PUVLF46H, four pin 50 Watt HO T5 UV bulb- $32.99
    • Premium HO 9 Watt G23 UV Bulb/Lamp- $14.99
    • Premium HO 18 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $17.99
    • Premium HO 36 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $27.99
    • SunSun JP-033 Fountain/Aquarium Pump, 160 gph- $10.99 (Limited Stock)
    • Wicker Orb Oyster Shell SeaShell Wind Chime- $34.99 (Limited Stock)
    • SunSun HBL-501 HOB Power Filter- $12.99

    Recent Article Updates
    Fin & Tail Rot in Bettas & other Fish
    "Let me first start out by noting that "Fin Rot" is a generic term that does not define any one disease, rather there are many causes of this Symptom; of which Fin Rot is better described as a symptom with more than one cause.

    Often Fin Rot is brought on by injury (long finned fish in particular) or ammonia/nitrite poisoning, so when one considers either treating or preventing the symptom of Betta Fin Rot, these are first places to start. As well opportunistic bacteria such as Columnaris, Pseudomonas, or occasionally Aeromonas can result in fin rot (often taking advantage of fish weakened by other causes). See a picture further into this article for a picture of a Betta with Columnaris induced fin rot.

    It is also noteworthy that often the healing process includes a stage of black edges on the fins, THIS IS NOT A DISEASE! Thinking this black edge is fin/tail rot while continuing to treat with medications only makes pathogens more resistant and can degrade the bio filter too.
    It should also be pointed out that often if the fin/tail rot has progressed well into the "ray" full regeneration fins simply will NOT happen!

    Finally, especially as per Bettas, genetics and age can lower a fish resistance to disease.
    Unfortunately the popularity of bettas (& other fish) has led to the in-breeding of Bettas that has resulted in genetically weak fish. As well often these same less-than-scrupulous breeders will dump older Bettas on the market after their useful breeding life has passed, so a Betta you purchase may not only be genetically weak, but much older than you think! This is especially common of Bettas sold to discounters such as Walmart and chain pet stores.
    The end result is a Betta that is predisposed to diseases, including fin rot, and even treatments that may work under normal circumstances will not with these fish.

    Before any aquarium/pond fish treatment it is important to know all the steps as often treatment is much more than dumping medication into an aquarium.

    Sponge Filter Information; Use
    "The pictures to the left and right shows a solution for high bio-load and larger aquariums in need of higher flow filters, but still desiring good fine mechanical filtration that will not impede overall flow.

    The unique AAP Hydro Sponge 5 Combo (left) as well as the unique AAP 1-3 PRO Combo (pictured to the right) combines the patented ATI 5 Pro and 5 Standard (#3 PRO & Hydro Sponge #1 in the 1-3 PRO Combo).
    These can be used with either a power head or air pump and will easily work in aquariums 60 gallons or larger for the 5 combo (or smaller if need be) or 50 or less for the 1-3 Combo (or larger if multiple used).
    Our large professional aquarium maintenance company's experience suggests redundancy is usually best, so even where the larger size of the #5 Combo might be called for, I suggest considering TWO of the #3/1 Pro Combos instead (which are also easier to hide and could be split to opposite sides of the aquarium for better circulation).

    These filters will also easily out perform both mechanically more importantly, biologically most all "Hang on the Back" filters including the larger Aqua Clears. Make sure when rinsing, that the fine standard sponge is always on the top for optimum effectiveness since water will always follow the path of least resistance and using the PRO reticulated sponge on top will not allow much water flow through the fine sponge."

    Recent Video Releases
    AAP Professional Medication Line
    AAP Professional Medication Line

    The highest level of medications are being brought back to the market EXCLUSIVELY from AAP.

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