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Sept 2016 Newsletter
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Ask the Expert:
By Carl Strohmeyer
Interviewed by Devon Trigg

Q: What do people need to do for winterizing their pond?

A: The biggest thing that needs to happen if a pond is going to operate through the winter is to make sure there's still proper gas exchange of o2 and co2. This means, there still needs to be water tension broken, even if the water is cold enough to freeze over. This can be done with flow or aeration. If fish are going to be in the pond, it's suggested to have the pond be about 24 inches deep. so they can go low and hibernate. Even colder climates should have even deeper depths.

Another option is to have a heater in the water for known time of freezing. This is something that could be turned on and off as needed. Or Something to run constant to keep a stable tempature. A 1/2 wat per gallon is necessary for most ponds to keep them above freezing. Assuming there's also circulation. Titanium heaters are suggested.

If aeration is used, the air should be pumped from midway from the surface bottom to ciculate water upward, which will generally keep ice from forming.

Be care of extra build up of leafs in the winter months. This will produce ammonia and other acids, which will drop pH and KH. Sometimes removal of fish is required, but this needs to be considered if removing the fish will cause more stress and if there's not a proper place to house them.

Generally, UV Clarifiers do not need to be ran in climates where hard freezing is common. Once these freezes have past, the UV can be turned back on. As long as circulation is good and overall temperature is above freezing there's no danger of using the UV.

Hope that preps you for the upcoming colder weather.


Featured Products

TMC AquaRay LEDs

With cooler weather around the corner, it's our time to start thinking about our aquarium. The first thing and the most important behind filtration is the type of light we need. Are we growing plants? Are we growing corals? Do we have a fish only tank that we need certain colors on fish to pop out? AAP highly recommends the TMC AquaRay line for a handful of reason. First, their modular meaning you can select the type and amount of light you need for what your project is. You have many ways to mount up and down, left to right. They're a square and strip spread for no high light peak issues. Waterproof! And have the longest warranties of any LEDs out. We highly recommend investing in professional grade LEDs for long-term benefits to tanks.

Check out the whole line of TMC LEDs! Low watts, high power. Natural colors!

Much more information here: TMC AquaRay LEDs

Here are some videos using TMC LED lights:
Reef tank, Ultima NP LED
Reef aquarium with Ultima NP LEDs

Full Reef with AquaRay

GroBeam 1500, Pearling

Planted Tank with Mini 400 LED

American Aquarium Products Specials

AquaBeam 600 Marine White #600 Ultima High Light Reef Capable LED Strip- $114.99 (SUPER SPECIAL; ONLY until 10/5- Limited Quantities)
AquaGro GroBeam 1500 Ultima High Light Planted Aquarium Capable LED- $215.99 (SUPER SPECIAL; ONLY until 10/5- Limited Quantities)
High Output 65 Watt 6500K SHO Light for Planted Aquariums- $27.99 (Limited Stock- ONLY until 10/5)
13 Watt 6500 K Daylight Self Ballasted CF Light, Fits Standard Incandescent Fixtures - $3.99 (SUPER SPECIAL; ONLY until 10/5)
TMC Pond Advantage 15 Watt PREMIUM Highest Dwell Time UV Sterilizer- $132.99 (ONLY until 10/5)
SunSun HBL-501 HOB Power Filter- $12.99
High Output T-5 #GPH287T5L/4P, four pin 14 -15 Watt UV bulb- $22.99 (Limited Stock- ONLY until Oct. 5)
#PUVLF46H, four pin 50 Watt HO T5 UV bulb- $32.99
Premium HO 9 Watt G23 UV Bulb/Lamp- $14.99
Premium HO 18 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $17.99
Premium HO 36 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $27.99
SunSun JP-033 Fountain/Aquarium Pump, 160 gph- $9.99 (Limited Stock- until 10/5)
AquaMaster GROWTH Koi Food 2.2 lb. Sm. Pellet- $12.99 (Limit 2- ONLY until 10/5)
AAP Regular Wonder Shells- $1.99 to $2.99

Recent Updates
Columaris, Fungus in Fish:
"Yellowish-white areas of degeneration of this shubunkin goldfish are visible in the ventral part of the first gill arch. When the Columnaris infection spreads rapidly throughout the gill lamellae, the fish may die in a short period of time without any other apparent lesions."

Livebearer Information:
"The Endlers Livebearer were first discovered in Laguna de los Patos (Lagoon of the Ducks) in northeastern Venezuela by Franklin Bond in 1937, although they remained in anonymity until Professor John Endler re-discovered the Endlers Livebearer in 1975 and returned with specimens where they became popular in Germany. The Endlers livebearer is found in its natural habitat with wild guppies and although they can interbreed, the offspring are often sterile due to being of a different species."

Columaris, Fungus in Fish:
"Diet: many aquarium keepers may not link this to Columnaris, and in fact the link is not direct. HOWEVER, I have also found based on my experience and tests that a fish that is not in optimum health because of a less than optimum diet IS IN FACT AT A HIGHER RISK FOR COLUMNARIS! An optimized fish food is best that does not need to supplement with added vitamins due to "cooking out" of ingredients. By optimized I mean the ingredients are what the fish need, not the more is better approach as with even most of the premium diets as 95% of fish foods over do proteins & energy. WHY? Because, as an example, excess or un-digestible protein are a common cause of kidney (renal) failure and this allows opportunistic pathogens to get a foothold. As well, too much energy results in fatty liver issues which again lowers disease resistance, especially too opportunistic infections such as Columnaris in particular."

Video Releases
AAP Canister Upgrade
AAP is known for upgrading certain products to make sure they're the best for the aquatic hobbyist. Check the behind the scenes of how AAP does it, starting with the UV lamp, volcanic rock, upgrade filter pads and carbon!

German Blue Ram Cichlid Care Guide
These are known as some of the harder fish to keep alive, but with a few care tips, they're not as hard as people thing. We've kept 1000s of these fish and we learned a few things to really have the best success with these guys. Starting with knowing about shipping issues, then going on to remineralized water, and so on.

EcoTech Gen 4 Review
The new EcoTech Gen 4 came out and is being talked about all over the place. AAP does a compare with the new EcoTech and the AquaRay LED. Going over the spread, coloration, new construction, and warrenty.

8 reasons for a Cloudy Tank
Having trouble with a cloudy tank or want to know what causes the issue? Here's 8 reasons why and how to correct the issue. Things like filtration, over feeding, high bio-load, etc... know how to handle the bacteria causing this issue.

Cool Stuff

Light and Redox
Light & Health

Broken Aquarium released a very interesting experiment to see how light effect health for fish, which also can be apply to humans. Does light help boost immunity or does it break it down. Click the link to see the results!

Everything Aquatic Forum
Everything Aquatic

One of the most helpful forums, with solid members. Ask a questions and learn from others experiences. The group has newbies to long time professionals. Talk about your set-up or check out tank builds.

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