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Tropic Marine Center Vecton & Pond Advantage Professional UV Sterilizers for Ponds or aquariums.
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The Pond Filters featured here are simple/basic submersible filter pump combinations for small to medium sized ponds.

The filters can be paired with other filters for better yet filtration or even larger ponds.
Such as a Pressurized, Veggie Filters, or even homemade water fall filters or similar

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SunSun Medium Pond Pump, FilterSunSun CHJ-1503; Sm/Medium Pond Pump/Filter- $89.99

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The SunSun CHJ-1503 Pond Pump/Filter is a simple but complete small to medium pond (under 800 gallons) and fountain pump and includes an encapsulating rigid external filter strainer as well as fountains heads.
User friendly and easy to install.

660 GPH (2500 LPH)
45 watts
30 foot heavy duty grounded cord

Energy efficient and internal use
Directional vortex impeller
Max Head; 8.85 feet
Fountain head kits included
Rated for Ponds up to 800 gallons under light bio load (stocking). Can be used in larger ponds when paired with more filters
Can be used as a primary filter in small ponds.
However we recommend a secondary filter too, whether it be a Hydro Pond Sponge Filter or a DIY Veggie/Plant Filter or other simple filter.
Thermally protected
Two tier pre-filter
For Best Results; we recommend placing Volcanic Rock or similar around the filter intake of this filter to provide coarse pre-filtration and extend the time before the need to rinse the sponges in this filter.

This diagram shows a Terminator UV Sterilizer connected to a submersible pond filter filter fountain bypass.
This allows for better Green water control by adding the benefits of UVC Irradiation to your pond (click on picture to enlarge).

Danner PondMaster Small to Medium Pond Pump, FilterPondmaster 1700; Small/Medium Pond Pump/Filter- $149.99

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The E.G. Danner Mfg PMK1700 Pond Pump/Filter & Fountain Head Kit fits ponds up to 1250 gallons (as per manufacturer) or even larger when used with other filter methods, including a DIY DIY Veggie/Plant Filter)

700 GPH (2650 LPH)
60 watts
18 foot heavy duty grounded cord
Energy efficient and internal/submersible use
Ceramic Shaft impeller
Max Head; 11'8"
Two Fountain head included
Rated for Ponds up to 1250 gallons under light bio load (stocking). Can be used in larger ponds when paired with more filters

Our price INCLUDES Volcanic Rock (see bullet below), this VASTLY improves Bio Filtration AND Mechanical Filtration by over 500%.
You will NOT get this if you purchase your Pondmaster Filter ANYWHERE else!!

For Best Results: We recommend removing screws securing screen, then placing Volcanic Rock inside/under the screen for important biological filtration, then re-securing screen with screws and placing poly pads back as supplied by manufacturer.
See also; Pond Care Information; Filtration

Pondmaster coarse filter pad

Supreme Pondmaster Coarse Polyester Media- $8.99

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11-3/4 x 11-3/4 Pure coarse weave polyester pad
Fits Supreme Pondmaster 1250, 1350, 1500, & 1700 Filters

Pondmaster Coarse & Carbon Pad Combo Pack- $16.99

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Contains BOTH 11-3/4 x 11-3/4 Pure coarse weave polyester pad AND Fine Carbon filter pad
Fits Supreme Pondmaster 1250, 1350, 1500, & 1700 Filters

*For higher head pressure, consider the our Rio HF line of water pumps: Rio HF Water Pumps

Via Aqua Small Pond Pump, FilterVia Aqua # BH-2000AD; Small Pond Pump/Filter- $79.99

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer
(Via Aqua)

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Submersible Pond Filters

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