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FedEx Tracking
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USPS Tracking
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Main Shipping Points

  • Speed Counts!! Orders are processed 7 days a week, with the exception of major holidays. We try to ship purchases same day when ordered 9 am to 2 pm, Mon. thru Fri. with personalized tracking provided as well!
    Light weight orders (0-2 lbs) placed late Friday and early Saturday morning are shipped via USPS on Saturday. FedEx orders will be shipped Monday.
    Also orders are processed on Sunday to ensure immediate Monday Shipping!!
    You will not find any faster processing of orders anywhere on the internet!

    The transit time usually is 1-7 business days for the lower 48 USA if Standard Shipping is chosen (further locations from our Oregon location or rural addresses are generally in the 2-8 business days range).
    2 Day Air is available (USA) during checkout (please read further)

  • Further Below you will find our shipping Rates for USA, as well as select international locations.

  • Signatures are Required for any amount over $250 (indirect) and $500 requires a Direct Signature. For FedEx shipments, they may be called at 1-800 GO FEDEX to have the package held. We recommend providing a phone number for sales over these amounts. In certain instances, we have been able to waive this requirement for sales under $500, but then we assume all liability.
    Please note that this is NOT our policy, rather this is a requirement by the CREDIT CARD companies!!!

  • Select International Shipping, please note certain maximum sales limitations as our International shopping cart is only intended for light, inexpensive orders so as to avoid time consuming invoice quotes for these small/light international orders.
    Please see: More information on international orders here.
    Also please note that all electrical items we sell are set up for 110-120V unless otherwise noted;
    With the TMC AquaRay LEDs, these can be run on both North American 110-120V and International 220-240V with the local purchase of a plug (See LED Page). With other items, pumps, filters, etc. you will need a converter. See our Return Policy Page for returns due to wrong electrical.

  • Please Provide a Physical Address for fragile (such as a UV Sterilizer) or large purchases, as FedEx is preferred and guaranteed but requires a physical address because they cannot ship to a PO Box.
    If a PO Box is used, your purchase will go out USPS if light enough, otherwise it will ship "Smart Post" (please see the Helpful Information Section for further information).

    You do not have to change your billing address, simply put your physical address in the note section when checking out or Contact Us after your order.

  • We Ship USPS and FedEx. Generally in the continental (lower 48) USA boxes under 1-2 lbs we use USPS and over 1-2 lbs we ship FedEx (closer locations also can determine this).
    Rural Addresses or HI, AK (or even overweight/heavy boxes) addresses may go FedEx Smart Post or USPS Parcel Post which can take 7-8 business days. The rest are handled on an order to order basis.
    For further information about Rural Shipping in Particular, please see the: Helpful Information Section
    We reserve the right to chose the most expedient, safest (for fragile items), & economical shipping method from FedEx or USPS if Standard shipping is chosen based on shipping fees paid (including FedEx Smart Post)

    Locations outside the lower 48 such as Hawaii or Alaska are shipped via USPS Parcel Post, First Class, or Priority Mail (depending upon weight) if Standard Shipping is chosen; or FedEx Express, or Express Mail if Express Shipping is chosen.
    If Standard Shipping is chosen, this can take as much as 10+ business days

  • Tracking Information: We provide tracking with ALL Sales!
    All FedEx Tracking numbers are scanned at the end of each business day. All USPS delivery conformation numbers only shows label transmission and delivery. It is not a full tracking number but a label transmission & delivery conformation number.

  • Damaged Items, Non Delivery from Shipping: Please refer to our Return Policy Page; 30 Day Return Policy/Broken, Damaged Shipments Section.
    Please note that International Postal Shipping is NOT guaranteed, but we do work with buyers to replace, it you desire full guarantees, International buyers MUST ask for a FedEx quote (see the International section later on this page for more)

  • We Can Combine, Refund or Change Orders if the order is caught prior to shipping. There is a $2 combined order or cancellation fee (if the order has already been processed) and we will refund the extra charges in shipping.
    We CANNOT access your credit card as this is an encrypted secure transaction for the buyers protection (see Checkout Help, https security for more).
    To combine an order (if not already shipped), please purchase again online (or request an electronic invoice for the difference if preferred) and then Contact Us us to notify us of this separate order.

  • 1 Day Express Shipping can be done. Because the price of express shipping varies substantially, depending on weight and size we handle it as a custom order. Please Contact Us with your order, exact shipping address and your preferred shipping speed and we will get back to you ASAP For Next Day Air we need you to email us prior to 10:00 AM Pacific time.

  • 2 Day Shipping can be added during Checkout process (we use either FedEx or USPS Express Mail at our discretion), there is no need to contact us for this service since it can be changed during the checkout process (at the end of the process, see rates below).
    See Step #6 in Checkout Tutorial for 2 Day Air

    Please have these orders in by 1:30 pm Pacific Time to ensure 2 business days delivery time (for example a 2 day shipment placed on Thursday morning will arrive on Monday, assuming Monday is not a holiday)
    Saturday delivery can be arranged, but this an additional fee ($15 & up), please contact us if this is desired.

    Please note that we reserve the right to ship via Postal Express or other express services (often for HI, PR, or AK), request additional fees for heavy/large box express shipments, or to refuse to ship via air for certain heavy purchases.

  • Expediated Shipping (3 Day Air) can be added during Checkout process for EASTERN USA States (we use either FedEx or USPS Priority Mail at our discretion), there is no need to contact us for this service since it can be changed during the checkout process (at the end of the checkout process, see rates below).
    See Step #6 in Checkout Tutorial for 2 or 3 Day Air

    Please have these orders in by 1:30 pm Pacific Time to ensure 3 business days delivery time (for example a 3 day shipment placed on Thursday morning will arrive on Tuesday, assuming Tuesday is not a holiday)

  • Where's My Deal? Because of the way we calculate the price of our products and shipping (which our "Shipping & Handling" is based on purchase price, not weight), we are not able to offer "deals".
    We do not negotiate our shipping prices or quotes, especially international shipments which are already time consuming to process.
    As well we generally cap shipping prices and with larger purchases; this provides a deal since we pay the remaining shipping costs. While with smaller purchases the actual cost of shipping is often less than the calculated price, however the time to process these orders is similar and most light/low price items such as dry Medications reflect this by being priced well below normal retail, so your end price is still often quite low.

    However with some products, especially "special lot prices" such as Sponge Filters, we do limit the number of items/lots purchased due to loss of all profit on these items if this were not done.

  • Back Orders If we are out of a certain item, we cannot split orders and ship "out of stock" items later under the same original shipping charge. Our suppliers charge for re-shipping of back ordered items and we as well must charge for each shipment.

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Our Standard Shipping/Handling Rates

Normal shipping takes 2-6 Business days in the USA lower 48 states.

Purchase Price Western States Eastern States Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories
$.01- $9.98 $7.65
$18.95 2 Day Air
$24.95 2 Day Air
or $18.95 Expediated
$33.95 2 Day Air (HI. AK)
$9.99- $29.98 $8.75
$24.95 2 Day Air
$27.95 2 Day Air
or $21.95 Expediated
$39.95 2 Day Air (HI. AK)
$29.99- $49.99 $9.75
$29.95 2 Day Air
$33.95 2 Day Air
or $28.95 Expediated
$48.95 2 Day Air (HI. AK)
$50.00- $89.99 $11.35
$38.95 2 Day Air
$43.95 2 Day Air
or $33.95 Expediated
$57.95 2 Day Air (HI. AK)
$90.00 & Up $12.95
$50.95 2 Day Air
$56.95 2 Day Air
or $45.95 Expediated
$71.95 2 Day Air (HI. AK)

Additional Charges will generally apply to orders over $250 to AK, HI, or Territories.

Western States Include: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
Eastern States are all other USA States (except Territories).
Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories are shipped via USPS unless otherwise requested and are NOT Guaranteed due to lack of USPS honor of guarantee/insurance (We package VERY well and purchase tracking, etc. so problems are rare).
Guaranteed FedEx shipping can requested for US Territories, AK, HI.Back To Top

Shipping Zones

FedEx Shipping Times

For FedEx ground delivery time in transit (in business days) please see the picture below.These times are estimates.

Fedex Ground Delivery time in transit from 97526
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International Shipping Information

Our Standard Shipping/Handling Rates for:

Canada, most of Europe (UK, France, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland), Israel, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Barbados, Bahamas, Bermuda, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Mexico.

This calculator is only intended for light, low value orders (generally under 4 lbs/2 kg shipping via F/C mail), please read further for information about International orders over $150-$250
NO shipping guarantees with Postal Shipping! (Only FedEx). Problems are rare, however the buyer assumes responsibility if choosing this option. Consider FedEx (or at least Priority Mail) since we have had more postal shipping problems in certain isolated locations. Priority Mail has some guarantees, but claims MUST be filed by the recipient
For further information, PLEASE read more in the section following the International Rates Table

Purchase Price Canada Brazil & Western Europe
(most of)
Australia, Israel,
New Zealand, HK, Japan, Singapore
And most other locations in our calculator
Mexico Serbia, Indonesia, Others
$.01- $9.98 $10.95 F/C
$25.95 Priority Mail
$49.95 FedEx Guaranteed
$18.95 F/C
$35.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$18.95 F/C
$35.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$13.95 F/C
$29.95 Priority Mail
$19.95 F/C
$9.99- $22.99 $17.95 F/C
$32.95 Priority Mail
$63.95 FedEx Guaranteed
$27.95 F/C
$44.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$27.95 F/C
$44.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$22.95 F/C
$39.95 Priority Mail
$29.95 F/C
$23.00- $44.99 $26.95 F/C
$43.95 Priority Mail
$78.95 FedEx Guaranteed
$40.95 F/C
$51.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$40.95 F/C
$51.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$30.95 F/C
$47.95 Priority Mail
$42.95 F/C
$45.00- $78.99 $39.95 F/C
$54.95 Priority Mail
$95.95 FedEx Guaranteed
$51.95 F/C
$61.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$51.95 F/C
$61.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$42.95 F/C
$51.95 Priority Mail
$54.95 F/C
$79.00 to $150 Most Countries; $200/$250 Mexico/Canada* $53.95 F/C
$69.95 Priority Mail
$119.95 FedEx Guaranteed
$67.95 F/C
$71.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$67.95 F/C
$71.95 Priority Mail 7-10 day
$57.95 F/C
$69.95 Priority Mail
$69.95 F/C

* Please read the International Orders section for additional charges (for amounts over $150- $250 usd) and more information before ordering, or see Special International Orders for all Other International Locations not listed above.
We now offer "Calculated" FedEx Express Shipping to Canada, found at the end of the checkout process. Please note, additional shipping charges may apply for order over $250 usd or over weight items such as many pumps or multiples there of.
With an itemized EXACT list we can also custom quote FedEx to most all locations, including Canada.

Also consider using Borderlinx where no such shipping limits would apply and you can shop multiple USA websites and then ship together (see further down on this page)

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  • Customer is responsible for all duties, tariffs, taxes applied to international shipments by their government

  • Additional charges WILL apply to fragile/larger/heavy shipments.

  • Please note that our intentions of shipping internationally are to provide unique products not often available in international locations, not to ship large quantities of products, hence additional charges for larger orders and most specials (such as Via Aqua Pumps and Sponge Filters) limited to the lower 48 USA

  • Additional Charges will apply as the shipping calculator is only intended for quick calculations shipping charges for small/light orders (such as Wonder Shells, etc.), NOT heavier (such as liquids over 500 mL), or more expensive orders (such as multiple LED lights).

    Basically our shopping cart is only intended for light, inexpensive orders so as to avoid time consuming invoice quotes for these orders.
    We ask that orders over these amounts or heavy orders ask for a shipping quote prior to purchasing:

    • To purchases over $250 to Canada

    • To purchases over $200 to Mexico

    • To purchases over $150 to most of Western Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg), Brazil, Israel, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Barbados, Bahamas, Bermuda, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Serbia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines, or New Zealand

    • Any over weight shipment (example 1 kg. Marine Buffer & MOST liquid products) or over sized shipment (example most canister filters)
      We Reserve the right to partially refund multiple product orders so as to "make" the shipping weight paid for in International Shipping

    • International Orders placed via the online calculator exceeding these weights/amounts, will be billed the difference via electronic invoice.
  • No Shipping Guarantees on International Shipping unless shipped via FedEx.
    First Class Postal Shipping (USPS, Canada Post, etc.) is NOT guaranteed for international (This includes time in transit).
    So PLEASE consider this before purchasing a fragile item (even a filter!), or if time sensitive.
    Priority Mail has some guarantees, but claims MUST be filed by the recipient.
    For a FedEx quote please contact us via the Contact Form (with an itemized list) and shipping information for a custom invoice if interested (Please note that FedEx can often cost 2-3 times for shipping to international locations).
    Thankfully problems are rare, although we have had statistical anomalies of higher than normal shipping problems in certain areas such as all of Brazil & occasionally Quebec Canada.

    While quite rare; If your order is damaged or lost via Postal Shipping, we will still attempt to meet the customer part way in replacement (at our cost or less but not the actual shipping).
    HOWEVER please understand we offer the choice of better shipping and making a purchase via International Postal Shipping IS A CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT that the buyer accepts these risks in lieu of the lower cost to ship.

    Some fragile items such as the TMC 110 PRO UV we will refuse to even attempt to ship via Postal shipping due to value, fragile nature, and poor Postal handling record (& refusal to honor even paid shipping insurance)

  • Please Note that all our electrical devices are 110-120V, so these pumps, filters, Sterilizers, Lights, etc. will not work in the UK, Australia, etc. unless you have step down transformer and all returns for this reason will not include shipping and be charged a 15% re-stocking fee

  • Shipping time is generally 12-21 days via International First Class & sometimes longer in Canada and often 6-8 weeks in Mexico (packages under 4 lbs/ 1.8 kg); 7-10 days for Priority International (packages over 1.8 kg) In some cases it does take longer.
    Postal Shipping has no guarantees as to time and is not as easily trackable, and with International First Class, the ONLY tracking available shows "drop off" at our local Postal Facility (First Class labels start with an 'L')
    As well often international customs sometimes can take days or even weeks in clearing packages through Postal Customs; Australia, Germany, & UK especially have a tendency at times to be very slow processing Postal Customs (especially with First Class packages).

    Unfortunately there is nothing we can do from our side to speed a package through Postal Customs (although with FedEx we can contact our agent).

    AS WELL, once a package has been cleared into another country, we CANNOT track the package, this now becomes the local PO responsibility.

  • All shipping quoted is via either USPS First Class or Priority Mail (First Class under 4 lbs) and is the cheapest method we can ship but has no guarantees.
    We can also quote via FedEx with a better guarantees and time, but be aware prices are higher.

  • Please note that the maximum box size for Priority Mail Shipping to Canada is Girth + Length= 108 inches.
    For all other locations the maximum box size is Girth + Length = 79 inches.
    The result is many large products such as the SunSun HW304 canister filter CANNOT be shipped to International locations other than Canada; FedEx shipping, often at rates of just under $500 for this filter is your only option!!

  • Please make sure your address is correct as the few international that have been returned were due to incorrect address.

Consider Borderlinx for any International Shipping Location. Borderlinx allows shoppers around the world to buy from their favorite USA websites (including American Aquarium Products) and often pay much less in shipping.

Simply sign up for your own unique US address and shop online paying US prices & shipping to take advantage of unique products and prices not available in many locations.
Borderlinx will take care of getting all your purchases to you in one lower combined rate while giving you the ability to track your packages at any time!

If you would prefer to use Borderlinx, we suggest requesting a custom invoice (via our Contact Form or Contact Page) rather than go through our checkout system and then use your Borderlinx address as your "ship to" address.

 and ship with Borderlinx

Special Request International

We can do special request international orders to Countries not listed above.

Please contact us via our Contact Form. You need to include the items you would like and quantity of each and your shipping address.

We always give the best shipping price our shippers provide; Please do not request different shipping methods (other than International mail or FedEx) or make constant change of product requests while bargain hunting for the best shipping, as the time to package and re-package for international orders is very time consuming.
Often these requests are for products that we have less than $5 profit for (such as medications) and spending an hour attempting to accommodate such requests costs more than we make on the item.
Such requests will be rejected & further emails will be ignored

All Orders that are placed without shipping calculated will be refunded.

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Helpful Information

  • Please Note that FedEx Labels are scanned at the end of the business day (so a FedEx package "shipped" on a Sunday will not show tracking until the end of the day on Monday) & USPS tracking only shows our electronic label transmission and delivery (not pick up)!

  • Parcel Post or FedEx Smart Post is used to ship some orders (generally Rural, and occasionally Alaska, or Hawaii orders) or where a PO Box is used. This can take a few extra days depending on location (as long as 7-8 business days).
    Please note that we do not charge the $6 extra for rural addresses unlike most websites, so please understand the use of these shipping methods are meant to defray the higher shipping costs to such locations of which we do not pass on to customers!
    If you have a Rural Address and need a package over 1 lb. sooner, we suggest using one of these methods:

    1. Send us a note with your purchase (via the note to merchant section in checkout or via email) and we can send an electronic invoice for $6 to cover these additional fees charged for a rural address
    2. Utilize a Private Mail Box (PMB), these are often more cost effective than a PO Box and allow your packages to be delivered via FedEx or UPS to a secure, signed for location.
      Such as Speedy Pack & Ship in Grants Pass, OR
    3. Use 2 Day Air or Expediated (3 Day Air) at the end of the checkout process, (our 2 & 3 Day shipping rates are often 40% lower than other websites, because we pass on our excellent volume discount to our customers)

  • Your Email with Tracking: We send a personal email with tracking information after processing all orders. This is usually sent within 24 hours of receipt of your order. If you did not receive this email please Check your Spam Folder.

  • Change of Address Once Shipped: FedEx can change the delivery address up to 24 hours prior to deliver, however we are charged a fee and will require a payment from you to pay this fee ($15).
    USPS cannot re-route packages once shipped. If shipped via USPS and an incorrect address was provided, we suggest contacting the local USPS office of the incorrect address. If returned back to us, we are required to purchase a new label and we must charge for this.

    Unfortunately we are NOT responsible for incorrect addresses, and since customers often switch locations for shipping (such as sending to business, one time, a gift another, etc.) we have no way to guess which address is correct other than the address provided at checkout which we are legally obligated to ship to as per our Credit Card Merchant agreement.
    All returns for incorrect address will be refunded for the product only, NOT the shipping label as we cannot get a refund from FedEx or USPS and in fact often may pay a return fee to FedEx.

  • Drop Shipments: From time to time we are required to do a drop shipment. If this is the case you will be notified after we receive your order, but no action is required on your part. We will then email you when we receive tracking information.

    • The Natural Environmental Pond Products Web Page is a separate entity from us and all purchases are "drop shipped" from a separate location, therefore purchases made from this site are not combined with purchases made on the rest of our web site. Multiple purchases from both web sites are subject to separate/additional shipping charges.

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