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Replacement Hydro Sponges

COMPLETE Line of THE BEST, Patented HydroSponge Filters (Originally from Lustar)

Superior to ALL OTHERS for Biological and Mechanical Aquarium Filtration.
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We are THE Online seller with In Depth Sponge Filter Information and 3 Decades Hands on Experience Using these Filters

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Now Distributed by AAP (original design by Lustar, Patented by ATI)
AAP is the LARGEST AUTHORIZED dealer for the patented ATI Sponge Filter, selling unique models and parts not found at other non authorized dealers.
Why purchase anywhere else since they also have been a major supporter of this hobby for decades including copious amounts of FREE information?

As well these are American (USA) made with as much as 5 times the capacity of a given sponge size over Chinese knock offs, why purchase outside North America for an inferior product to save maybe $1 to $2?

  • Capable of moving more water than other sponge filters.

  • One inch diameter lift tube allows for high volume water flow and allows use of power head without adapters.
    All sponges are 1" inner diameter (which may stretch to 1.25" inner diameter")

  • Raised off bottom, no dead space.

  • Heavier base.

  • Can be used in the vertical or horizontal position.

  • Professional Aquarium and Pond Filter Experience, ATI Filter Max Prefilter
  • Easy to clean. Just rinse and squeeze in used aquarium water (never tap water).

  • Made from Proprietary Patented Sponge Foam for the highest mechanical debris capacity and bio capacity; generally as much as FIVE TIMES THE CAPACITY of other non Patented Sponge Filters!!!
    As well, patented reticulated filter foam (PRO) foam for higher flow rates. We also have the combo sponge filters that combines the best of both the standard & reticulated sponges.

    NO other sponge filter compares! Even the "Deep Blue Sponge Filters" & others who have infringed on the modular design patent of the Hydro Sponge Filter still do not have the same high capacity sponge! The proof is in how many more rinsings it takes to clean an AAP/ATI Hydro Sponge Filter over ALL OTHERS due to the much higher capacity!

  • Extra sponges can be purchased and kept in the aquarium for quick bio-cycling of new aquariums, hospital tanks, or replacement of the old sponge when worn out

  • The HydroSponge Filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration that generally excels over similar sized HOB Filters that generally are double the cost and much more expensive to keep!!!
    Aerobic bacteria colonize the sponge providing a bacterial substrate to facilitate the nitrogen cycle.

  • In addition, the Hydro-Sponge traps waste particles mechanically cleaning the water without trapping the baby fish.

  • Excels as a small tank or bowl filter, especially for bettas which have fins that can get easily trapped in HOB or other filter intakes.

  • Excels as a breeding filter, as baby (fry) are not trapped by sponge filters and the Hydro Sponge #1 & #5 Stackable allows for additional filtration and hiding places for fry

  • Excels as a Discus filter, angelfish filter, hospital filter, or back up filter. Even as the Primary filter for larger aquariums (two #5 Hydro Sponge filters of #5 + stackable can easily handle a 75 gallon aquarium); also consider using Hydro Pond Filters in larger aquariums and sumps (see link in the left side bar))

Our maintenance companies have used these filters in Marine/ Reef aquariums (with live rock, generally in sumps ), with GREAT results!

More Information/Instructions about Sponge Filters in Left Side Bar
Including a links to Pre Filters, Hydro Pond Filters (for large aquariums, sumps too), & our sponge filtration page which includes a sponge filter demonstration video

Please note that the size tank given is the size (gallons) that we have used these filters UP TO, generally with more than one and is based on my real world experience using these filters.
Also note that we provide the size of each different SPONGE, the height of the entire sponge filter can be varied by cutting the 5 inch lift tube or adjusting the 1.75 inch base/step.
As an example, the COMPLETE #1 Sponge Filter with base/step, sponge, and uncut lift tube can be as high as 9 inches out of the box.

How Aquarium Sponge Filters Work
A Guide to the Best/Optimum Aquarium Sponge Filter Use Based on Decades of Professional Experience

(Click pictures to enlarge for a better view)

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter Mini

•AAP Hydro Sponge Mini -$5.99

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  -Sponge Size; 2.25" H x 2.75" W (Recommended for 1/2 gal. up to 10 gal.)
  -Over all height 3" to 8" depending upon whether lift tube is used
  -Lift Tube, as with all Hydro Sponge Filters, can be removed or cut for small Betta Bowls

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter 1

•AAP Hydro Sponge Filter 1 -$6.99

Quantity Special; (6) for $39.99 (Limit 8 sets) Jump to Shopping Cart

  -Sponge Size; 2.25" H x 3.75" W (Recommended for 2.5 gal. up to 15 gal.)

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter Stackable model 1

•AAP Hydro Sponge 1 Stackable -$5.29

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  -Great for adding on to your existing Hydro Sponge Filter (models 1 & 3) for breeding tanks (makes a great place to hide for fry between layers).
  -Multiple layers can be added.

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter size 2

• AAP Hydro Sponge Filter 2 - $7.99

Quantity Special; (6) for $44.99 (Limit 8 sets) Jump to Shopping Cart

  -Sponge Size; 4.25" H x 2.75" W (Recommended for 10 gal. up to 30 gal.)

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter 3

• AAP Hydro Sponge Filter 3 - $8.99

Quantity Special; (6) for $50.99 (Limit 8 sets)

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  -Sponge Size; 4.25" H x 3.75" W (Recommended for 15 gal. up to 40 gal.)

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter 3 PRO

• AAP Hydro Sponge Filter 3 PRO - $10.89

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  -Sponge Size; 4.25" H x 3.75" W (Recommended for 15 gal. up to 40 gal.)
  -New high Flow reticulated sponge for higher bio loads that tend to clog regular sponge filters!
  -Please note that the size aquarium the 3 PRO best fits, generally does not call for the higher flow rate reticulated sponge nor should it have the higher bio loads of a larger aquarium, therefore, in most applications the Hydro Sponge 3 Regular is the correct choice

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter 1 & 3 PRO Combination

• AAP Hydro Sponge Filter #1-3 PRO COMBO - $16.79

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Our suggested Combo sponge filter for many high bio load applications.
Even in high bio load larger aquariums, multiple use of this Combo (over our #5) may be more desirable due to better filter redundancy & ease of hiding 2 or three of these #3/1 Combos over one more bulky #5 Combo.

  -Can be used with both air pumps and power heads.
We suggest the addition of an optional air diffuser connected to the upper bulls eye if used with an air pump
  -Sponge Size; 6.5" H x 3.75" W
  -This combo provides both fine and coarse mechanical filtration while still preserving higher water flow in medium sized aquariums.
  -Bio capacity rivals many HOB filters at a fraction of the price as well being a much more simple filter to use
  -Suggested Aquarium Size: UNDER 50 gallons

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter Model 4

• AAP Hydro Sponge Filter 4 - $10.69

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  -Sponge Size; 4.5" H x 4.5" W (20 gal. up to 60 gal)

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter model 5

• AAP Hydro Sponge Filter 5 - $11.89

Quantity Special; (6) for $67.99 (Limit 4 sets per order)

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  -Sponge Size; 4.5" H x 5.25" W (30 gal. up to 100 gal with flow rates up to 400 gph)
For even larger aquariums or large aquarium sumps with flow rates up to 700 gph, consider the Hydro Sponge #5 PRO Below

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter Stackable Model 5

•AAP Hydro Sponge 5 Stackable -$8.99

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  -Great for adding on to your existing Hydro Sponge Filter (model 5) for breeding tanks (makes a great place to hide for fry between layers).
  -Multiple layers can be added.

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter Pro 5, high flow, bio load

• AAP Hydro Sponge Filter #5 PRO - $14.89

Quantity Special; (6) for $85.99 (Limit 4 sets)

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  -Sponge Size; 4.5" H x 5.25" W (Recommended for 40 gal. up to 125 gal)
  -New high Flow reticulated sponge for higher bio loads that tend to clog regular sponge filters!
  -Up to 125 gal. and flow rates up to 700 gph
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For even larger aquariums (up to 200-250 gallons depending upon model) or large aquarium sumps with flow rates up to 1500 gph, consider the Hydro Pond Filters; Hydro Pond Filter; For Aquariums too

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter 5 Combination

•AAP Hydro Sponge Filter #5 COMBO - $25.59

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  -Can be used with both air pumps and power heads.
We suggest the addition of an optional air diffuser connected to the upper bulls eye if used with an air pump
  -This combo provides both fine and coarse mechanical filtration while still preserving higher water flow in larger aquariums.
  -Bio capacity rivals many larger canister filters at a fraction of the price as well being a much more simple filter to use
  -Suggested Aquarium Size: over 60 gallons

We also sell the Hydro Pond #2, which is similar to the #5 COMBO except that it is two reticulated PRO Sponges.
In most instances, we recommend the #5 COMBO over the Hydro Pond #2 for aquarium use due to its two stage mechanical and biological filtration (this is based on professional testing by AAP founder Carl Strohmeyer). However in some instances the use of two higher flow PRO sponges might be best.
Hydro Pond #2 Filter for Ponds or Large Aquariums


Replacement Sponges for Hydrosponge aquarium filters 1, 2, 3, 5, 5 PRO


• Sponge Replacement Mini-$1.79

• Sponge Replacement 1-$1.99

• Sponge Replacement 2 (fits Filter-Max II also)-$2.59

• Sponge Replacement 3- $2.99

• Sponge Replacement 3 PRO- $4.49

• Sponge Replacement 4- $3.59

• Sponge Replacement 5- $4.19

• Sponge Replacement 5 PRO- $7.99

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Sponge Filter Hydro Lift Tube Set, 18 inchesSponge Filter Hydro Lift Tube, Installation Diagram• Hydro Lift Tube Set- $7.39

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• The Hydro Lift Tube provides for more thorough circulation for tall aquariums utilizing either air driven or power head driven sponge filters
• 18 inches in length and includes two rigid airline connectors and two air diffusers (for operation with air pumps, these parts are not for use with power head)
• See second picture for a diagram on how to connect these for air driven applications
• Usable with most under gravel filters too
• Easily cut to height with a hack saw or similar

(Normally included with a new Hydro Sponge Filter)

Hydro Sponge Filter Parts, bulls eye, female & male strainer, step, base, lift tube

(Please click picture to enlarge)
• Bulls Eye- $1.59
SPECIAL; (10) Bulls Eye- $13.99
• Male Strainer- $1.69
• Female Strainer- $1.69

(Both Male & Female Strainer Fit Filter Max as well)
• Step (Extension)- $1.59

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Plastic Air Diffusers for Sponge Filters, UG Filters, more
• Base- $3.49
• 5" Length Lift Tube - $1.29

(1"/27mm Outer; 24mm Inner Dimensions)
SPECIAL; (10) 5" Lift Tube- $10.99
• Set of two Air Diffusers - $1.49

(not included with filters)
• Bulk Air Diffusers, 100 Count - $39.99

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Sponge Filter Directions in the Side Bar
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World Class Aquarium & Pond Information, Sponge Filters

Why Purchase from American Aquarium Products

We are the COMPLETE and MOST experienced seller of ATI Hydro-Sponge Products with over THREE Decades of hands on experience and in in depth articles to back up our products!

SPONGE FILTER; Facts & Information

for anyone considering the use of Sponge filters for Aquarium, Aquarium Systems, Ponds!


American Aquarium Hydro Sponge Filter KitsSponge Filter Kit Page
Unique Filter Kits that include these Premium Hydro Sponge Filters, water or air pumps, & conditioner.
VASTLY SUPERIOR to aquarium filter kits supplied with aquariums purchased at Walmart, Petsmart, etc.

FILER MAX AQUARIUM SPONGE PRE-FILTERS: See this page for Sponge Pre filters for your canister, wet/dry, or power filters. Great for live bearer aquariums, baby aquariums, etc. (including replacement sponges)

Sponge filters for aquarium systems, pondsHYDRO POND FILTERS For Hydro Pond Filters, follow this link
Hydro Pond Filters are also excellent for use in High Flow Aquarium Sumps, Central Systems or similar, or simply very Large Aquariums (either model will out perform ANY HOB Power Filter!).

For Air Pumps

Million Air Aquarium airpumps to fit sponge filtersMillion Air Pumps for air pumps, tubing and valves for your Hydro Sponge filter.
Also available are the
Fusion Premium Air Pumps

Aquarium Air Line TubingStandard Aquarium Air Line Tubing
To fit attach these Air Pumps to Sponge Filters

Power Head Aquarium PumpSunSun JP Series Power Head Aquarium Pump
The SunSun JP Series Power Head Aquarium Pumps are equal or better than most brand names; these are an excellent choice for higher flow applications with Hydro Sponge Filters

SeaChem Tidal Aquarium FilterSeaChem Tidal Premium HOB Filters
High Capacity, superior design & durability over Aqua Clear


Set Up:

Rinse and squeeze the sponge under water and slip the sponge on the strainer. Directions for use with a air stone (optional): Connect air stone to the bottom of the bull's eye, then connect bull's eye to the top of the strainer. Then connect air line tubing to the bull’s eye on the sponge filter and the other end of the air line tubing to an air pump.

Suggestions for air pump applications:
Here is a diagram/picture showing how to connect an air diffuser to the bulls eye of a Hydro Sponge Filter. Also air line and lift tube connections.
Sponge Filter, air diffuser, tubing connection diagram

Please click on the pictures to enlarge for a better view

*The sponge usually will try and float when new (it will gain more weight over a few weeks as beneficial nitrifying bacteria form), I often will brace the Sponge Filter with dιcor/rocks for at least the first few weeks.

*It is typical for the standard sponge to be compressed if stored for some time when new, however once it is hydrated it will expand to more than enough space to properly fit the filter frame.

*The optional air diffusers will slightly increase flow and lower water surface agitation, however they are not required for proper sponge filter function (when run with an air pump)

Directions for use with a power head:
Using an SunSun Power Head Pump for demonstration purposes

Picture 1- Basic:

Picture 2- Advanced with Lift Tube:

Suggestions for power head applications;
*Often I secure the power head/sponge combination to the aquarium with dιcor/rocks (this also hides the sponge from view) as well as the suction holders available with most power heads.
*The Strainer attachment of the Via Aqua 480 (or similar pump) can be further tightened to the cone shaped adapter by wrapping 4-5 windings of Teflon tape around the base of the strainer, than adding the cone adapter over the strainer and Teflon tape. After this forcing the cone shaped adapter firmly into the lift tube or directly into the Sponge Filter (minus the bulls-eye) should result in a good fit.

For a FREE pdf Download of the "Box Directions" from ATI Hydro Sponge, please click below:
ATI Directions from Box, pdf

Rinse the sponge with cool, running water weekly. Do not use hot or cold water as this will destroy the bacteria which colonize the sponge. Do not use soap or detergent when rinsing the sponge.

When your Sponge Filter is attached to an air pump, the rising column of air in the tube pulls water with it.
You can measure the water flow by slightly tilting the filter with the top of the outflow just above the aquarium water line and timing the fill rate into a pitcher or gallon jug. If it fills the jug in 30 seconds, you multiply 2 times per minute times 60 or 120 gallons per hour.
You can also add an air stone to the end of your tubing in the outflow tube to produce more bubbles and more lift.
When attached to a power head, the pump pulls the water thru the sponge media.


AAP Aquatronics aquarium treatments
AAP Professional Aquarium Treatments

Superior to all others with treatments not available ANYWHERE else!

For ALL your Aquarium or Pond UV-C Sterilizer Replacement Bulb needs:

Best UV LampsUV Replacement Lamps, Bulbs

Including the PUVG7309; 9 Watt G7 UVC Bulbs for Tetra

Feeding Station by Ocean NutritionFeeding Station; by Ocean Nutrition
Prevents floating food from being caught in the filter or skimmer.


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