Volcanic Rock;

Aquarium and Pond Biological and Mechanical filter media

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• Volcanic Rock makes an economical biological and mechanical filter media

• Can work for de-nitrifying (nitrate removal) due to deep pores and over all surface area in comparison to over all size and surface area exposed to water flow & oxygen.

• Highly porous

• Generally ½ to 3/4 inch size is ideal for coarse mechanical filtration (the size may vary though from pea sized to a little over 1")
We hand select this volcanic rock VERY carefully for the size that is best for most applications from aquarium to pond based on Carl Strohmeyers extensive experience and use of volcanic rock as an aerobic/anaerobic bio filter medium and mechanical filter medium. Beware of copycat sellers that now sell this that claim experience, but in reality have little or no experience with this product, unlike Carl Strohmeyers innovation and experience using this product dating back to the early 80s.

• Ideal for Bio fall, Savio Livingfalls, DIY, barrel and similar pond filters

• Ideal for wet/dry and canister aquarium filters

• This Volcanic Rock can also simply be placed directly on the bottom of aquariums or fish bowls. Best results with this method are achieved in areas of more water movement.
Care should also be exercised when used directly on the bottom of an aquarium where fish with delicate fins or barbells are present such as Bettas or Cory Catfish. With these fish, placing the Volcanic Rock out of the way or partially covering the rock with something more smooth is recommended if used directly in the aquarium.

• Inert and safe for all aquarium and pond applications (including marine)

• Can be used in FW to work similar to live rock in marine

• Can easily be crumbled smaller for medium mechanical filtration with the use of a hammer or mallet.

World Class Aquarium & Pond Information • Used for years in fresh/saltwater aquariums and ponds by the "Aquarium Information" experts and research professionals that provided this vast online aquarium/pond information here at AAP and "Aquarium/Pond Answers".

• For the superior Bio Filtration Media, with more surface area than any other bio filtration product (including this volcanic rock), consider SeaChem Matrix with more internal surface area liter per liter, especially for de-nitrification.

Sold by the pound; 1 pound is approximately 5” x 5” in volume

$4.99 per lb.
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Also Available Lees Filter Saver Bag, for aquarium media such as carbon, zeolite, Purigen, etc
Lee’s Filter Saver Bag (4” x 8”)- $5.59

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• Can be used with Volcanic Rock, as well as many other filter loose media products so as to prevent damage to filters or for easy removal

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Volcanic Rock Filter Media

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