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Freshwater, Planted, Marine, Reef researched aquarium light information
Aquarium Lighting; Facts & Information
: The Internets most in depth/researched aquatic light information source; From Watts to PAR to Types

Information for the Proper Set Up, Maintenance, Care and Feeding for Freshwater Aquariums
Freshwater Aquarium Care, Information, Basics
Information for the Proper Set Up, Maintenance, Care and Feeding for Freshwater Aquariums/ Tanks

Pond Water circulation, Filtration, UV Sterilization, Cleaning and maintenance, Winter Care, more
A Clear Pond

For our FULL Pond Information article please visit this site.

Cichlids, Livebearers, Catfish, Loach, Betta, Goldfish
Freshwater Fish Profiles

This site (still a work in progress) is contributor driven with many unique fish profiles and notes about care as well as some useful maps for certain fish.

Grants Pass Information, events, pictures, geography, Boatnik, and more
For Grants Pass Information

Grants Pass Information, events, pictures, geography, pictures, Boatnik, Rogue River and more

*Carl Strohmeyer Pictures

*Interesting Aquatic Videos

Super Zoo, Las Vegas

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American Aquarium Products Specials

• Lettered Cone Night Light- $5.99 (ONLY until 6/3)
• Hydor 15 Watt Under Gravel Heater (for bowls, acclimation buckets, etc.)- $11.99 (ONLY until 5/27)
• Medium & Large Regular Wonder Shells- $1.99 & $2.59
• SunSun JP-033 Water Pump (160 gph) - $9.99 (ONLY until 6/3)
• AquaRay Marine Blue #600 Ultima Reef Capable Aquarium LED- $121.99 (ONLY until 5/27)
• AquaRay/AquaBeam Ocean Blue #1500 NP Ultima Reef Capable LED- $239.99 (ONLY until 5/27)
• TMC Vecton-6, 25 Watt UV Sterilizer- $164.99 (ONLY until 5/27)
• Hydro Sponge Filter #2- $5.49 (ONLY until 6/3)
• SunSun HBL-501 HOB Power Filter- $10.99
• #PUVLF46H, four pin 50 Watt HO T5 UV bulb- $32.99
• Premium 9 Watt G23 UV Bulb/Lamp- $13.99


• For UV replacement bulbs:

UV Light Bulbs; Page One

Which Includes this popular replacement UV Bulb
*9 Watt UV Bulb

• Straight Tube T-5 & T-8 UV Bulbs, Page 2
Which Includes these popular replacement UV Bulbs
*PUVLF43H 57 Watt HO UV bulb
*PUVLF208 8 watt UV bulb
*PUVLF218 18 watt UV bulb

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LED aquarium lights have come a long way; with high lumens per watt, focused lumens, PAR, PUR, lower long term costs, & less wasted light energy than other popular CFLs making them vastly superior to most if not all aquarium lights now available.
LED lights along with SHO lights are the future of aquarium lighting, especially for planted freshwater or marine reef aquariums

TMC V²Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with TDS Meter

Tropic Marine Center, Europe’s premier aquarium/pond products manufacture advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water filter System;
*Advanced models include TDS Meter
*Make 95% pure water for your delicate Marine Reef, Amazon River Basin, SE Asia or other inhabitants for less than 2 cents per gallon

Aquarium Silicone
American Sealants, Dow Corning Aqueon Silicone.

NPX Bioplastics Nitrate & Phosphate Reducing Polymer

• These NPX Bioplastics polymers (developed by Julian Sprung) provide a time-released source of food for bacteria that can quickly assimilate nitrate and phosphate

Aquarium Heaters
Submersible, Quartz, Titanium, Digital, UnderGravel Aqquarium Heaters

T2 High Output New Generation Aquarium Lighting
Next to LED Lighting, the most efficient lighting available for your aquarium.

• Hydroponics/Aquarium SHO Lights,Simple, superior lights for Planted Aquariums, Hydroponics, Indoor Nurseries, Greenhouse use
• The popular Sponge Filter
• UV Sterilizers: TMC, Terminator 9 & 13 Watt and More as well as the Pocket Purifier; Only $14.99
• Water Conditioners; Sea Chem, API, Kordon, Test Kits, as well we are the only online seller of Wonder Shells with over 3 decades of knowledge of this product!
• The best value Ozonizer

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