Custom 15 Watt UV Sterilizer

for Aquarium and Pond disease, Redox, and Green water Control

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Custom 15 Watt UV Sterilizer/Clarifier- $125.99 Pre-Order

Purchased via an invoice, not our checkout system since this is a custom built product which requires a contract between AAP & the buyer for liability, as we no longer carry insurance for manufacturing.
Economy shipping is not an option for invoiced products, only Standard or higher shipping methods, but then better shipping is recommended to this first rate product with years of professional use behind it.

Currently due to health issues for Carl and lack of time due to his time spent in forums, outside work, simply a very poor marketplace making time building these UVs not time well spent, and especially insurance costs (we cannot afford the risk to build without insurance), these custom UVs have been discontinued.

UV Sterilizer Experts • Our own custom product, designed for easy service and installation. LONG water contact time!!
While a time consuming product for AAP to still build & sell (with low profit when time is factored in), we still have continued to sell this item only due to word of mouth & popular demand (we do not advertise this product). This is also why we only sell this Standard Shipping and higher rather than take the losses & risks of Economy Shipping as well no costly phone orders too (yes phone orders do cost us more to process both in time and higher merchant CC fees).

Recommended only for those (& DIY types) who want a unique custom product based on decades of professional experience, NOT for those who want a product that is sleek and cookie cutter in its design & fit.
Due to the limited time to produce these UVs, we reserve the right to refuse sales for those this would not be a good fit.

• Excellent UVC Penetration with only .2 to .3 cm between UV lamp and the inside all of the unit for Mw/cm2 intensity factor of near 300

• Works well with canister filters or any pump/ filter or diverter with a flow rate of 150 to 350 gph (a larger pump may be used, we recommend diverting the water for a slower gph for maximum effectiveness of this OR ANY OTHER UV).

• For aquariums up to 200 gallons or ponds up to 1000 gallons. It comes with 1/2" -5/8 hose barbs [convertible to 3/4"], an adapter for hang-on-the back applications, and a 15 watt in line UVC bulb.
Design limits flow rate to 350 gph (which 150 to 350 gph is recommended for optimum results)

• The best part of this units simplicity is that you can also obtain the 'o' rings at most hardware stores and you can obtain the UVC bulb (the unit comes with one] at many pet stores [coral life makes a good one).

• This UV also comes with a durable magnetic ballast, as compared to most UVs that come with cheap electronic ballasts that last only a year or two. We use FS-2 starters that are easy to find, cheap to replace (unlike expensive hard to find electronic ballasts). In fact in over 15 years of building these and 100s built/ maintained we have yet to replace a ballast! We also sell these starters in our shopping cart below.

Custom UV hang on the back
• Requires 110/120 V or an adapter. (If you live outside North America)

• This UV can be either installed in-line (such as with a Canister Filter or power head), placed on a valve controlled bypass, or hung on the back as shown in the picture to the left. For HOB applications where an internal power head/pump/filter is used, I recommend the purchase of the intake adapter which is sold separately to keep tubing in from the aquarium from “kinking” (the intake adapter is shown in the picture to the left as well).

• This UV Sterilizer/Clarifier uses ½ inch to 5/8 inch ID (inside dimension) Aquarium/Pond Vinyl Tubing. We recommend a pump with at least 4 feet of head pressure to adequately “push” water through this UV, even if hung on the back.

Custom UV Sterilizer Installation, courtesy Paul Phillips
• Pictured to the left is an installation utilizing the Custom UV Sterilizer, an Intake and Return Adapter, and a power head;
(Picture courtesy of Paul Phillips)

The picture above left is utilizing a Custom UV Sterilizer for “Hang on the Back/HOB” application (the intake adapter is pulled away from the aquarium for emphasis, this is used to attach to a power head or internal filter)

Please click on both pictures to enlarge

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STERILIZER INCLUDES BULB (as well as the "hang on the back adapter)!
-WARRANTED ONE YEAR. (We will repair at cost of parts for 3 years)


*Easy pond installation; simply remove the hose barb and 1/2-3/4" reducer, replace with 3/4" nipples, connect to return lines in your pond via 'T's in your existing PVC and 3/4" reducers from whatever your return lines diameter.

*Also available:

15 Watt T-8 UVC Replacement bulb- $20.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
• Bulb length (not counting pins) 17.25” (43.8 cm)
(see also T8 Replacement Bulbs; 15 Watt)

*Bulb FS-2 Starters - $3.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
(Usually when the bulb fails to light upon replacement, this is the problem, which is a simple and inexpensive fix and can also be found at many hardware stores too)

1" compression 'O' Rings for UV Sterilizer $2.99 set
*I recommend replacing them at least every other bulb change, these also may adhere to the bulb upon changing the old bulb out and need to be gently loosened with a small knife, otherwise replacement of O Rings becomes necessary
*Also fits older Aquanetics UV and any Ύ PVC compression fitting requiring a 1 inch ID O Ring

For customer reviews, please see the side bar:

We also have a video Demonstration for the installation of this Custom UV Sterilizer to an aquarium using an Internal Filter or power head:
Custom UV Sterilizer, Internal Filter Demonstration; YouTube

Custom 15 Watt UV Sterilizer Directions

Please Click here to download:
Custom UV Installation Diagram Download (PDF)
Custom UV Directions Download (Microsoft Word)

Sold on Separate Web Page

Aquarium & Pond Plumbing Parts

*UV Water Return and Intake Adapter
For use with Vecton, Terminator, or any other under aquarium UV Sterilizer. For use with in-tank power heads or internal filters to safely return or intake water to the aquarium without hose kinks.

*3/4" X 1/2" (TO 5/8") Hose Barb Adapter
Useful for adapting 3/4" inch hose barbs on UVs (such as the 9 Watt Terminator) or other aquarium equipment to the 1/2 to 5/8" hoses common Ehiem and other filters.
FOR EXAMPLE; to fit a 9 Watt Terminator to a Fluval 404 Filter, you would splice the out flow tubing and connect the 1/2 to 5/8 barb to the filter tubing on both sides and the 3/4" barb would attach to the Terminator (in the middle of the outflow).

*Water T Diverter Valves
For use with ponds, sumps, or any high flow water application where the flow rate exceeds the recommended GPH per watt for a UV Sterilizer as well as other applications

Please Click on the above picture link to purchase these items form the Plumbing Parts Web Page

Available on our Tubing & Hose Clamps Page:

Hose Clamps;

*5/16" to 7/8" Hose Clamps- Set (2)
*11/16" to 1-1/4" Hose Clamps- Set (2)

Please Click on the picture link to go to this page for hose clamps

CONTRACT; This is a custom UV Sterilizer built to order, which Carl has designed & built since 1988 without any issues. That said the Buyer still acknowledges and accepts the fact that the only warranty is as noted earlier on this web page for the UV itself.
ANY damages other than to the UV itself from use, whether from misuse or otherwise caused, including defects, IS ASSUMED BY THE BUYER.
By purchasing, you are agreeing to this contract.

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For H series (twin tube compact lamp) UVC lights/bulbs, please follow this link:

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TMC UV Sterilizers
Tropic Marine Center Pond Advantage Professional UV Sterilizers for Ponds or aquariums

Terminator UV Sterilizers and Kits
The most reliable, cost effective UV Sterilizer bar none its class

We recommend 1/2"-5/8" ID Tubing for the Custom UV Sterilizers (I generally use 5/8"), Available here (Click on Picture):

Aquarium/ Pond Vinyl Tubing;

- Airline, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, Ύ, 1”: and hose clamps too.

Tubing Installation

For help in connecting aquarium tubing to hose barbs or similar connection, please click here.

Select Quartz Sleeves, Ballasts

How UV Sterilization Works

For more about Ponds including a UV Pond Installation Diagram

Custom 15 Watt UV Sterilizer Reviews:

-Your UV was a blessing. Every month I would be scrubbing everything down, still to have it come back. These pictures are from the first 7 days after installation. I hope you could share this on your website. I was looking for pictures like this all over on the internet. Now I took them, to share them with others having the same problem. Thanks again.
Please Click on each of these links to view pictures:
UV Green Water Clear 1
UV Green Water Clear 2
UV Tank Set Up Paul Phillips, (November 14, 2009)

-Thank you guys, superb product (15 W home made sterilizer), my water is crystal clear after few days, product's simplicity is stunning. I wish every product was that simple to use, without complicated cheap electronics yet extremely effective; Matthew Jablonski, Canada 3/6/09

-Thanks for a great product! Our 150 gallon shubunkin tank is finally crystal clear. No more green water. I highly recommend your UV filter. It was easy to set up too. Janet S (7/2/07)

-Subject: RE: 15 watt UV Sterilizer Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 16:45:19 -0800 Thanks for the fast shipping! The sterilizer seems to be working great. I was happy to find an inexpensive alternative to the cheaply made Chinese products on ebay.

-A+packing+shipping Best uv I've seen for any price and Ive install and seen many

15 Watt Custom UV Sterilizer

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