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The Best Aquarium Reef/Aquascaping LED Aquarium Lights- latest proprietary CREE, Osram emitters.

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Industry Leading & LATEST, high PAR efficiency, WATERPROOF
AAP/ TMC AquaBeam & AquaGro 5 Year Warranty fixtures with PWM

We also TEST EVERY FIXTURE COMPLETELY before shipping!
Our time is spent providing the MOST Researched Information, Lighting knowledge, not slick websites/marketing.

Now Available:
• 600 Ultima ML-E LEDs- Including:
AquaBeam Reef White, Marine White, Marine Blue, Reef Blue, Fiji Blue, & GroBeam

• 600 Ultima Duo Twin

• 2000 Ultima Reef White

• Ultima 1500: Ocean Blue NP, Coral Colour Plus, GroBeam Daylight & Colour

• Mini 500 & 400 Nano Tile
• MountaRay & Rails

• Fully Programmable Controllers- Standard & Smart Controller 8

• LED Lighting Suggestions & Care

• LED Videos

• Mounting Examples, Instructions Download

• Replacement Power Supplies

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Aquaray Display AAP MeWe Page
AAP MeWe Page

We are constantly researching LEDs, which includes real-world use.
We attempt to sell LEDs ONLY proven by researchable FACTS such as simple math to PROVE efficiency.
Which our conclusion is that long term, with longevity and efficiency factored in, AAP AquaRays are the best value in aquarium lighting.

AAP has a TRUE commitment to the Aquarium Keeping Hobby (we've been around since 1977), not some "Johnny Come Lately" that are here today then gone tomorrow selling lights to Cannabis growers instead!!
With our DECADES of professional aquarium design & maintenance experience, no seller comes close to matching our customer service both before & AFTER the sale!

This knowledge includes the importance of Photosynthetically Useful Radiation in relation to PAR output for both plants/corals, as per drivers/controllers & emitters used.

References: Aquarium Lighting: PUR/PAS and Aquarium Lighting: PAR

  • Please note that we update web page information frequently. This means all pictures, information, etc. are the most up to date ANYWHERE for the AAP AquaRay.
  • Please scroll down for specific LED Light information, to make purchases, and for LED Light Suggestions.

    AquaRay National Oceanography Centre

    Reef aquarium with Acropora coral using older generation TMC AquaRay 600 LEDs
    National Oceanography Centre in London

    Exclusive Emitters

    AAP's AquaRay's (imported from Tropical Marine Centre in the UK) includes the Newest generation of proprietary & licensed Osram Olson NP & CREE XR-E, XP-E, XP-G, XT-E, XB-D, & ML-E high performance LED emitters. These are among the best emitters available for Aquarium LED Lights.

    An AAP AquaRay purchased today likely has an UPDATED version of the emitter/circuitry used in the same model a year earlier.

    These CREE Emitters should NOT be confused with "over the counter" binned CREE emitters sold for other lighting applications & fixtures, as these do not produce the same optimum spectrum of light required for delicate marine inhabitants and plants.

    These custom emitters are NOT available to the general public OR even other LED Manufacturers.

    The proprietary CREE & patented Osram Olson emitters are developed for these specific applications & have the highest useful energy, Lumens per Watt of any other LED emitter. These easily out produce most popular Economy "Black Box" LED fixtures as well as T5 & CFL lights when compared watt to watt with MUCH less wasted light energy..

    When the "watts per gallon rule" for planted/reef aquariums is applied to these LEDs, it can come out to requiring only .6 watt per gallon for high light requiring plants and .8 watt per gallon for advanced reefs (this formula is for aquariums under 22" of water depth).
    See Aquarium Lighting; Useful Light Energy

    Here are some videos using TMC LED lights:

    Reef tank, Ultima NP LED
    Reef aquarium with Ultima NP LEDs

    Full Reef with AquaRay

    GroBeam 1500, Pearling

    Planted Tank with Mini 400 LED

    AAP/Tropic Marine Centre - AquaRay LED Lighting

    TMC AquaRay, AquaBeam DisplayAquarium pictured uses one Reef White 2000 Tile

    • Up to 50,000 hour lamp life (equivalent to 6x fluorescent lighting) with no significant deterioration of spectral quality (unlike ALL fluorescents)- Low heat with no fans allow for full length of emitter life.

    • AquaRay uses "Pulse Width Modulation" (PWM) to control their LED dimming as opposed to using 0-10V "Reduction of Current" used by MOST competing brands of LED fixtures.

    PWM is effectively turning the LEDs on and off very quickly (faster than the eye can see) so there's a consistent voltage current and no change to the spectral output.

    As well there is MUCH LESS ENERGY LOST TO HEAT as with "Current Reduction", which is why cooling fans are not necessary.

    Currently there's not a more powerful emitter along with more precise driver circuitry, producing more useful light energy per watt of energy used!

    (The video to the left gives an animated reason of AquaRay's quality)

    Patented Planted & Reef Professional LEDs- TMC AquaRay

    • Highest useable output of light per energy consumed of ANY LIGHT (including other Aquarium LEDs).
    As much as 3-5 times the useful energy output per input wattage as measured by PAR & PUR as popular economy Chinese made LEDs such as the Finnex, Fluval, or SB Reef LEDs!
    The result when comparing "apples to apples" is that the AquaRay LED ends up often being LESS COSTLY both up front & even more so long term when cost of energy consumed and 5 year warranty is considered!
    As well, heat generation is much less due to this efficiency, so there is no need for a chiller during warm months unlike Metal Halide or large high wattage black box type LEDs!

    Making these LEDs suitable for all freshwater & marine set-ups, including full reef tanks incorporating LPS/SPS hard corals.

    AquaRay LED Spectrographs• With modern emitter & driver technology at high intensity, very exacting nanometer spikes can be obtained with the AquaRay LEDs whose emitter bin specifications are the cutting edge in aquarium lighting

    The spectrograph/picture to the right demonstrates these emitters.

    • Highest Efficiency of PAR per input energy.
    By comparing PAR at the same depth (15" of air is the standard), take the input wattage and divide it by the PAR reading. You will find efficiencies as high as .08 watt of input energy per point of PAR in the AAP Reef White NP 2000 LED to as low as 2.7 watt per point of PAR in the Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED.
    The better LEDs are under .30 watt (such as the Kessil at .28) with most LEDs falling in the .4 to .50 watt range.

    • Low voltage & cool running utilizing large heat sinks & NO COOLING FANS TO BREAK DOWN due to higher efficiency drivers/PWM, UNLIKE most other popular LEDs; with the lowest running costs and carbon footprint of any lighting system available.

    • Unique Shimmer Effect
    Unlike fluorescent lamps, AquaRay lighting delivers a directed, or "focused" source of light. The passage of this light through water is comparable with what would be seen in nature under direct sunlight. In other words, visible beams of light will pierce the water and reflect the movement of the water surface, producing a more natural and eye-catching shimmer effect in the aquarium itself.

    • Fully Dimable, such as an slow dim of an hour on/off when using the AquaRay Controllers (sold separately, but NOT necessary for use of lights). Standard household timers can be used for simple on/off cycles.

    Can be used with other controllers, such as Apex, but only for on/off function. PWM is required for dimming.

    • Less expensive than T5 lights when compared to the equivalent light energy of (2) T5 18 Watt lights & fixtures including, electrical usage, initial cost, T5 annual lamp replacement over the 5 year life of a 12 watt AquaRay LED light fixture. The AquaRay costs roughly $133 vs. $318 for the T5

    This comparison can also be made 30 watt GroBeam/AquaBeam 2000 & 1500 to a Metal Halide of about 250-400 watts for which the electrical usage difference would be more than double the above figure and when adding in a chiller, which may no longer be needed, the savings adds to even more!

    • Can be paired with other aquarium lighting types.

    • The AquaRay line of LEDs is modular and is NOT a one size fits all system as with so many other LED lighting systems. 12+ different fixtures for specific design of specific needs.

    For example in Reef Aquariums: the NP 2000 is the deeper penetrating LED (for tanks with depth 20" to 30") but with less light spread. The NP 1500 is the same light, however with less penetration but a wider spread (24 x 24" vs 18 x 18")

    The 600 is similar in depth penetration as the 1500 (some versions such as the Fiji Blue deeper), but is meant to fill in gaps when used with tiles or for smaller tanks.
    The 500 tiles fill in gaps for smaller aquariums both planted and reef with good depth penetration down to 24"

    • Warranty for 5 years lamp/emitter unit (which generally is with the NEWEST version of the fixture) and 2 years on the power supply

    All others are ONLY 1-3 years and even then, these have to be returned for lengthy repairs & are restricted to having a % of emitters out. We generally provide a brand new often UPGRADED replacement LED fixture IMMEDIATELY (we generally take 1-2 days for testing), not a repaired fixture after a several week wait!!

    PLEASE NOTE that TMC as of September 2015 requires online registration for all AquaRay products to obtain the full 5 year warranty, otherwise it is 2 years via our records of proof of purchase. Once registered, it becomes your property and cannot be returned other than for warranty replacement.
    Here is the Registration Web Page (which requires the AAP packing slip copy): TMC Warranty Information/Registration

    You will NOT get this customer service from any of the retailers online or in Canada using our hard work & research to sell AquaRay lighting with no product backing or knowledge.

    • All OUR AAP LEDs are COMPLETE with power supply and in-hood mounting, unlike some discount sellers.
    Additional power supplies/controllers are NOT required for operation.

    • Approximately 9-10 feet of cord/cable from the power supply, plus 18" from the ballast to plug for ease & safety of connection.
    By plugging these into a Multi-Controller, 4-8 "plugs" can be eliminated (See the Controller Section).

    • Water Resistant Design (IP67). Highest level of protection, NO OTHER Aquarium LED has this rating, the next highest is IP66. Protected from dust and against the effects of immersion in water to depth between 15 cm and 1 meter. Consider this along with the longest warranty with full replacement before you purchase an expensive electronic piece of equipment and place it in a wet environment!!
    Many of the cheap Chinese LEDs do not water-proofing whatever and are daisy chained together. So your 1/3 to 1/2 off deal is not so much of a deal when it ceases to function in short order (most other LEDs warranties have exceptions to water damage too)

    • Simply stated, these LEDs can maintain optimum lighting for reef and planted aquariums along with the best LEDs for less electrical output and a warranty no other LED even comes close to!!

    AquaRay LED

    TMC AquaBeam/AquaGro #600 12 Watt Strips

    AquaRay 600 LED Light Strips

    • New patented versions of the CREE ML-E & XT-E emitter for the marine AquaBeam & the XB-D CREE emitter for the planted AquaGro models.

    These are cooler running, more stable at higher voltages emitters. This allows for more voltages to be used with less variance. This creates more durability in a harsh aquarium environment.

    • (8) 1.6 watt emitters in the AquaBeam models.
    • (5) 2.4 watt emitters in the GroBeam.

    Aquaray 600 Size Specifications

    • Specs: Length= 19 inches (49 cm); Width= 2 inches (5.2 cm); height= 2.5 cm (approx. 4 cm with mounting brackets)

    • 24 x 11 inch light spread (with fixture 6+ inches above tank), 120° Beam Angle

    • Unique light-weight and extremely flexible mounting options including:

    Retrofit standard aquarium hood/canopy, mounting on rails, suspended above aquarium, placed over rim of the aquarium, or wall mounting. Making them suitable and simple for replacement, retrofit, and new install.

    See the Mounting Options Page (Includes mounting brackets).

    600 Models Specifics:

    • AquaBeam 600 Ultima: 12 watt Marine White - $132.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    Marine White LED


    (6) 9K CREE ML-E Daylight & (2) ML-E Reef Blue emitters

    A Daylight LED, which still has ample blue light energy (for symbiotic zooanthellic algae found in corals) Also despite the name, the Marine White is also an EXCELLENT compliment for 22"+ deep planted freshwater aquariums with the GroBeam

    • AquaBeam 600 Ultima: 12 watt Reef White - $132.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    Reef White Aquarium LED


    (4) 9K CREE ML-E Daylight & (4) ML-E Reef Blue emitters

    The Reef White is the most recommended model with the best general marine reef application potential. Excellent to 18" and a good compliment to NP 2000 tiles in higher depths (also aids in Cyanobacteria control). A good compliment to T5 Lights.

    • AquaBeam 600 Ultima: 12 watt Marine Blue - $132.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    Marine Blue Reef LED


    (2) 9K CREE ML-E Daylight & (6) ML-E Reef Blue emitters

    A good choice for high light requiring corals/clams placed at more depth (18-22 inches or higher when complimenting more focused LEDs). While not the 60° beam angle emitters of the NP 2000 or Mini 500, the higher blue content provides for slightly higher depth penetration over the Reef White 600. Also a good compliment to T5 Daylight systems

    • AquaBeam 600 Ultima: 12 watt Reef Blue - $132.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    Reef Blue Reef LED

    465 nm

    (8) ML-E Reef Blue emitters

    This 465-485nm "royal blue" ML-E Blue can compliment other LED lights of 14,000 or less or is a good compliment to daylight T8, T5, CFL, or SHO lights.

    • AquaBeam 600 Ultima: 12 watt Fiji Blue - $132.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    Fiji Blue Reef LED


    (5) XT-E blue emitters

    Uses Deeper Blue 420-465 nm "Fiji Blue" CREE LATEST generation XT-E LEDs, which enhances the fluorescence of the corals.

    • NEW! AquaBeam 600 Ultima: 12 watt Limited Edition NUV Blue - $235.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    NUV Blue Reef LED

    Peak wavelength 410nm Near Ultra Violet

    (5) Semi NUV emitters (120° Beam Angle)

    • A single strip can light an aquarium up to a 170 gallons.
    • Shown to improve red pigmentation in certain deep water corals such as Lobophyllia & Trachyphyllia
    • Excellent for Reptile use too

    Please read PUR in Aquarium Lighting: Depth Penetration for more (including a comparison depth penetration picture between Fiji & Reef Blue).

    • AquaGro 600 Ultima: 12 watt GroBeam - $118.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    GrowBeam LED


    (5) 6500K Pure Natural Daylight XB-D emitters (not a mix of cool white, and other colors in an attempt to duplicate pure Tropical sun daylight as most other lesser LEDs such as the Finnex utilize).

    The primary choice for freshwater aquariums, which TMC recommends for planted FW aquariums.

    • The picture to the left below displays a 55 gallon aquarium with two GroBeam 600s (or one GroBeam 600 DUO Twin).

    The picture to the right is a planted tank utilizing (4) TMC Aquaray Growbeam Ultima 600's before and after pruning. This growth happens in about 2 weeks. Also used in the 2nd tank: 1500 TMC FSB Filter, AAP Sunsun canister, NilocG EI ferts, AAP Wondershells.

    55 gallon aquarium Grobeam 600 Planted aquarium with Grobeam 600

    Duo Twin 600 Ultima Led Lights

    We have recently lowered the price of DUO Twins to reflect an ongoing SPECIAL PRICE (on our dime as these actually cost us the same as two single 600 fixture)

    • GroBeam 600 DUO Twin Ultima ND (Double) - $229.99

    SPECIAL: GroBeam 600 DUO Twin Ultima ND (Double) - $199.99 (Limited Quantities) Jump to Shopping Cart

    (2) 12 watt GroBeam with XB-D emitters

    The DUO Twins are the same as the above single GroBeam, Marine White, Reef White, Reef Blue, & Marine Blue, but with (2) LED light fixtures with a SINGLE electrical power supply & plug. Can be placed in parallel OR placed "end to end" for a total of 24 watts.

    All DUO Twins have approximately 10 feet of cord from the ballast (power supply) for each light providing plenty of flexibility.

    • AquaBeam 600 Reef White Ultima DUO TWIN- $251.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    TMC Reef White Twin LED

    (4) 9K CREE ML-E Daylight & (4) ML-E Reef Blue emitters

    TMC AquaBeam/AquaGro 30 Watt Tiles

    30 watt Tiles

    • New patented versions of the CREE ML-E & XT-E emitter for the marine AquaBeam & the XB-D CREE emitter for the planted AquaGro models.

    These are cooler running, more stable at higher voltages emitters. This allows for more voltages to be used with less variance. This creates more durability in a harsh aquarium environment.

    • (10) Approx. 3 watt emitters.

    TMC Tile Size

    • Specs: Length= 8 inches (20 cm); Width= 8 inches (20 cm); height= 2 inches (5 cm)(approx. 4 cm with mounting brackets)

    • Ocean Blue/Grobeam/Color Plus 24 x 24 useable light spread, 16 x 16 intense light spread 120° Beam Angle (with fixture 6+ inches above tank).

    • Reef White 18 x 18 usable light spread, 12 x 12 intense light spread 60° Beam Angle (with fixture 6+ inches above tank).

    • Unique light-weight of 5 lbs (1.4 kg) and extremely flexible mounting options including:

    Retrofit standard aquarium hood/canopy, mounting on rails, suspended above aquarium, placed over rim of the aquarium, or wall mounting. Making them suitable and simple for replacement, retrofit, and new install.

    INCLUDES MOUNTING BRACKETS! See AquaRay Mounting Page for more.

    AquaBeam Reef White 2000 NP Ultima • AquaBeam 2000: 30 Watt Reef White NP (Nature Prefect) Ultima - $275.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • The Reef White NP Ultima is an over all deeper penetrating 20K reef aquarium light, which consists of (4) 10,000K extremely high output NEW patented Ocean White XT-E LED, (2) "Fiji Blue" XT-E LEDS (deep blue), and (4) NEW "patent pending" NP full spectrum Blue ("Nature Perfect" from Osram Oslon) LED emitters

    These have two different channels. Daylight can be controlled separately from the NP Blue emitters (with the use of a controller or unplugging one lead).

    • Unique individually focused/lensed 60 degree beam angle emitters for MORE DEPTH penetration.

    • The overall color balance of the "Reef White Ultima". When fully on, it replaces a 20,000K light.
    It is ideal for a deeper penetrating light in a marine reef aquarium up to 30 inches in specimen placement

    • Uses the newest generation patented XT-E emitter by CREE (NOT an off the shelf XT-E emitter) as well as patent pending Osram Oslon NP emitters, with the first unique "FULL SPECTRUM" blue emitter specifically designed for photosynthetic marine life!

    More about the patented Nature Prefect Emitter: Amazing technology, where what we see with our eye and what light energy being provided to the tank are different from each other.

    Osram NP Blue emitter

    It would be hard to give a peak wavelength for this emitter as it is not a narrow bandwidth. This LED has a little phosphor on there to enable it to emit light across the whole visible spectrum. It’s spectrum actually looks this (the dotted line is the human eye response curve).
    So, not only a more natural looking moonlight, but also a more natural overall spectrum, while providing a great action spectrum.

    • PAR 380 uEinsteins/sec/m2 @15 inches of air, making this the HIGHEST output aquarium LED for PAR with .08 ΅Mol•m²•sec per input watt on a watt per watt of energy consumed comparison (twice as efficient as the Radion Pro, and 3 times that of many such as the Kessil)

    • The Reef-White Ultima 2000 IS STILL THE PREMIER REEF LED for PUR light output per watt of energy used. Despite the non-scientific hype coming from some & compares to up to a 250 Watt Metal Halide in useful light energy.
    See: Aquarium Lighting Facts & Information

    AquaBeam Ocean Blue 1500 NP • AquaBeam 1500: 30 Watt Ocean Blue NP (Nature Prefect) Ultima - $259.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • The Ocean Blue NP Ultima is an over all wide angle 20K Reef Aquarium Light which consists of (4) 10,000K extremely high output licensed Ocean White XT-E LED, (2) "Fiji Blue" XT-E LEDS (deep blue), and (4) NEW "patent pending" NP full spectrum Blue ("Nature Perfect" from Osram Oslon) LED emitters

    These are on two different channels. Daylight can be controlled separately from the actinics (with the use of a controller).

    • The overall color balance of the "Ocean Blue Ultima" when full on replaces a 20,000K Light.
    It is ideal for a wide angle light in a marine reef aquarium and perfect as the sole lighting for a 30 gallon or less nano reef.

    • Uses the newest generation patented XT-E emitter by CREE (NOT an off the shelf XT-E emitter) as well as patent pending Osram Oslon NP emitters, with the first unique "full spectrum" blue emitter specifically designed for photosynthetic marine life!

    • Best used for tanks under 20 inches of depth and where more light spread is needed

    • Two of these Ocean Light Ultima LEDs can easily light a 48 inch by 18 inch marine aquarium (2 Marine Blue 600s could be added for an advanced reef tank of this size)

    AquaBeam Coral Colour Plus LED • AquaBeam 1500: 30 Watt Coral Colour Plus Ultima - $269.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • The Coral Colour Plus Ultima is an over all wide angle 20K Reef Aquarium Light which consists of (2) 10,000K extremely high output licensed Ocean White XT-E LED, (2) "Fiji Blue" XT-E LEDS (deep blue), (4) NEW "patent pending" NP full spectrum Blue ("Nature Perfect" from Osram Oslon) LED emitters, (2) Semi NUV emitters, and (1) Cree Red Emitter

    These are on two different channels. Daylight can be controlled separately from the actinics (with the use of a controller).
    One channel is all the Fiji Blues and NUV long with one NP Blue. The other channel is the daylight, red and remaining three NP Blue (full spectrum)

    • Optimized spectrum to enhance coral coloration and growth

    • NUV Diodes for improved coral health & fluorescence

    • Red LED for photosynthesis & improved color rendition

    • The overall color balance of the "Coral Colour 1500" when full on replaces a 20,000K Light.
    It is ideal for a wide angle light in a marine reef aquarium and perfect as the sole lighting for a 30 gallon or less nano reef (NOT recommended for freshwater aquariums)

    • Two of these Coral Colour Plus Ultima LEDs can easily light a 48 inch by 18 inch marine aquarium (2) Marine Blue 600s could be added for an advanced reef tank of this size)

    The picture below shows an aquarium where a Maxspect 120 Watt in the middle was replaced by two Coral Colour Plus (total of 60 watt). Within two weeks, Montipora & other sps growth was noticeably improved

    Coral Colour Plus growing Montipora

    GroBeam 1500 Aquarium LED Light • AquaGro 1500 Ultima: 30 Watt GroBeam 6500K Daylight - $224.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • The GroBeam XB-D Ultima is an over all wide angle 6500K freshwater aquarium light for "High Light" planted or simply "Fish Only" aquariums (for those who desire the most natural light for their plant/fish health)

    • Consists of (10) 6,500K extremely high output NEW licensed Natural Daylight XB-D LED emitters, not mix of colored emitters in a vain attempt to duplicate optimum PUR/PAR

    • For "High Light" planted aquariums, best results achieved under 25 inches of depth

    • 2058 Lumens, PAR 148 uEinsteins/sec/m2 @16 inches at maximum PUR (not CRI & other gimmicks), providing high light tropical sun natural daylight in the natural spikes needed by plants.
    There is simply NO better planted aquarium LED for those looking normal natural growth (including the models #400 tile & #600 strip).
    With the highest water proof rating and longest warranty and there is still NO BETTER Planted or Fish only freshwater light!!

    The picture below displays an aquarium utilizing the EI method of dosing and use of CO2 that is lighted with two GroBeam Colour Plus and one GroBeam Ultima Daylight (this is more light than needed for the average planted aquarium)

    GroBeam LED Lights, Planted Aquarium EI method

    Colour Plus 1500 Aquarium LED • AquaGro 1500 Ultima: 30 watt Colour Plus - $235.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • Uses 4 Daylight CREE XP-G; and 2 green, 2 red, and 2 blue CREE XP-E Power LED emitters (the 1500 is the same)

    • High intensity XG Daylight along with bright colored XG emitters make aquariums "Pop" with color

    • A supplement/compliment to bring out fish, coral, plant colors when used with other AquaRay LEDs for 'high-light' need planted or reef aquariums.

    An EXCELLENT compliment to the GroBeam, Ocean Blue, and Reef White LEDs (similar to the EcoTech Radion in color, ONLY WITH about 25% less blue & higher K licensed daylight emitters)

    • Great for High Tech For planted aquariums, as a compliment to the GroBeam Daylight, in particular deeper or more densely planted aquariums.

    Mini LED 500 & AquaHabitats 400

    AquaRay Mini Aquarium LED 500 Light Tile MiniLED 500: 12 watts - $119.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • (4) focused/lensed CREE licensed XP-E 10,000K and one unlensed "465nm Blue" CREE XP-E.
    The White LEDs can be MANUALLY switched off for "moonlight" mode.

    • Ideal for Nano Tanks under 15 gal. OR even as part of an array of lights for a larger tank
    An excellent LED to mix with Ultima 1500s AND 2000 Ultimas, providing more depth penetration than the 1500 or 600s, but not as much as the 2000!!

    • 12 x 12 inch light spread (depending upon distance from aquarium surface)

    • Fully compatible with all AquaRay controllers and the new unique MountaRay Tank Bracket (sold separately for $29.99).

    Mini Aquarium LED 400 Light
    AquaHabitats Mini LED 400: 12 watt - $89.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • For Nano Freshwater Planted Aquariums (or multiples on larger tanks)

    • 15 x 15" light spread

    • Uses 4 OSRAM OSLON SSL High Power 6500K LED Emitters

    • Can be mounted using the unique MountaRay Tank Bracket (sold separately here).

    Please note that the MountaRay Single is ONLY intended for the Mini 400 or 500. Not the 1500 or 2000 tiles.

    Mini 400 LED Video

    Both Mini 400 & 500 INCLUDE mounting brackets for "in hood", canopy mounting, or similar. As well these can suspended or simply placed above an aquarium.

    • Dimensions; 5.5"L x 5.5" W x 1.25" H

    TMC Tile Size

    TMC AquaRay Modular LED Mounting Systems

    FOR MOUNTING of your AquaRay LED Aquarium Lights as well as to PURCHASE Optional AquaRay Modular Mounting System parts such as Rails and MountaRays.

    For LED lighting suggestions, please see further down the page.

    Programmable Controllers

    Controller Features:
    • 2-4 Channel Dimming

    • Simple User Interface

    • Easy to create (& vary the time) Sunrise, Sunset, Daylight, & Moonlight phases.

    • Compact design for easy mounting

    • Compatible with all TMC AquaRay LED Products

    • ALL TMC controllers operate via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
    PWM is effectively turning the LEDs on and off very quickly (faster than the eye can see), so there's longer life for emitters, no change to the spectral output, or wasted heat energy. This is opposed to using 0-10V Current Reduction used by many competing brands controllers.

    • 2 Year Warranty

    • Controllers are NOT required for operation of ANY AquaRay LED, only for the many added unique features these add.

    • See our "Downloads Page" for a PDF download of instructions for all of the TMC LED controllers for further information.

    • Controller Demonstration Videos:

    New AquaRay Standard Controller Video

    NEW! AquaRay Lighting Smart Controller 8 Video

    Aquaray Standard Controller AquaRay Lighting Standard Controller - $149.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • Can control up to 1-2 light fixtures per controller (two 400, 500, 600s or one Duo/1000/1500/2000)

    • Suggested cost saving use for larger aquariums would be to use this versatile controller for 1-2 TMC LED Lights for slow dimming/starting and moonlight while all other LEDs can be plugged into a common timer for instant on/off in between the time envelope of the lights utilizing this TMC controller

    • Uses power supply from existing AquaRay LED fixtures

    AquaRay Smart Controller 8 NEW AquaRay Lighting Smart Controller 8 - $365.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

    • 8 output USB dimming control with 4 independently timed channels

    • Wifi Compatible/PC Control Panel using a CAT 5 Internet cable to the router (not provided)

    • Built in storm, cloud, & TRUE lunar 30 day moon phase.
    (Reference: Aquarium Lighting: Moon Light)

    • Light level sensor to check your lights when away from home

    • Can accept a 1-10V signal from another device such as an aquarium computer (separate cable needed)

    • Temperature probe to monitor the temperature of your aquarium or lights

    • Slave Mode- Control all lights & multiple controllers with set-up.

    • This controller can run (8) model 400, 500, 600 AquRay LEDs or (4) DUO, 1000, 1500, 2000 LEDs

    • Eliminates the need for power supply unlike the Standard Controller that originally is supplied with AquaRay LED Lights, this results in only one plug/outlet per up to EIGHT fixtures!

    • Includes 8 Female USB Adapters to fit older model AquaRays as well
    Also includes 6 feet of power cable

    • We provide FULL customer service warranty replacement (2 years) for this controller.

    Replacement Parts: Power Supplies, USB Adapters, etc.

    Replacement power supply, USB connecters• COMPLETE AquaRay Power Supply- Single - $27.99
    • WITHOUT Power Cord - $24.99
    • COMPLETE AquaRay Power Supply: Double - $49.99
    • WITHOUT Power Cord - $44.99

    The Double & Single are a NEW USB Model AND requires the male USB adapter to fit to a pre 2013 model
    Output Voltage 19.5 DC per side

    • Standard Power Controller Transformer- $42.99
    • Multi-Controller Transformer- $109.99
    • Male USB Adapter- $4.99
    • Female USB Adapter- $5.99

    Male USB adapter is required to fit new power supply to older LED
    While the female adapter is required for a new (2013+) LED to fit the controllers
    (these parts are supplied with ALL 2013+ LED fixture)

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    The power supply & transformer IS included with all TMC LEDs, Power Smart Controllers (Not Standard Controllers) & is only sold here for persons desiring back up, DIY, replacement, or for warranty.

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    For THE premier source for Aquarium Light Information:

    The above article is a MUST READ for any SERIOUS Aquarium Keeper.

    Other Products:

    Clip on Aquarium LED
    AAP Clip-on LED Lights

    Including planted tanks.

    SHO Light
    SHO Aquarium & Hydroponics Lights

    The SHO, used in Greenhouse applications with PROVEN results for plant growing.

    Best Reef Salt
    Bulk Aquarium SeaSalt & Ferts

    Premium Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt from Germany.

    Balling Method
    Bio-Calcium Balling Method Salts

    The superior method of reef aquarium chemistry maintenance, popular in Europe, now available online in the USA!


    Commercial Solutions

    TMC Commercial Lighting

    Pro Aquarium LED

    LED Lighting Suggestions

  • General Recommendations:

    First, specimen or plant placement is key, for instance a generalized recommendation for 40 gallon planted tank would be (2) GroBeam 600s (24 watts total).

    However, with just one 12 watt LED strip, one can still grow even high light plants well if placed directly under the lighting as per an employee here with just (1) GroBeam on his 40 gal. aquarium.

    See this picture link: 40 Gal Planted, (1) GroBeam

    The Colour Plus 1500 alone or in combination with the GroBeam can be used for more red & other color.
    Note that while the GroBeam Colour Plus provides more Red light spikes, the near perfect patented natural sunlight design of the GroBeam 1500 Daylight (6500K) is actually better for red plant growth, so only select the Colour Plus for personal preference.

    Second as per LED lighting, these LED lights are so compact, that it is easy to add more light strips at a later time into your hood/canopy. So, even if you are unsure of the number of strips you will need or your budget is "tight", you can always add more later if your lighting requirements are not met.

    Third "Watts Per Gallon? The commonly used formula is very outdated for comparing different light types. However, such a formula can still be used once figured for a SPECIFIC light system.

    The formula below is for high end emitters used by TMC AquaRays in tanks under 20-24 inches in depth (25%+ higher wattage for deeper tanks). This "Watts Per Gallon" formula is ONLY for AquaRay LEDs, NOT other LEDs:

  • For Freshwater Fish only, .2 to .3 watt per gallon
  • For low to medium light planted freshwater aquarium or for saltwater fish only; .3 to .4 watt per gallon (or for Marine Fish Only).
  • For a high light planted freshwater aquarium .6 per gallon are required or for Reef "Softies"
  • For a SPS/LPS Reef Tank .8 per gallon generally works, in a tank under 20 inches.
  • However at 20" and above you will need to use more or at least a blend of focused lighting (such as the NP 2000), so this formula may need to increase to as high as 1.5 wpg in deeper tanks or Acropora.

    Reef Aquarium with Aquaray lights

    Forth, The AAP AquaRay can also be combined with T5, T8, or Compact Fluorescents for budgetary or other reasons. HOWEVER due to heat issues, NO LED fixture should be combined with Metal Halide (this could void your warranty)!

    • For Nano Aquariums, Fresh, or Saltwater (under 15 gallons)
    (1) Mini 500 for all but the most delicate reef inhabitants or one Mini 400 for ANY high light planted aquarium.

    • Small Aquariums (under 20 gal.) Often (1) GroBeam or AquaBeam 600 LED will work.

    For planted FW or Reef needing more light consider (2) or complimenting an LED with a T5 or T8 fixture

    The AquaRay Mini 400 or 500 are good choices and in fact the Mini 500 has excellent focused emitters, that lend to more depth penetration where as (2) would work well in a 20-30 gal. reef aquarium.

    Consider an AquaBeam 2000 for a deeper Hex tank such as a 30 gallon for more light in a smaller tank "foot print".

    (1) "1500 Ultima" or (2) "Reef White 600" would provide excellent lighting for a 29 gal/Bio Cube reef tank.

    • For Medium Aquariums (such as a 60 gal.), generally (2) AquaRay 600 LEDs will work well for fish or medium light plants, however with higher light needs (sps corals, high light FW plants, etc.) consider (4) LED Strips (mixing LED types may be advisable too such as Reef White & Marine Blue for Reef Tanks).

    (2) Ocean Blue NP Ultima or Coral Colour Plus would also be a good choice for a standard 60 or 75 gallon.

    (2) of the GroBeam/Colour Plus 1500s can also be employed in planted 75 gallon tanks.

    AquaBeam Ocean Blue NP 1500 Best LED

    • For larger aquariums, consider combinations of different Aqua Ray LED Lights, such as (2) Natural Daylight (GroBeam) or Colour Plus 1500 + (2) GroBeam 600s Aquarium Lighting Facts & Information for a 125 gallon planted freshwater tank.

  • For Marine/Reef Aquariums, the depth of your specimen placement determines more than the depth of your aquarium. In other words a SPS coral kept at 6" under the surface in a 30" deep aquarium does not require as much depth penetrating light energy as this same coral at 12" in an 18" deep aquarium.

    As a generalization the Reef White (600 & 2000) has the widest application spread for marine/reef aquariums.

    For yet more depth, the Reef White combined with a Blue LED might be a good combination choice.
    Please note that this is a generalization, that does not consider other lights you might already have, (such as 10,000K T5s which might require the all blue NUV or Fiji Blue LED as a compliment).

    • Also consider the use of the 2000 LED Reef White for tanks with extremely high focused light needs (for 'light sensitive specimens'), due to the type of focused emitter and sheer volume of HO emitters in a smaller footprint (this is still TMC most intense fixture for reef use).

    For tanks 22-30" in depth, the use of (1) Reef White 2000 to 1 Ocean Blue/Coral Colour+ 1500 can be employed (with specimen placement relative to overhead light).

    The Mini 500 with more focused emitters then the 1500 but less than the 2000 could be used to balance out light spread with depth.

    • (Advanced Reef): First keep in mind that Acropora are best placed at the top of your reef regardless of light used, not on the bottom. This is also where you highest water turbulence should be too.

    An example of a 48"L x 15"w x 25"H aquarium (about 80 gal) would utilize (2)Reef White NP 2000 along with either (2) Reef White/Marine Blue 600 or for a more depth penetration but less light spread, (2) Mini 500s could be added to the 2000s.

    As an example, a 125 gallon (6' tank) set up as a advanced Reef tank, you may want to consider a combination of (4) AquaBeam 2000 for light "hot spots" along with (3) 600 Ultimas.

  • Freshwater "High Light" Planted Freshwater:

    One difference between the Reef & a High Light Planted Aquarium is if you are duplicating an Amazon River environment (Angels, Discus, Tetras, etc.) to consider that this habitat has many shaded areas and many Amazon fish prefer tanks that duplicate this.

    Depth penetration is not quite as much an issue with freshwater aquariums, especially for freshwater tanks containing fish & plants from normally turbid or high tannin water.

  • To save on costs, use a household timer works perfectly fine with the AAP AquaRay lights. Multiple timers can be used to stagger on/off times. You simply will not have dimming or moonlight phases.

    • If a household timer is used, make sure to use ONLY a grounded (3 prong) timer.

    • IMPORTANT CARE: Make sure to provide both cross ventilation, not just a cut out in the back of a canopy & to wipe your fixture regularly to prevent moisture/humidity damage to circuitry that controls the emitters.

    International Information

    These units work for outlets between 100-240 Volts. All come with a standard NA plug. In order to use these with a non North American outlet you will need to purchase an adaptor or different cord. We DO NOT sell these items.

    Here are images of the plugs. The 3 prong is for all 2000s, 1500s, and duos. The 2 prong is for the 400, 600s. The 2nd picture shows the AquaRay Power supply Female Electrical Receptacle.

    2 and 3 prong US plug
    AquaRay Power Unit Female Electrical Receptacle

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