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API AmmoChips, Zeolite, Poly Pads, Carbon, Pondmaster Coarse Polyester Media

Quality API, Supreme Pondmaster, Marineland, as well as generic poly mechanical & chemical aquarium/pond filter media such as zeolite, zeolite/carbon combination, micron poly pads.

Also sold on this page is Coarse polyester filter pads for DIY pond and aquarium filter projects or as a replacement to Pond Master 1000/2000 pond filters.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Ammo Carb, carbon, zeolite AMMO-CARB 36 OZ.- $9.49

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For Freshwater Aquariums
*Limit two per purchase.

Keeps water crystal clear and ammonia free.
Helps promote fish health by improving water quality.
Contains activated carbon and zeolite.
Great price at $8.99 for the largest box (half-gallon, 37 oz.).

 Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Ammo Chips, zeolite AMMO-CHIPS (pure Zeolite ammonia remover);
Lg 48 oz carton- $10.99

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*Limit two per purchase.

Premium pelletized carbon
150 gram - $2.99

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Carbon is already ready to use in pre-packaged filter bag
High Grade Lignite Pelletized carbon (sm. Pellets)

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Bio Care Ceramic bio-mechanical filter media BIO CARE 850 gr. (29.9 oz.)- $8.59

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Bio Ceramic Ring creates ideal habitat for nitrifying bacteria.
Long term performance
Works as a coarse mechanical filter media too.
Great for canister and wet dry filters.
Can be used in pond filters, including home made filters.
Purifies water and promotes a healthy environment for fish.
Simple to clean by rinsing in used aquarium water or de-chlorinated tap water.

Lees, Acurel Filter Saver Bag, for aquarium media such as carbon, zeolite, Purigen, etc
Acurel Filter Saver Bag (4 x 12)- $5.59

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Can be used with AmmoCarb or AmmoChips, as well as many other filter loose media products so as to prevent damage to filters or for easy removal

Aquarium Bio Poly Filter Pad
*Fine (1 x 2 feet)- $4.69

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The Fine Pad has a micron size of about 50-80 microns, which traps fine debris and even large chemical molecules
Approximately 2 by 1 Fine Pad; or (2) Pads (set) 16 inch by 8 inch Coarse Pad can be cut to fit

The Fine Pad can be used with Pondmaster 1000 Pond Filters to Replace the Black Filter Pad; this pad actually does a better job at a lower price.

Marineland Aquarium Bonded Filter Pad
(312 square inch)- $5.99

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The Marineland Medium-Coarse Filter pad is a good compliment for filtration prior to the fine poly pad.
The Blue Medium-Coarse Pad is excellent for cut your own canister filter replacements such as the SunSun Canister Filter

Coarse Fiber Filter Pad for SunSun, Eheim, and other Filters -$6.99

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Cut to size Coarse Fiber poly pad for SunSun Canister and other filters.
10 x 40 inches

Pondmaster coarse filter pad
Supreme Pondmaster 1000/2000 Coarse Polyester Media- $9.99

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11-3/4 x 11-3/4 Pure coarse weave polyester pad
Fits Supreme Pondmaster 1250, 1350, 1500, & 1700 Filters
We recommend the Poly Pad above for replacing the fine Pondmaster Pad
Can be cut to fit
Excelllent for DIY projects such as;
*Bio falls for ponds,
*Prefilters for Pond Veggie Filters
*Aquarium Sump pre-filters

We suggest using the AmmoCarb or Nirox Carbon for chemical filtration in the Pondmaster Filter, along with Volcanic Rock and/or SeaChem Matrix for important Bio Filtration. This is easily done by removing the four screws on the Pond Master Filter and placing this suggested media under the tray (the use of a filter bag is suggested too)

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World Class Aquarium & Pond Information


For Volcanic Rock Biological filter media, please follow this link:

Volcanic Rock Filter Bio Media
Excellent for large capacity filters, performs nitrifying and de-nitrifying functions.

For SeaChem Products Matrix:

SeaChem Matrix Premium Bio Filter Media

The premium Biological aquarium or pond filter media, for the removal of nitrogenous waste, including nitrates via anaerobic de-nitrification deep inside the pore complex of this product

TMC Fluidized Sand Bed Filters
The TMC Premium Fluidized Sand Bed Filter increases Bio Capacity of any Aquarium system, with unsurpassed Nitrifying Bio-Filtration. An excellent compliment to any Canister Filter

NPX Bioplastics Nitrate & Phosphate Reducing Polymer
A VERY effective product for use in Fluidized Filter for nitrate & phosphate control in marine and some planted freshwater aquariums.

Atison's Betta Spa Indian Almond Leaf Extract

Algone, Controls Nitrate

Algone Controls Nitrates and Clarifies Water.

Wonder Shells
The premier product for a constant supply of positive mineral ions, as well as a medicated version

Aquarium Silicone
Professional Grade Aquarium Silicone

Rena Filstar Filter Parts

Rena Filstar Premium Canister Filters and Parts, including Bio Chem Zorb and Stars

For the best in Replacement UV Bulbs for your Aquarium or Pond UV Sterilizer:
UV Bulbs for Sale

Aquarium/Pond Filter Media

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