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Aquarium Scraper, Scrubber Pad, Breeder Box

Lees and Nirox Aquarium Cleaning, Filter Products, & Fish Isolation, Breeder Nets;

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Lees Algae Cleaner & Scrapper on a Stick, 12040


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* Length 18 inches
* Width 2 inches
* Height 1.5 inches
* Soft Pad
* Acrylic Safe
* Great tool for aquarium cleaning

Heavy Duty aquarium cleaner pads, scraper


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*Strong Metal Shaft
*Plastic Scraper
*Soft Sponge Cleaner Pad
*Coarse Cleaner Pad
*20 inches (50 cm.)

aquarium cleaner, algae cleaner, filter media


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*6 x 9"
*Safe for Glass or acrylic
*Can be cut to make more than one pad
*Excellent for use as a reusable med/course filter media for canister filter (can be cut and also rinsed for re use

Lees Net Breeder for fry and fish isolation


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*Lee’s Aquarium Net Breeder Box is ideal as a maturation box for fry while allowing flow from normal tank filtration.
*Excellent for use in injured fish or as a “time out box” for aggressive fish
*The Lees Net Breeder is useful for keeping sick fish between medicated baths for easy and less stressful recapture.
*Soft nylon net is both safe for fish and allows proper water flow from main tank. *Size: 6.5" long x 4.75" wide x 5.25" high

Tetra Softnet aquarium fish transfer net

PENN PLAX QUICK NET; 5 x 4 Inch Fish Net- $2.29

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*Soft Nylon for capturing fish for transfer, fish baths, etc.
*The Tetra Softnet moves easily through water and between plants to gently capture fish in an extra-soft nylon cushion.
*5" net can be used for fish up to 4" in length

Lees, Acurel Filter Saver Bag, for aquarium media such as carbon, zeolite, Purigen, etc

Acurel Filter Saver Bag (4” x 12”)- $5.59

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• Can be used with Matrix, Purigen, AmmoChips, as well as many other filter loose media products so as to prevent damage to filters or for easy removal

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For Aquarium Vacuums, Cleaning Equipment:

Lees Gravel Vacuum,
Eheim Sludge Remover

Lees Aquarium Vacuum/Siphon, Faucet Adapters, DIY Python Cleaning System, & Eheim Battery Sludge Remover Vacuums

Atison's Betta Spa Indian Almond Leaf Extract

Wonder Shells

The premier product for a constant supply of positive mineral ions, as well as a medicated version

Pond/Aquarium AmmoChips, Carbon, Zeolite, Poly Filter Pads
Aquarium and Pond Filter Pads, Zeolite, Poly Filter Media, Pondmaster

Aquarium Silicone
Professional Grade Aquarium Silicone

For your UV-C Replacement Bulb/Lamp needs to keep your aquarium clear and aid with aquarium disease control:
UV Bulbs
Such as the 9 Watt UV-C Replacement Bulb

Aquarium Scrapers, Net Breeders, Sponges, etc.

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