Interesting Aquarium, Pond, or Fish Videos

A Few Videos Here Include:
• Monster Fish Aquarium with FSB Filter
• Planted Aquarium with T2 Lighting
• Betta Spawn
• Angelfish Breeding
• Angelfish Fry
• Fluval Edge 12 gal. with Mini 500 LED Lighting
African Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika
• Aquarium Silicone Demonstration
• Collecting Otocinclus
• Changing UV Bulb/Quartz Sleeve
• AquaRay; Why these are the BEST LEDs
• Zoanthid Feeding
• Fish School
• Goldfish Surgery
• Medicated Fish Bath
• And MORE

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Planted Aquarium with Primarily T2 Lights

Mixed Monster Fish Tank with FSB Filter
This tank utilizes a TMC 1500 Fluidized Sand Bed Filter as its primary bio filter.
Fish include: 1 arrowana, 2 large plecos, 1 male Jaguar, 1 female Jag, 1 electric blue ahli peacock, 1 veiled oscar, 50-100 regular cray fish, 1 extra large Electric Blue Yabbe, 1 texas cichlid, 1 Clown Knife, 1 curviceps, 5 assorted synodontis, 1 flagfish, 1 green severum, 5 clown loaches, lots of snails (intentionally), 2 Datnioids, 1 yellow fin blue acei

Fluidized Sand Bed Filter Set Up Instructions

Fluval Edge 12 gallon (46L) AquaRAY MiniLED 500HD Lighting Retrofit

See these links for more: Tank Update; YouTube
AquaRay LED Lights, Reef Lighting (Purchase)

TMC Vecton or Advantage UV Sterilizer Bulb, Quartz Sleeve, Hose Barb Installation

AquaRay Evolution
An animated reason why an AquaRay is the only realchoice for a LED Aquarium Light

EXTREME CLOSE-UP: Angelfish laying eggs (Pt.2)


African Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika Part 1

Lake Tanganyika Part 2


Collecting Otocinclus affinis in their natural habitat

Professional Goldfish Surgery

Medicated Fish Bath

R2 Fish School
Everything you need to teach your fish amazing tricks

Aquarium Silicone Repair Demonstration

Feeding Zoanthid Polyps?

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For the Very Best in accurate, researched Aquarium Lighting information:
The best Aquarium LED Lights, videos
Aquarium Lighting; PAR, PUR, more

ATI Hydro Sponge Filters
ATI Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filters for bio and mechanical aquarium filtration. New Hydrosponge Pro filter for high bio load tanks. Also replacement sponges and parts for Hydro Sponge

TMC Fluidized Sand Bed Filters
The TMC Premium Fluidized Sand Bed Filter increases Bio Capacity of any Aquarium system, with unsurpassed Nitrifying Bio-Filtration. An excellent compliment to any Canister Filter

For Replacement UV-C Light Bulbs for your Sterilizer, see these pages:
UV-C Replacement Bulbs
Replacement Twin Tube UVC light bulbs, as well as link to Page 2 for Straight Tube UV-C Bulbs to fit TMC UVs

Wonder Shells

The premier product for a constant supply of positive mineral ions, as well as a medicated version

Internal UV Filter/Pump
SunSun Premium Engineered, Designed Internal 9 & 13 Watt UV Sterilizer Filter, Pump

SunSun Premium Economy Aquarium HOB Filter
The SunSun HBL-501 & 702 combines Dual (702) cartridges AND Dual (702) Bio Sponges/Grids for reliability and a price that beats many filters of half the capacity and double the price

Aquarium Reverse Osmosis

Three-stage, professional RO (reverse osmosis) system incorporating the highest quality components.

LED Aquarium Lights, video
Other LED Lights; PAR 38, ZetLight, AquaBar, more

PAR 38 High Output Daylight LED Lights, ZetLight ZT6600 (same factory build as Maxspect, but better version), TMC AquaBar, Flexible LEDs

For more aquarium information and articles (pond too), please visit this site:

Aquarium/Pond Information

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