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Aquarium Light Bulbs & Fixtures;
*Newest Technology

T-2 6400 K Aquarium Lights

Superior Performance compared to older Technology T5

T-8 Lamps for Via Aqua 380, 620, 680, 950

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Aquarium Marine Reef, Freshwater, Home Plant, T2 and T5 Lights, Fixtures

HO Sub Miniature T2 and Standard T8 Lights

Unique new generation T2 fluorescent aquarium lamps and fixtures provide high lumen, high PAR light in a small space, even smaller than the older generation T5 lamps/lights.
A vastly superior replacement (for useful light energy and cost of operation) over older T8 Aquarium lights for fish only tanks, even larger tanks due to linkable feature!

*The full spectrum T2 can also be used in the Home/Office or mini Greenhouses/Hydroponics set ups (the 6400K Daylight Spectrum has been proven to be best for mental stimulation, so these light fixtures are awesome for household/office use as well as aquariums)

As well we also sell hard to find T8 lights to fit many Via Aqua Aquariums (such as the VA 380 & 680) and similar.
Light starters are also available for the T8 lights.

T- 2 Aquarium Lamps and Fixtures

Aquarium Lighting Researched Knowledge, T2 Lights Very Low Profile with a 7 mm Diameter and compact length

Axial type Wedge base


73 LUMENS PER WATT; for example the 13 watt 6400 K produces 950 lumens (73 Lumens per Watt) which is 70% more lumens per watt than most bulbs, making this one of the best planted aquarium lamps available for its size (as well as an excellent complimentary Marine/Reef Light)!
Even a standard T5 Light does not have this output per watt, only LEDs are more efficient!

*Bluntly, the highest output of useful light energy for aquatic life of ANY fluorescent light!

The Newest Technology T2, the 3rd generation model #302; includes a rotating lens with built in reflector, a feature not available in T5 Fixtures!

For freshwater OR saltwater use (excellent for SW zooanthellic/symbiotic algae growth), or even home lighting too for economical space saving healthy full spectrum lighting.

T2, CFL Comparison A LOT of light from a very small lamp that takes up little space! In fact one 13 watt T2 produces as much light as two comparable 6400 K 15 watt CFLs (13 watts vs. 30 watts for the same light!)
Click on the picture to the left for a comparison.
As little as 1 to 1.25 watts per gallon for a planted aquarium is all that is needed from these T2 Lights!!

10,000 hour lamp

Very low Heat Output from self contained/ballasted fixture

Great for DIY applications in hoods where space is a premium!

These T2 fixtures are great for retrofitting small hoods in aquariums with little space needing an intense plant light (or lighting a shelf of bettas), includes on/off switch

For more about Planted Aquariums, in particular lighting, please reference this in depth article:
Planted Aquarium Care

Linkable; complete fixtures (each includes ballast) can be connected in series (end to end), or in parallel via connecting plugs that are provided with each fixture (no separate purchase necessary to utilize this feature).

With linkable feature (INCLUDED) this is not only an inexpensive replacement for older style aquarium light fixtures, it is far superior to much of what is currently available including the older technology T8 (or even slightly older T5) fixtures/lamps.

Lamp is protected and is easily changed (see the picture below which also troubleshoots correct lamp placement)

Picture (Below)Demonstrating Replacing or Re-Seating T2 Lamp (often the lamp gets unseated during shipping due to small contacts):

T2 Light Fixture Lamp Change, Troubleshooting
For example, two of these fixtures linked together (forming a longer fixture with two lamps) would work well for most 60 gallon Freshwater aquarium OR for the same tank one could add two sets side by side for planted aquariums or even many saltwater aquariums (with reefs or high light requiring planted freshwater we recommend supplementing with AquaRay LED Lights).
Even a longer tank, such as a 6 foot aquarium can have 3 or 4 T2s linked together to make a superior upgrade from outdated T8 or T12 lights many freshwater fish tanks still employ, with an increase in useful light energy and a decrease in electrical operating costs due to vastly higher efficiency.
Please note due to the fragile nature of a lamp this small in diameter, lengths longer than 21 inches are not practical, which is why the linkable feature is so useful!

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Please click on the pictures above and below to enlarge

T2 mounting brackets Includes mounting brackets for shelf mounting as well. Easily mounted in hoods, canopies, or simply above the aquarium.
Mounting can also be achieved by adhering these light fixtures with silicone

Includes "Built-in" Electronic Ballast, On/Off Switch, & Power Cord

*Please Note; A maximum of Four T2 Fixtures can be linked in one chain, with 2 or 3 achieving better results (too many fixtures in one chain can cause premature failure)

*Also; Do NOT over tighten the mounting screws to the point that the fixtures pull away from the contacts for the T2 Lamps as this can result in a T2 light that either does not work or is overly sensitive due to poor lamp/fixture contact!

A must have for small planted aquariums or nano/pico marine aquariums, especially where space is a premium

T2 302 Light Fixtures, Actinic, 6400K Daylight

*#302; 13 Watt HO Fixture for T-2, INCLUDING bulb! - $36.99

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Measures Length; 21.25 (53.8 cm); width is 7/8" (2.3 cm); the depth is 1-5/8" (4.3 cm)
Available in 6400K and Blue

*#302; 11 Watt HO Fixture for T-2, INCLUDING bulb! - $35.99

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Measures 17.25 inches (43.8 cm)
Available in 6400K and Blue

*#302; 8 Watt HO Fixture for T-2, INCLUDING bulb! - $33.99

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Measures 12.6 inches (32.0 cm)
Available in 6400K only

*T-2 Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs/Lamps;
*13 Watt (Blue, Daylight)- $13.99
*11 Watt (Blue, Daylight)- 12.99
*8 Watt (Daylight Only)- $10.99

Due to the continued shrinkage of the professional aquarium industry, the manufacturer of these T2 lights has ceased production.

Currently we can only obtain 6400K lamps for this excellent product that is yet another victim of the takeover of this industry by discounters!

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T2 Light Fixtures are made exclusively for American Aquarium Products by HANGZHOU KAPOK LIGHTING CO.,LTD

T- 8 Aquarium Lamps (Basic Lamps for Via Aqua Aquariums and others)

Please click on pictures to enlarge for a better view

*11", 10 watt Daylight bulb -$9.99
Also available; 11"/10 watt Actinic Blue
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Fits Via Aqua 380 and other aquariums requiring an 11-1/4 inch (approx. 12" pin to pin) bulb.
T8-10D 11
UPC: 006903721783
Wattage: 10
Color: 10,000K Daylight
Length: 11.25" without pins/ 11.75 with pins

* NEC/Jebo Bio-Lux #FL 10; 10 watt, 13" Bulb -$11.99;
Also available; NEC/Jebo 13"- 10 watt Actinic Blue- $11.99

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For Via Aqua 380 requiring a 13" bulb
13 inches not counting pins
13.5 inches with pins
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* NEC Bio-Lux #FL 15; 15 watt, 17" Bulb- $13.99

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6700K Tri-phosphor
For Via Aqua 680 Aquarium & others
Exact measurements; 17.25 inches not counting pins
17.75 inches with pins

*Atmans (Via Aqua/Jebo) 23.5 inch 10,000K Daylight Replacement bulb- $19.99
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Original replacement for Via Aqua 620 Aquarium and copied designs such as by AquaTop
Length: 22.75 without pins
Length: 23.50 with pins

*NEC Bio-Lux #FL30SSBR; 30 watt, 36", T8 Bulb- $27.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
(Only two available)
For VA 950 Aquarium
Exact measurements; 35.25 inches without pins
35.75 inches with pins

*Cylinder FS-2 Starters- $2.99 EA.

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*Cylinder Style fits many T8-T12 lights requiring a separate starter
*Cylinder starters work with any 13-25 ballast and fluorescent light.

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World Class Aquarium & Pond Lighting Information

T2 Example

T2 Lights over 10 gallon planted aquarium
The picture above shows a 10 planted aquarium with TWO T2 6400K lights installed for extremely high light output
Click on the picture to enlarge



*"I just received the two 8 watt T2 you sent me. These have replaced the coralife mini that I have set up on my ten gallon planted tank. It is a funny shaped bow front that has always been hard to light. the back and sides were painted black and it has dark driftwood and black substrate so it is all that more difficult to light, but your new lights appear to TRIPLE the light output and it reaches every corner of this tank all for less wattage"


For the Latest Generation LED Aquarium Lights:

Only professional sellers of AquaRay Lighting
AAP AquaRay LED Aquarium Lights

The newest generation LED Aquarium Lights have no equal when long term cost and output are compared apples to apples

For OPTIONAL AquaRay Modular Aquarium LED Mounting Systems & Set Up Examples;

TMC AquaRay Modular LED Mounting Systems

For the best in High Output CFL Aquarium Lights:
CFL, SHO Aquarium Lights
SHO Aquarium, Hydroponics Lights

The SHO is a light proven in Greenhouse applications with PROVEN results for plant growing applications.
Also available standard Compact Fluorescent Lights

Helios G11 Four Pin Standard and VHO Aquarium CF Lights

For In Depth Aquarium Lighting Information:
Aquarium Lighting Information
Aquarium Lighting; Facts & Information

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