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Nano Aquariums;
*TMC Micro Habitat 30;

Includes Unique and Exclusive AquaRay Mini LED 500 Light System

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TMC Micro Habitat 8 Gallon Aquarium for Nano ReefTMC, an industry leader in Europe and North America in Aquarium LED Lighting, UV Sterilizers, Fluidized filters and more now has introduced complete aquariums for the Nano Reef Enthusiast.

The Micro Habitat 30 (30 liters; 8 US Gallons) is a mostly complete, Self contained Nano Reef Aquarium (only marine salt, sand, live rock, etc. is not included)

Please Note that the manufacturer has suspended the production/shipping to the North American market due to the decline in the professional aquarium industry thanks to Amazon & other discounters
Suggested Reading: Buying Aquarium Products via Amazon (& Chewy, eBay)


A complete "Plug and Play" marine set up!

Incorporates the new AquaRay Mini LED 600 Light Tile with four x lensed CRee patented XP-E 10,000K and one unlensed Blue CRee XP-E.
The White LEDs can be switched off for "moonlight" mode.
This patented LED emitter light fixture sets this nano aquarium aprt from ANY other currently available!!

MountaRay Bracket Included

Built in filtration system incorporating an integral pump with multi directional outlet offers optimum water quality and minimal maintenance.

Unique Air Driven Protein Skimmer to ensure quiet operation.

Supplied with complete condensation lid, micro thermometer, hydrometer, an H2 Air 60 Air Pump, non return valve, and a heater to allow for simple and quick installation.

Durable Acrylic Aquarium Construction

Dimensions: 12" L x 13" w x 12" H

Currently this Aquarium is in testing phase and no price or availability date is yet known

Micro Habitat 30- $

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