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Tropic Marin Bio-Calcium Balling Method Salts:
Parts A/B/C.

AAP is the ORIGINAL and most experienced North American online seller of the Balling Method of Calcium Supplementation & Chemistry Maintenance for a Reef Aquarium. Why purchase from a discounter?

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Bio-Calcium Balling Method DRY Calcium Supplementation Set for Reef Aquarium
Tropic Marine Centre Bio-Calcium Balling DRY Calcium Supplementation 3 Part Set
3 kg. - $44.99

SPECIAL: AAP/TMC Bio-Calcium Balling DRY Calcium Supplementation 3 Part Set - $32.99 (Limited Quantities)

Part A Only: (Calcium Chloride Dehydrate) 1 kg - $18.99

Part B Only:
(sodium bicarbonate) 1 kg - $15.99

Part C Only: (NaCl-Free Sea Salt with ALL required minor and trace elements) 1 kg - $20.99

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Product History/Overview:

Developed by Hans-Werner Balling of Germany, the Balling Method has become a popular method for dosing reef aquariums with essential elements, such as calcium, magnesium, among others, and maintaining adequate carbonate hardness alkalinity (carbonate hardness).

When used correctly, all levels of major elements remain constant, with calcium levels at 420 mg/l, magnesium at about 1300 mg/l and carbonate alkalinity at 7 dKH. Many German aquarists who have been using the Balling Method state this method accounted for a doubling is size of small polyp stony (SPS) corals in their aquariums within about 100 days.

This method is also very economical, even when compared to inferior economy dosing methods sold by popular reef suppliers online.
Use of the Balling method eliminates the need for many expensive water changes in an aquarium that is otherwise stable with low nitrates and other stable water parameters.

Premium Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt from Germany
The AAP/Tropic Marin 3 Step Balling Method for reef aquarium maintenance of calcium, alkalinity, and minor/trace elements works seamlessly with the Tropic Marin Reef Capable Sea Salt. Simply start your aquarium with this ultra premium sea salt mix, then use the Balling Method for reef chemistry maintenance (with this salt mix also used for periodic water changes).

Here is an excellent video from the inventor of the "Balling Method":

The Balling Method explained by Hans-Werner Balling

The Balling Method explained by Hans-Werner Balling

We strongly recommend viewing this short video!

Here also is an excellent article and video from a Veterinarian who specializes in reef care about why the Balling Method is superior to all others: Dosing 2 Part, 3 Part, or Balling Method in Your Reef Tank?


  • Calcium Chloride Dehydrate- PART A
  • Sodium/Natrium Bicarbonate- PART B
  • NaCl-Free Sea Salt with ALL required minor and trace elements - PART C


  • Dissolve the quantities of salts separately, as indicated in individual steps A, B, & C boxes into of R/O water and dose equal quantities of the separate solutions daily or varying quantities of each solution separate solution to achieve the recommended levels in the aquarium. At max dosing, this comes out to an average of a 5-6 month supply for a 50-60 gallon aquarium.

  • Clean Sodium Chloride salt can be purchased at hardware stores, Walmart, or similar retailers: This can then be added to the 3rd step to make a top notch sea salt too. For a premium salt mix that in many marine fish & reef applications requires lowering maintenance dosing of the Balling Method (or any other method), consider Tropic Marine Reef Salt.

DOSAGE: 380g/ 16 scoops per 5 liters of R/O water will result in a solution concentration of 20,000 mg/L (ppm).

Each 125ml of solution added will raise calcium 12.5 ppm per 200 liters of aquarium water with a maximum recommend dosage of 25ppm per day.

Recommended aquarium calcium concentration levels of 400 - 450 ppm.

DOSING EXAMPLE FOR 27 GALLON AQUARIUM: 1/2 US cup or 4 oz of each solution raises the calcium concentration by 12.5 ppm and 1.75 degree dKH. The maximum recommended does per day is 4 oz of solution. HOWEVER, under most marine fish or reef aquarium applications, much less will be needed.

BEST USE for maintenance would be to test alkalinity and calcium and add the solution accordingly (A & B). For the solution made from C, this is simply added by basing how much solution of components A & B are added. For instance is 2 oz. of solutions from A & B are required to maintain alkalinity/calcium it is very safe to assume that 2 oz. of solution from C is needed as well.

More About Aquarium Reef Chemistry:

Reef Aquarium Chemistry Maintenance

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