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Leporinus fasciatus, black-banded leporinus*Other common names: banded leporinus, or the black-banded leporinus

*Size: Adult size: up to 12 inches

*Scientific Name: Leporinus fasciatus
Family- Anostomidae

*Natural Habitat : The Leporinus' natural habitat is found in South America. They live in South American rivers and flood lands.

*Description : Leporinus is a black and yellow or orange vertical striped fish that has an elongated body. The fins are clear, sometimes with a gray hue.

The younger Leporinus have less strips and are yellow. Once over 3 years they will have 10 black strips and the yellow will begin to turn orange.

*Recommended Tank Size and Temperament: The Leporinus is an aggressive fish that will nip at tank mates fins. If the tank mates are smaller the Leporinus will kill them off.
The Leporinus is also a jumper so be sure to have a lid or top on your tank to prevent any problems.

Leporinus grow up to 12 inches so I would recommend no less than a 55 gallon tank.

*Water Parameters: Leporinus should be kept in a tank with a PH between 5.5 and 7.5.

*Typical food: Leporinus are not picky eaters. They are omnivores that will eat just about anything that they get in their mouths.
Various Good Quality Flake Foods as well as Freeze Dried Foods are readily accepted.

*Breeding: These fish have not been known to spawn in captivity.

*Contributors Notes : by Misti King

I have had my Leporinus for almost a year and he is about 7" long. I have not have any problems with aggression toward other tankmates or jumping. (I have Cichlids, and a Pleco) He has quite the personality and we call him "the decorator". He will move anything he can to where he wants it in the tank! Very pretty fish with a great personality!

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