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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or you can use your PayPal account (which can draw from your credit card, checking account, or PayPal balance)
As well we can also call you back for a phone order or send an electronic invoice via PayPal (please see the right side bar for a link and further information).
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For a Pictorial Shopping Cart Tutorial, please scroll down or click to HERE

Please note that sometimes our shopping cart host PayPal has occasional page loading issues.
We have found that clearing the cache in your browser, then closing the browser, then re-starting the computer solves this issue.
We apologize for any inconveniences

  • We recommend a PayPal account for ease of purchases in the future from us or the many online businesses that accept PayPal (which is the largest online service of this type) as you do not have to re-enter credit card or shipping information with each order.

    However if you do Not want to have a PayPal account OR do not wish to use a your PayPal account, it is not necessary to have OR use a PayPal account to purchase from us using a credit card.
    See the Purchasing with a Credit Card Screen Shot further down this page.

    IMPORTANT: Since We use PayPal hosted shopping carts for added security (the same EXACT system used on eBay), IF you have a PayPal account you MUST use your PayPal account that is attached to the credit card OR email on file with PayPal, otherwise your transaction will be automatically rejected
    Please Read Step #4 for more if this is a problem.

    Please note that this security check is NOT a way PayPal is attempting to force a buyer to have or use a PayPal account, they make money from the transaction regardless of whether or not you directly use a PayPal account or your credit card!
    This is simply a way to catch fraud which protects us and the buyer and in fact has lowered the amount of fraudulent sales to our website!

    It is noteworthy PayPal uses a secure "https" web page which encrypts all information versus the "https" protocol used on most web pages which includes those that host their own "Pay Now" buttons.
    Please see the note on https at the end of the page for more to see WHY WE utilize this VASTLY MORE SECURE system of payment, even if possibly more inconvenient.

    Reference: Why AAP does not use popular Magento E-commerce Web-Site Platform? (& why AAP is one of the safest places to purchase online)

  • You can Review your Shopping Cart from any Shopping Page (or click this link to the left), however our PayPal template does not allow to check shopping carts on our many informational pages.

  • If you get an ERROR message when adding an item to the shopping cart, this likely means your are attempting to add an item that is out of stock and therefore would have a 0 quantity. Please verify that it is not a 0 and does not say "out of stock" or "sold out" in the shopping cart.

  • You can Add 2 Day Air or Expedited Shipping at the end of checkout (see Step 6 in the pictorial below)

  • Please note that the number 1 at the beginning of a phone number will cause a failure of this digital checkout system, so please use only the area code plus your local phone number.

  • We do not have access to your credit card information (it is encrypted on a secure server to which we do not have access for your security); therefore we cannot add to your order, only refund. As well, unless you set up a PayPal account whereby you make your credit card as the default payment, your credit card information is not stored anywhere & must be re-entered with a new transaction.

  • The "Jump to Shopping Cart" buttons are just that, NOT the actual shopping cart with a drop down menu.
    These "Jump to Shopping Cart" buttons are a quick way to move about our web pages as many of our web pages have so much information (unlike most web sites that provide little accurate information), that these buttons provide for quick/easy access to the actual Shopping Cart which then will have a Standard PayPal Drop Down Menu (run by the same system as eBay), so as to easily add the items you would like to purchase and also change quantities once added.

Please see these screen shots (below) for some tutorials if you are having any difficultly.
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Please Click on the Pictures for Enlarge for a Better View

PayPal Shopping Cart Screen Shot Drop Down Menu Screen Shot *Step 1; Drop Down Menu The Drop Down Menu is found on most pages selling items, this is a common "PayPal" menu. Simply click on the "down" arrow (#1 on the picture) to display the full menu, then bring your curser over the item desired to select the item (#2 on the picture depending upon item). After this click on "Pay Now" to add this to the cart. From the cart you can change the number of each item from 1 to whatever is desired; you can then click on continue shopping to add more items to the cart from the page you are currently on or go to another page.

PayPal Screen Shot

*Step 2; Please use the Pay Now Cart for multiple purchases
To purchase using a Credit Card

Please click on the picture to the left for a screen shot of how to change or add multiples of an item once you have selected from a drop down menu. You can change the number of items on the page shown from 1 to any number required (or delete as well).
Sometimes at this point PayPal can have cookie issues, especially if you shop multiple shops that use PayPal. If this happens we have found clearing your browser cache (entire cache history), then closing your browser and re-opening it will solve the problem.
Alternately, simply using another browser such as switching from IE to Firefox (or vice versa) will solve this cache problem

You can also calculate Standard Shipping (Expedited or 2 Day Shipping can be calculated later or you can see our Shipping Rates Chart which includes selected International locations)

PayPal Screen Shot

*Step 3; Credit Card Information and Shipping Method Make sure your Billing Address Matches your Credit Card;
If you have an incorrect billing address or ship to a different address, please make sure that the billing address matches the one on file with your credit card (you can then ship to a different address), otherwise credit card processor security measure will likely reject your purchase.

*At this time you can also use the Drop Down menu to use an Expedited Shipping Method.

HOWEVER if you have or had a PayPal Account and use a Credit Card or email Address "tied" to this account, for security the system WILL require the use of this PayPal Account or otherwise your transaction (credit Card) will be denied.
If you do not know/remember your PayPal Password, we suggest using a different credit card and/or email address for checkout OR you can request a Virtual Terminal Transaction if not possible. For this Virtual Terminal Transaction, please list products, quantities, full name & address, phone number, and we will have an agent call for credit card information (please do NOT include credit card information in email for your protection).

Please note since we use PayPal as an off site checkout for the highest security, Paypal forces the security check of matching your PayPal account to your credit card & email.
This is NOT the same as a checkout that just accepts PayPal as another payment method and is something that is privately hosted on other less secure private selling websites (not Paypal and NOT a secure https web page as is the PayPal site we redirect to!!).
This is not a problem/issue with this website!!


Further https Information:
ALL our online transactions are NOT performed on our website, rather sent to sent to a SECURE https PayPal web page, unlike many web pages who host their own "Pay Now" buttons.

When you pass information on a http web site (which most websites are, just check your browser address), this means that the website is talking to your browser using the regular 'unsecure' language. In other words, it is possible for someone to "eavesdrop" on your computer's conversation with the website.
If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site.

This is why you never ever enter your credit card number in an http website!

But if the web address begins with https://, that basically means your computer is talking to the website in a secure code that no one can eavesdrop on.

For this reason, WE ALSO CANNOT access your credit card information should you desire to add to an existing order. For this, a new order must be processed or you must request an invoice (via our Contact email). We will then combine orders as per our Shipping Policy Page assuming the order has not already been shipped.
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You may choose to use the Contact form contained in the "Send Invoice" Button to request an invoice rather than use the standard checkout system.
Please allow up to 24 hours for the invoice to be sent, as well please note whether Standard Shipping or expedited shipping (1 or 2 day Air) is preferred.
PayPal Invoices can be paid via Major Credit Cards or via PayPal accounts


We can also take phone orders with this same "Send Invoice" button.
Please FIRST fill out the form for written documentation of mailing and credit card information, then also type in the products and quantities of these products.
We will then call you for the credit card information during normal business hours Monday through Friday (8:30am to 4:30pm Pacific Time).
Please do NOT provide credit card numbers in this email/contact form for your protection!!

Please also note that the person returning your request for a phone order CANNOT answer any questions other than the credit card information, as questions must be asked via email to reach the correct person capable of answering and for a written record due to high instances of credit card charge back fraud.

*For those who liked our Google Checkout Carts on many pages, our apologies as we discontinued these due to the many complaints of having multiple carts being confusing as well as higher costs to us, as well Google has now discontinued this service anyway

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