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SunSun, Clear Stream, Via Aqua

Current Model Sold; CPF-280

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*AAP/SunSun Premium High Capacity/Flow Pond Filter Models CPF-280
(compare to Tetra, Via Aqua, & More)
*Tropic Marine Clear Stream Pond Filter Parts;
*Via Aqua Pressurized Filter Parts (Models EF-5000UVC & 6000UVC)

Simple to hide, highly efficient filters for your pond or a simple, reliable, high bio capacity canister filter alternative for aquariums.

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Pressurized Pond Filtration,
The Benefits:

Units can be conveniently positioned below the level of water delivery

Can be partially buried in the ground for minimal visual impact

Easy to clean

Can be placed in multiples or combined with other pond filters (including DIY Bog Filter) for larger ponds or filter redundancy.

Large diameter inlet and outlet ports. Suitable for use with low pressure/low voltage pumps (not included)

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SunSun Pressurized Pond Filter;
Model CPF-280- $239.99

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Easy to install and maintain

Higher capacity than earlier CPF-180 model

Quad-action filtration for maximum efficiency

Multiple types of bio foam filtering media for beneficial aerobic bacteria

Unique top button that alerts the pond keeper to a dirty/clogged filter in need of cleaning (an orange tab rises as the filter pressure climbs)

Complete filtering system

Reverse flow filtration

We improve this filter by adding Volcanic Bio Filter Rock. This increases both biological nitrifying and de-nitrifying abilities of this filter.
You will not get this added feature with ANY other Pressurized Pond Filter, including another SunSun purchased elsewhere!!!

The SunSun CPF-280 Pressurized Pond Filter with UVC Sterilizer is equipped with a 13 Watt G23 UV bulb with a protected quartz sleeve. Water resistant ballast with E-39 wire connections and over 15 feet of wire allows the ballast to be remotely mounted close to a GFCI electrical outlet (Please see further information on the side bar of this web page about the use of Pressurized Pond filters with UVs; Further Information).
The UV does not need to be plugged in for proper operation of the filter.

Filter capacity; 8 Liters

Filter dimensions; 15"L x 15"W x 16.5"H

Suggested Pond Size (with low bio load and no additional filters); UP TO 2200 gallons or 1100 gallons for high bio load and no additional filters
For LARGER Ponds, Multiples of this filter can be used or it can be paired with other filter types such as a Submersible Pond filter

Suggested Flow Rates; 750- 2400 GPH (2800-9000 L/h)

Suggested Pipe size; .75- 1.5 ID Tubing


Plastic Sponge Holding assembly for pressurized pond filter
Plastic Assembly Set (two parts)- $8.99

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The animated picture to the left shows how the plastic assembly that holds the pond filter sponges in place comes apart.
This is important/helpful for cleaning or simply if you would like to change the configuration of the filter sponges.

Please click on the picture to enlarge for a better view

Pressurized Pond Filter Replacement Sponge, SunSun
Replacement Sponge- $10.99

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Also fits most other SunSun CPF Pond Filters
These sponges generally last years, however it is generally the fine sponge that eventually needs replacement

Pressurized Pond Filter Replacement O Ring, SunSun CPFO Ring for SunSun 280 Pond Filter- $9.99

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Also fits most other SunSun CPF or similar Pond Filters that require 13 inch (33 cm) ID O Ring

SunSun Filter, UV Sterilizer Large Hose Barb SetHose Barb/O Ring for SunSun Pond Filters/UVs- $14.99

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Also fits most other SunSun CPF or similar Pond Filters, along with SunSun UV Sterilizers requiring this size Hose Barb
Includes ONE Hose Barb, ONE compression Ring, & ONE Gasket
DIMENSIONS: Flange Diameter 4.5 cm, Hose Barb Length (from flange) 8.5 cm
Fits Tubing from 3/4" ID to 1.5" ID

The SunSun HQB-3500 Pump, or maybe the Rio 1700 Pump are our suggested/preferred pumps for aquarium or light duty pond applications using the SunSun CPF-280 Pressurized Pond Filter.
The Rio HF (High Flow) Pump Line are excellent for medium flow to high flow application.

For high flow applications the SunSun JAP-8500 or 18000 Amphibious Pump, or SunSun JTP-12000 High Output/Efficiency Pond Pump is suggested

With any water pump in a pond environment, adding rock such as volcanic rock around the pump used to power the Pressurized Pond Filter is strongly suggested so as to act as a pre-filter to prevent premature pump clogging and even damage.
See examples here: Pond Care Information

Often higher flow pumps may need the return line split with a flow diverter to provide the correct flow rate through your filter (we sell flow diverter on our Plumbing Parts page).

We also sell Parts for the now Discontinued;


*Clear Stream 600 Sponge Tube Replacement- $9.99

*Clear Stream 1200 Sponge Tube Replacement- $10.99

*Clear Stream 600 Filter bags- $12.99

*Clear Stream 1200 Filter bags- $13.99

*Set of ONE universal hosetail/ barb assembly- $8.99

Fits 600/1200
Also Fits TMC Vecton & Advantage UV Sterilizers
Includes hose barb, tightening outer "compression nut", & O ring\

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*600/1200 Lid/Top O Ring- $6.99

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Clear Stream UV Filters replacement UV-C Bulbs:
* Clear Stream 1200 UV 9 watt bulb- $16.99

*Clear Stream 600 UV 5 watt bulb- $13.99

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We also sell Parts for the now Discontinued (but very similar to the SunSun Filter);


Via Aqua Pressurized Filter Internal Parts Diagram (click to enlarge)

Via Aqua Pressurized Pond Filter Replacements:

#7 Retaining Clamp- $20.99

#10 Medium Bio Foam- $9.99

#11 Coarse Bio Foam- $9.99

#15 Coarse Pre-Filter- $9.99

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Please see Diagram above for part numbers

Sold on Separate Web Page:

Optional Plumbing Parts

*Optional Water Return and Intake Adapters
For use as an alternative to canister filters, so that a Pressurized Pond filter can be adapted for aquarium use,

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Why Purchase from American Aquarium Products

A Clear Pond; Pond Care Information


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We also sell Volcanic Rock that although is not the exact Volcanic pumice that comes with this filter, I have used it successfully (I generally break it into smaller "chunks" with a hammer for this filter). Please see this listing: Volcanic Rock Aquarium/Pond Filter Media

For replacement UV-C Lamps which should be changed every 6 months to keep your Aquarium or Pond UV Sterilizer working at 100%:
UV Bulbs

Tubing, Hose Clamps

Use of Pressurized Pond Filters Equipped with UV Sterilizers

Although we do sell the SunSun Pond UV Filter, we do this as these are the only purchase options for these products. We have found that Filters with self contained UVs DO NOT work as well as a separate UV unit (from many years experience maintaining ponds as well based on established UV Sterilization data).
The SunSun Heavy Duty Premium Pressurized Pond Filter is only available with a UV Sterilizer (as are most pressurized filters nowadays).

ALL these Filter UV combinations (not just the SunSun) are only marginally effective for green water control without a separate UV Sterilizer added inline.
Unless the green water problem is only mild, we strongly suggest the purchase of a TMC 15 or 25 Watt Pond Advantage UV Sterilizer Clarifier as a compliment.

An important reason for why we recommend a separate UV Sterilizer/Clarifier is water flow rate and contact time. With a separate unit you can control the flow rate thru your UV much better than a self contained filter/UV, effecting a much better contact time and germicidal kill rate.
The UV Sterilizers that come built into many pond filters including the otherwise excellent Clear Stream Pond Filter are often ineffective. This is true for ALL Pressurized Pond Filters (in fact many such as the Tetra are even less effective).

The problem is that most come with UVs ranging from 5 to 18 watts, the 9 watt is being the most common (at least the SunSun is 13 watts).
So when you install this filter to a pump that moves 2000 gph through a 9 watt UV you are effecting a 222 gph per watt rating which is generally useless (you need a flow rate UNDER 45-60 gph per watt for these filters!!).
Please read this in depth article about the use of UV Sterilization in Ponds & Aquariums for a further explanation:
UV Sterilization

Further Pressurized Filter UV Information
The pictures below demonstrate how your SunSun Pressurized Filter O Rings and UV lamp/bulb properly fit into the filter head.

Pressurized Pond Filter

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