Economy Aquarium Power HOB Filter
AAP HBL 501 & 702

High Bio Capacity Aquarium Filter

*Internal Wet/Dry Biological Filters(similar to Bio Cube Filter for fresh & Saltwater/Reef Aquariums)
*AAP/SunSun HBL-501 Economy Aquarium Filter with Cartridge/Bio Sponge/Aerator
*AAP/SunSun HBL-701 & 702 Double Value Aquarium Filter with Cartridge/Bio Grid

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SunSun, Resun, AquaTop Aquarium Filters

SunSun is a company similar to Via Aqua; their innovative quality, yet economical products are designed/engineered in the USA while built in Asia.
As per our testing and use, these SunSun Hang-On aquarium filters are more reliable and vastly more efficient than similarly priced filters sold at discounters.
These are also a simple filter that takes seconds to install with placement of the intake into the impeller well and you are ready to go (no instructions needed)

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*AAP/SunSun HBL-501 Power Filter- $15.99
Special- $13.99

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105 Gallons Per Hour Flow Rate
For Aquariums up to 5-25 Gallons (larger with additional Filters such as another HBL 501 or Hydro Sponge Filter)
Unique aerator "wheel" & skimmer that adds to aeration of aquarium when rotated under return water flow
Both Cartridge AND Bio Sponge, never loose your bio filters again when changing filter media (unlike similarly priced filters sold at Walmart and elsewhere)!
Durable cartridge, easily rinsed with water under pressure to extend life of cartridge for mechanical filtration use, adding to the economy of this filter!
Simple plug and go setup right out of the box. All parts and simple set-up clearly pictured on the outside of box.
5 Watts
5" length, 2.75" width behind aquarium (4" overall width)

*HBL-501 Filter Replacement Cartridges- $3.89
Package of Two

Dimensions: 4" x 2.25"

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HBL-702 Aquarium Power HOB FilterSunSun HBL 702 Aquarium Power HOB Filter Top View Diagram*AAP/SunSun HBL-702 Power Filter- $19.99

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211 Gallons Per Hour Flow Rate (800 LPH)
For Aquariums up to 40-45 Gallons (larger with additional Filters such as another HBL-701 or Hydro Sponge Filter)
Double Outlet Flow
New In-Line Motor, makes starting easier than ever and ends the worries of debris settling in the impeller at the bottom of the filter and causing a malfunction, similar and just as reliable as the new Tetra and Aqueon Filters, yet lower cost!
Please note that the aquarium water level should not be lower than the motor/pump for proper operation.
Durable cartridges, easily rinsed with water under pressure to extend life of cartridge for mechanical filtration use, adding to the economy of this filter!
The new 702 cartridges are 50% larger than the 701 filter cartridges they replace!
Both Dual Cartridge AND Dual Bio Grids, never loose your bio filters again when changing filter media!

Professionally tested recommended for those desiring a simple, reliable, yet effective HOB power filter over name brands by our sister aquarium maintenance company!!

Superior Filter Capacity for an Economy Price!
7 Watts
9.75" length, 2" width behind aquarium (4.75" overall width)
For added chemical filtration or nitrate removal, one of the Bio Grids can be substituted with SeaChem Matrix, SeaChem Purigen, or additional Carbon

*SunSun HBL-702 Replacement Cartridge (Single)- $2.79

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*SunSun HBL-701 Replacement Cartridges (Set)- $3.39

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ReSun BF100 and 200 Wet dry biological filter*ReSun Biological Internal Wet/Dry Filter

Not Currently Available

(Click on pictures for a better view)
ReSun Wet dry biological filter, top viewWet Dry Bio filter flow patternInternal Wet-Dry Bio Filter with UV Sterilizer

For fresh or marine aquariums; This is the exact same filter/pump found on popular Bio Cube Aquariums, for much less!
Main biological filter or supplemental filtration
Anchors with high power suction cups
Complete filtration material included: Sponge, Ceramic Bio Media, carbon
Pump Included
Space for submersible heater
Unique Wet/Dry filter for aquarists looking for an inexpensive bio filter and with no space on the back of an aquarium for a Power filter.
BF-200 for aquariums up to 200 liters (50 gallons) by itself (larger as a supplement). Includes a 9 watt (185 gph) pump.
BF-100 for aquariums up to 100 liters (25 gallons) by itself (larger as a supplement). Includes a 5.5 watt (130 gph) pump
Easily connects to a UV Sterilizer, something an HOB (aquarium power filters CANNOT do). See the picture above, (far right, pictured with a Terminator 5 Watt UV Sterilizer)
Excellent for use in marine aquariums, even larger reef aquariums as for instance 3 can be easily placed in the back of a 150 gallon aquarium (I would also add additional power heads such as the Via Aqua 1300)
Can be filled with live rock crumbles and oolite sand (the sand MUST be place in a nylon bag and place in the bottom of a chamber) in reef aquariums for excellent nitrate control.

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Filter Max Aquarium Pre-Filters
For improved bio filtration, improved aquarium filter efficiency. These Sponge pre-filters prevent fry, debris, and other material from being trapped in an aquarium filter intake and increase filter intake depth

The picture above (click to enlarge) displays an HBL-501 Filter attached to a Filter Max #1 Pre-filter.
Please note that we do not use the skimmer feature or obviously the strainer

Please also note that these economy filters do not include an instruction manual, but with pictures provided here and on the box, along with very simple installation, none is needed either.

SunSun Canister Filter
The SunSun CF300 & CF400 Filter's external 3 stage canister has 3 flexible media trays that allowing you to add the filtration media of your choice. Included in the SunSun Canister Filters is filter fiber, activated carbon, and bio-balls.

SeaChem Tidal Premium HOB Filters
High Capacity, superior design & durability over Aqua Clear

ATI Hydro Sponge Filters
ATI Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filters for bio and mechanical aquarium filtration. New Hydrosponge Pro filter for high bio load tanks.

SeaChem Matrix & Purigen
For additional SunSun HOB Filter Media to remove ammonia, nitrates, nitrites from your aquarium.

Sponge Filter Kits
The best in Sponge Filters, sold as simple to use kits for both beginners and advanced aquarium keepers.

Fluidized Bed Aquarium Filter
TMC V2; Simply the BEST Fluidized Bed Aquarium Filters. Superior Aerobic Bio Filtration Bar None!

For Replacement Lamps for your Home Purifier, UV Sterilizer/Clarifier:
UV Bulbs

Economy HOB Filters

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