Helios Power Compact
Aquarium Lights;

Standard 18, 24, 36, & 55 Watt PL-L (G11) Base Four Pin (Straight Pin) Helios Lamps to fit ALL CFL 4 pin fixtures such as JBJ

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Helios PLL, G11 Compact Fluorescent CFL Aquarium Lights, Ligthing Standard Four pin Helios; these fit ANY T5 & T6 compact fluorescent fixture that requires a four pin style lamp.
Our popular Helios PC 4 pin/straight pin aquarium lights will fit any fixture that requires this pin configuration such as the JBJ (vs. the “square pin arrangement found on some other brands of PC/CFL lights)

Our Standard Helios PC Lights will:
Enhance the natural color of your fish, plants and coral with Helios™ standardized lighting. Helios™ presents economical color-rendering bulbs available for freshwater, planted, reef and marine aquariums. All have received verified Kelvin ratings. Type of ballast determines average bulb life — about 12,000 hours. Published ratings based on lab tests under controlled conditions.

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• Ideal for marine, reef,
Freshwater and plant aquariums

• Rugged construction for Dependable, long life
• Energy-efficient
• Enhances natural color of fish, plants and coral
• Brighter than standard fluorescent bulbs
• Choice of colors, watts and lengths
• Extended color intensity
• Cool operating temperature
• Reliable
• High-intensity output
• Standard (Magnetic), electronic ballasts compatibility
• Average life 12,000 hours
• Biax T4 4-pin rapid-start
• Fits all four pin G11 base power compact fixtures

SPECIALS; Check the "In-Cart" Specials; select Helios on sale in limited quantities in the cart drop down menu.
Please note that as with most CFL aquarium lights, the Helios have been discontinued some years back (with some colors that were poor sellers such as pink/white out of manufacture since 2005), so what we have is all we can get.

55 watt PC straight pin CPF light for Helios, JBJ, more*Helios PL55BW -$22.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
Plug-in Lamp U-Bulb
*Color: Blue & White, Temperature: 12,000K/7,100K
Watts: 55
Length: 21 inches

36 watt PC straight pin CPF light for Helios, JBJ, more*Helios PL36BW - $19.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
Plug-in Lamp U-Bulb
*Color: Blue & White, Temperature: 12,000K/7,100K
*Color: White, Temperature: 7,100K
*Color: Blue, Temperature: 12,000K
Watts: 36
Length: 16 inches

24 watt PC straight pin CPF light for Helios, JBJ, more*Helios PL24BW - $16.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
Plug-in Lamp U-Bulb
*Color: Blue & White, Temperature: 12,000K/11,000K
*Color: Blue, Temperature: 12,000K
*Color: Pink & White
*Color: White Temperature: 11,000K
Watts: 24
Length: 13"

18 watt PC straight pin CPF light for Helios, JBJ, more*Helios PL18BW - $15.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
Plug-in Lamp U-Bulb
*Color: Blue Temperature: 12,000K
*Color: White, Temperature: 11,000K
*Color: Blue & White, Temperature: 12,000K/11,000K
*Color: Blue & Pink, Temperature: 12,000K/5,000K
Watts: 18
Length: 9"

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