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AAP MeWe Page

A Self Contained "plug & play", that includes the pump, IMPORTANT pre-filter, and Level One Capable UV Sterilizer for aquarium or pond use

OUR Unique/Genuine AAP Internal (Submersible) UV Sterilizer Pump/Filters are unlike earlier versions of Submersible Internal UV Sterilizers for Ponds or Aquariums that our associated Aquarium Maintenance Companies tested, and which failed these tests due to leakage and poor flow rate and design (for optimum Level One UV Sterilization) resulting in at best green water control, but not level 1 UV Sterilization.

However our Upgraded AAP Version of the SunSun CUP-613 WITH HO UVC Lamps are better engineered than the first generation Internal UV Sterilizers by other companies.

World Class Aquarium & Pond Information The CUP-613 13 Watt SunSun UV Pump/Filter passed our scrutiny due to flow tests.
With OUR flow rate tests/adjustments these were the first Internal/Submersible UVs to actually perform optimum level 1 Sterilization (which is/was a problem with all the other brands we have tested).
However even the CUP-613 has flow rates that can reach only Level One sterilization (NO Internal UV Filter /Pump can achieve level 2 sterilization as can be achieved with a top notch UV (such as the "Category A" TMC Vecton/Advantage) mated to a correct flow rate pump as per wattage of the given UV.
It is also should be noted from our extensive UV Sterilizer experience & research that while an excellent out of the box "True" UV Sterilizer, these should be looked at as a "throw away" UV when compared to a top notch Category "A" UV such as the AAP Vecton which will last a decade or more.

That said, this specific model AAP/SunSun Internal Pond/Aquarium UV Clarifier/Sterilizer is the BEST in its class.

UV Sterilizer Experts

  • These are far SUPERIOR to those sold on Amazon and the plethora of low end Aqua websites, as most of these are similar models, but lacking the correct flow and pattern.
    As well MOST of these other CUP series submersible UVs sold elsewhere do NOT come with the sponge pre-filter that is ESSENTIAL to lower water turbidity thus increasing 254nm UVC efficiency and often are supplied with a MUCH lower output medium pressure UV Bulb to allow the UV to be sold at a certain price point!

  • We provide the sponge pre-filter and more importantly, a quality high output low pressure UV Bulb/Lamp with our CUP series Submersible UV Pump/Filters.

  • Reference this article about actual UVC output of low pressure and medium pressure UV Bulbs:
    Actual UV-C Emission from a UV Bulb
  • The flow design of OUR AAP/SunSun Submersible UVs IS top notch for this type of self contained UV Filter/Pump with its well designed sponge filter for pre-filtration mated to this UV Pump/Filter (also Level 2 Sterilization does not achieve many benefits past Level 1).

  • This makes these UPGRADED AAP/SunSun Submersible UV Sterilizers an excellent idea for those who desire a reasonably good UV that is "Plug and Go" right out of the box!

  • EXCELLENT for Patio Ponds too!!

  • INCLUDES Fountain Kit for Pond Applications; A $35 Value!

  • CE certified (European version of UL) and includes 16 foot heavy duty grounded power cord

  • *We do NOT recommend NOR SELL the SunSun or similar PH-8/UV-3, UVP-5, UVP-7, & UVP-9 submersible UV sterilizing pumps as these have too much in common with the other earlier cheaply made internal UV Filters including INCORRECT flow rates!

    We should also note that even these more heavy duty SunSun Internal UV Pump/Filters are still a more basic UV Sterilizer as per the level of UV Sterilization, quality of construction, Dwell Time, and more.
    If you are a serious aquarist or pond keeper looking for the best in UV Sterilization, please consider spending more, but getting MUCH more with the TMC Vecton and Advantage UV Sterilizers.

AAP CUP-613; 13 Watt UV Pump/Filter- $169.99
WITH HO UVC Lamp, Fountain Kit, & Pre-filter


AAP/SunSun CUP-609 9 Watt UV Pump/Filter-
WITH HO UVC Lamp & Pre-filter


Uses Standard, or BETTER we recommend the Hot Cathode/Low Pressure G23 13 Watt UV Bulb or G23 9 Watt UV Bulb

We recommend replacing the UV Bulb every 6 months or once per year in cool climate ponds for best results

Pump/Filter Wattage; 6 watts (110-120V)

Pump/Filter Flow Rate; Manufacturer claims 528 gph, However our tests/adjustments rate it at 160-200 gph (which is actually a better flow rate for a 9 or 13 Watt UV Sterilizer to perform Level One UVC Sterilization!)
Horizontal installation will achieve slightly higher flow rates and is recommended for ponds while Vertical installation will achieve slightly lower flow rates and is recommended for aquarium installations.

Suggested Maximum Aquarium/Pond Size (as per scientific UV-C calculations, not manufacturer claims!); 150/200 Gallons for Aquariums (CUP-609/CUP-613) and 1000/1500 gallons for Pond Green Water Control (CUP-609/CUP-613) .

Please note the above aquarium/pond sizes are maximums and at maximum these numbers are best case scenarios. For larger Aquariums/Ponds or less than perfect scenarios, we suggest a stand alone UV such as the Terminator or the professional TMC Vecton/Advantage.

Double O Ring UV Bulb/Quartz Housing, insures maximum UV-C Bulb leak protection (this was a common problem with first generation Internal UV Sterilizers, that are unfortunately still sold)

Length = 12.5 inches (CUP-613)

Width = 3.75 inches (CUP-613)

One Year Warranty on Pump and Ballast, 6 Months for UVC Lamp/Bulb, quartz sleeve warranted to arrive unbroken (no further warranty as these normally do not have defects and only break from mishandling).

By their design, NO Submersible UV Sterilizer is long lived as per our professional aquarium maintenance companies extensive testing.
HOWEVER this is one of the few if not ONLY Category B Submersible UV Sterilizers available and even with a shorter lifespan typical of submersible UVs compared to traditional inline UVs, that at even two years of life (the AAP TMC line averages over 10 years), the operating cost is only $4.75 per month which is cheap for level one Sterilization (this $4.75 also assumes purchase & replacement of HO UV lamps every six months too)

PLEASE NOTE; due to the design of the impeller housing and constriction to prevent debris into the UVC Sterilization chamber, a slight buzz is normal during operation

*Please Click on the above left picture/diagram to enlarge for a better view

*Please note, to change the bulb requires the removal of a small screw (along with the double O ring) holding the quartz sleeve housing in place

Available Parts:
Part #1 Filter Basket CUP-613 - $8.99
Part #2 Sponge CUP-609 - $8.99
Part #2 Sponge CUP-613 - $8.99
Part #12 Motor Both Models - $24.99
Part #16 Impeller Both Models - $14.99
Part #19 Impeller COVER Both Models - $6.99

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*Suggested Pond Use Method:
The Picture to the left demonstrates a suggested use with Volcanic (Lava) Rock (or similar substrate) placed over the intake of the Internal UV Pump Filter.

This will act as a pre-filter to allow larger debris common to pond applications from quickly clogging your UV Pump Filter, thus extending running times between sponge cleanings, extending the life of the UV, and simply allowing for better pons filtration and clarification.
This is not necessary for aquarium applications and even for pond applications is not essential, but our experience has shown your device will provide much better results and an extended life is this or similar pre-filtration is performed.

For larger ponds, two or more of the CUP-13 model placed strategically around your pond can work well for a VERY simple to install (no plumbing needed!) pond green water control system, even in ponds over 2500 gallons.
Two CUP-13 UV Pumps can maintain an otherwise correctly set-up pond for effective green water control.
See the picture to the left, please click to enlarge.

See Pond Care Information for more about correct pond set up including a Pond Veggie Filter.

*The SunSun UV Pump (as with ALL internal UV Pumps) is only designed for underwater of surface flow of water, the pump impeller design is not intended to generate the head pressure to run other devices (such as pond spitters, fountains or aquarium fluidized sand filters), pond water falls, or move water from a sump to the main aquarium.
Unfortunately some sellers/manufacturers of these or similar Internal UV pumps have made these claims, but this is patently false.
However when used inside an aquarium or small pond as these are designed for, your results can/will be excellent!

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For replacement UV-C Lamps which should be changed every 6 months to keep your Aquarium or Pond UV Sterilizer working at 100%:
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*Rinse the Sponge at least once per month in de-chlorinated tap or used aquarium water (never straight tap water).

*Also during this sponge maintenance, we recommend cleaning your impeller and impeller well as you should ANY electromagnetic vibration aquarium or pond pump.
Adding Petroleum Jelly to the impeller shaft after cleaning can help with wear and noise abatement (so can Teflon Tape wrapped around the end of each end of the impeller shaft)
Make sure the flow is NEVER impeded, as this can damage the impeller, impeller shaft or impeller well. In uses where organic load is high, such as ponds, this becomes even more important and why we suggest further pre-filtration with volcanic rock or similar.

Submersible UV Impeller
Please click on the picture above for a larger animated picture demonstrating how to service the impeller.

*We recommend replacing the UV Bulb every 6 months or once per year in cool climate ponds for best results

SunSun CUP UV Filter Bulb and Quartz Sleeve Change Tutorial Video
SunSun CUP UV Filter Bulb and Quartz Sleeve Change Tutorial Video

Unique AAP Internal/Submersible UV-C Pump/Filters

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