Natural and Pearl Nautilus Shell;
Nautilus pompilus Seashell Collectibles

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Natural Nautilus Seashell
*A Very popular shell for home décor
* A Beautiful collectible shell, especially when placed on a display stand
* Available in natural and pearl nautilus shells
* Genuine seashell

4-5 inch Natural Nautilus Shell- $18.99

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4-5 inch Pearl Nautilus Shell- $18.99

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Pearl Nautilus Seashell
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A cephalopod mollusk of the genus Nautilus, specifically N. pompilius, found in the Indian and Pacific oceans and having a spiral, pearly-lined shell with a series of air-filled chambers. Also referred to as the chambered nautilus or pearly nautilus.
As noted earlier, the Chambered Nautilus is a member of the class of mollusks (Cephalopods) which also includes Octopus, Squid, and Cuttle Fish, however the Nautilus is the only member of this class of mollusks whose bony structure of the body is externalized as a shell.
The Nautilus is a predator, with a primary diet of shrimp, small fish and crustaceans, which are captured by the up to ninety tentacles,

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Cephalopoda

Family: Nautilidae

Genus: Nautilus

Species: pompilius

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Cobra and Plastic Shell Display Stand

These seashell display stands are a great way to display your shell collection

Shell Night Lights
Delicate and beautiful seashell nite lights provide nice touch to bathrooms or any room.

Pearl Trochus Cone Shell (niloticus)
A beautiful polished Pearl Trochus, a true "gem" from the sea.

Pink Queen Conch Shell
A popular seashell collectible; the Pink Queen Conch Shell (Strombidae; Strombus-gigas)

4-5 inch Nautilus Shells

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