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    By Carl Strohmeyer
    Interviewed by Devon Trigg

    Q: What's AAP up to for 2020?

    A: We've been trying to expand in the right direction that makes sense for the business. We're sticking to our mission, which is to provide the most indepth aquarium information with experience to back up the science. We also have a handful of product we're the leading supplier to the hobby. We stand behind these professional grade products.

    We've been focusing on our AAP Professional Conditioner & Medication line. There's a need for professional grade suplies. These conditioners and medications have been proven to be very effective.

    Our sponge filter, UV sterilizers, and premium fish food still is a bright spot for us!

    Our information still gets updated daily, with new research always being added for more explainations and evidence. Our written libary is the most depth found anywhere and we're always coming out with new videos to pair with the written info.

    We have had a harder time with ever increasing shipping prices. More wanted for less and issues like delayed shippments, product no longer being manucatured, and shady manufactures. BUT we stay commited to helping hobbiest learn higher level aquatic information!


    Featured Product

    Now is the time to be thinking about replacing UV lamps in both ponds and aquarium applications. The replacement should be done once or twice a year for best results. If the lamp is not replaced at least once a year, it will be only putting out 50% of the UVc output. Long-term, the faulty lamp will burn out the ballast.

    Spring is a great time to replace the lamps, because it will give the most UVc punch right as the Sun and warmer tempatures come. This is when algae will try to grow.

    We also want to replace these lamps, so we make sure we still get true stilization.

    True Optimum 254nm High Output UV-C Low Pressure, Hot Cathode Quartz Germicidal Bulb/Lamps; 4 TIMES the UVC output of those typically sold by discounters!

    Including Patented Low Heat/HO technology NOT sold elsewhere.

    Premium germicidal UVc replacements for sale AT competitive prices.

    Guaranteed 6 months!!

    A UVc sterilizer is a great tool for best water care. Paired with some other simple tank care tips the sterilizer sets the tank up for the least amount of disease issues as possible. Don't be fooled thinking all "sterilizers" are created equal. Most are clarifiers, which clears green or cloudy water. True sterilizers actually prevent bacterial, parasite, and viral issues. We have a great deal of information about this topic.

    • AAP/TMC Professional 110 Watt Pond/Large Aquarium System Category A UV Sterilizer- $449.99 (SPECIAL; LIMITED STOCK At At This Price)
    There is no better, higher dwell time UV Sterilizer of this wattage AT ANY PRICE!
    • AAP Ultra-Premium FDA Approved Aquarium Silicone- $8.19 (SPECIAL)
    • AAP Green Water- $2.99 (SPECIAL)
    • Natural Nautilus Shell Night Light- $12.99 (SPECIAL; - Limited Quantities)
    • Tropic Marin Ultra Premium Reef/Marine Aquarium Salt- $19.99 for 7.5 lbs/25 gallons mixed (Limited Stock)
    • Select Driftwood- Price Varies in Cart (Select Items Until Sold)
    • High Output T-5 #PUVLF211, four pin 11 Watt UV bulb (Fits Laguna Pressure Flo 700 & 1400, more)- $19.99 (Limited Stock)
    • High Output T-5 #GPH287T5L/4P, four pin 14 -15 Watt UV bulb (Fits Classic Aqua 15 watt, more) - $22.99 (Limited Stock)
    • High Output T-5 #GPH436T5/4P, four pin 25 Watt UV bulb (fits Aqua Ultraviolet, Savio, Laguna, & more)- $25.99 (Limited Stock)
    • #PUVLF46H, four pin 50 Watt HO T5 UV bulb- $32.99
    • Premium HO 9 Watt G23 UV Bulb/Lamp- $14.99
    • Premium HO 18 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $17.99
    • Premium HO 36 Watt G11 UV Bulb/Lamp- $25.99
    • SunSun JP-033 Fountain/Aquarium Pump, 160 gph- $11.99 (Limited Stock)
    • Wicker Orb Oyster Shell SeaShell Wind Chime- $34.99 (Limited Stock)

    Recent Article Updates
    UV Sterilization, Facts and Myths
    "*A UV Sterilizer Under 25 Watts Is Basically Useless for Sterilization- FALSE; This is newer myth that appears to be started by a popular bulk reef supply seller via a YouTube video, with no experience or evidence to back this statement up.

    As an example, if you have a reef aquarium that holds 90 gallons with a 20 gallon sump (110 gallons total), chances are a UV such as the AAP Vecton 8 watt is not going to perform level one sterilization, however if your Reef tank is only 25 gallons, a properly plumbed Vecton 8 Watt is more than enough. This said, if owning a 25 watt model makes you feel more confident for your small 25 gallon aquarium, it certainly will not hurt either.

    I will also point out using this same High Output 8 Watt UV, that if level 2 sterilization is desired, this UV would be limited to an aquarium with a total volume of 45 gallons assuming properly plumbing, pre-filtration, etc. (based on our cited flow/turnover table).

    I base this on the tested numbers (flow rate table) I provide earlier in this article which in turn is based on 100s of controlled experiments & 1000s of observations in my humbly vast experience testing and using UV Sterilizers professionally since 1978. The author of the often referenced YouTube video cannot claim such experience or testing.

    *The Wattage of the UV lamp determines the wattage pulled when checked with a multi-meter- FALSE; For instance a 25 Watt UV lamp operated by an electronic ballast does not pull 25 watts once operating, rather closer to 16-18 watts (it pulls more during fire up). Once operating, this is due to "Ballast Factor"."

    Recent Video Releases
    Million Air Pump
    Best Economy Aquarium Air Pump
    There isn't much selection of a quality economy aquarium air pumps. There's lower quality economy pump and more expensive pumps. The Million Air pumps are a great pump, that have been tested tried and true. Also, very quite. Take a look at the demo video.

    Covid-19 Aquarium Treatment
    Covid-19 Aquarium Treatment
    Please use this aquarium medication for its indented purpose!

    Fish Dropsy
    Fish Dropsy
    This is a common symptom of a few different diseases. Find out how to know which disease to know how to treat the correct way. Also find out how to prevent the disease.

    Fish Diseases
    Fish Diseases, How to Treat Sick Fish
    Help with medicating fish. How to know the disease, which helps know what treatments to use. How to prevent the disease.

    Cool Stuff

    Everything Aquatic Forum
    Everything Aquatic

    One of the most helpful forums, with solid members. Ask a questions and learn from others experiences. The group has newbies to long time professionals. Talk about your set-up or check out tank builds.

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