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    By Devon Trigg
    Interviewed by Michelle Strohmeyer

    Q: How has your first year been since taking over the business?

    A: Thanks for asking.

    There have been a lot of changes this year as we adjust our workflow and figuring out what we really want to be doing for the hobby. Losing our resident expert has been hard, but we've been working off his legacy.
    We did rebrand the business with logo and mission statement.

    Now that we have some idea we want to take the business we've been working to get back to article and video work. Sharing knowledge with the hobby! We're still helping so many people in a year.

    We're planning on expanding into new product and working with a few new vendors. We have some opportunities to really start branding our own goods where before we promoted other companies and now we can promote our brand and tailor what we supply based on our methods. That was already our structure to promote only what we use and love. Not promoting a whole line of goods or a company just because we like a couple of their products. We have been struggling with our medication line. This was a core part of our business that really has been affected by the economy. We do have some ideas for the future on how we can get a complete med line again.

    Really our goal coming into the New Year is hang in for the long run. Our economy has been changing so much we're making sure to just take our time. Do what we've been doing best, which is professionally work aquarium and ponds then help others based on the experience.


    Featured Products

    AAP Nitrofurazone "Yellow Powder" is superior to other Nitrofurazone products such as Furan 2. An excellent choice for Aeromonas, Vibrio, and Furunculosis (common in Koi and goldfish) as well as an excellent treatment for Columnaris when combined with Kanaplex.

    For one it often needs only ONE TREATMENT unlike Furan-2 so although the price is initially higher, your costs for complete treatment are lower since multiple treatments usually are not needed (at most a 2nd treatment is called for).
    As well, AAP Nitrofurazone "Yellow Powder" can be combined with Kanamyacin for a stronger treatment and unlike Furan 2, the purity of this product often allows for a single treatment and a much more effective treatment than the Furan 2/Kanaplex combination.
    AAP Nitrofurazone "Yellow Powder" is also an effective external treatment Freshwater fish for: Peeling or white body slime, open ulcers, ammonia exposures, and some causes of fin rot (especially when caused by high ammonia).
    Ingredients: Premium Nitrofurazone with Acriflavin; 5 gram total
    Nitrofurazone may be harmful to some plants (not all). AAP advises the use in a hospital tank for fish kept in aquarium with sensitive invertebrate or plants.

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    Nitrofuracin Green: Our special formulation of Nitrofurazone, Sulfathiazole Sodium, Methylene Blue and sodium chloride.

    Fish Disease Diagnosis: Anti- microbial, anti- protozoan, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Wide spectrum. Good for newly arrived fish in quarantine situations. Also good for healing wounds and ammonia burn on newly arriving fish. Excellent treatment for a wide range of issues with Bettas Works well for sores on fish in Koi ponds. Can be used as another Nitrofurazone subsitute for treating Columnaris.

    May be increased 50% in difficult cases or double for 20-30 minute fish bath

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    TMC/AAP Vecton-6: V2 600 25 Watt- $289.99 (SPECIAL- UNTIL 12/31 ONLY)

    Saltwater Balling Method DRY 3 Part Set- $35.99 (Limited Stock)

    AAP Green Water- $2.99

    Tropic Marin Ultra Premium Reef/Marine Aquarium Salt- $19.99 for 7.5 lbs/25 gallons mixed

    Recent Article Updates
    Aquarium Heaters; Review, Size, Heater Information
    " Often when heater problems occur it is due to the heater being of the improper wattage to meet heating requirements of an aquarium in the location it occupies. Too high a wattage can result in rapid temperature rises that can result in cooked fish if you make adjustment mistakes.

    The above formula is a VERY accurate guide and I have used this formula for many years with no issues of under or over heating. In fact I have often witnessed less than honest retailers tell a customer that (for example) they need two 300 watt heaters for their 125 gallon aquarium when in reality ONLY ONE is required for the average room that is kept at 68 degrees during the cooler hours (usually at night while asleep). So PLEASE be careful with stores or web sites that try and over sell you as to your heater needs as this can actually be problematic in case of a rare malfunction.

    Also, if your room is warm (such as in summer months) you may end up with aquarium temperatures higher than your settings (example: a room that is 85 will keep an aquarium at 85 even if your heater is set at 78 F).

    It is important of all heaters, regardless of type to maintain good circulation around the heater for the best results for temperature control and accuracy. I have used (& even designed my own) heater modules for in-line heater applications and I will be the first to admit these do not properly dissipate the heat, especially with titanium heaters. Even though I really like the durability of Titanium Heaters, these types of submersible aquarium heater are best used inside the main display aquarium where the heat will dissipate more rapidly than in a sump or similar enclosed space. I have witnessed Titanium Heaters (of different brands) over heat and burn out when used in small sumps or heater modules. I recommend using a glass or quartz submersible heater in sumps or similar as glass submersible heaters do not seem to be as sensitive to this problem.

    Another point is often when the ambient temperature is more than 25 F (14 C) under the desired temperature, the use of two appropriately sized* heaters often works better from my experience. *By appropriately sized, I mean using the above cited formula.

    As well, on the "top end", aquarium heaters are designed only for a top temperature of 90 to 95F (32 to 35C), so attempting to heat any higher will likely result in failure and even damage to the to heater.

    Recent Video Releases
    AAP Marex
    AAP Marex: Chloroquine Pyrimethamine
    Learn about one of the most effective parasite treatments for saltwater fish.

    GH Minerals Aquarium
    Really Need a Water Change?
    Find out why, just a water change is not the best. We need electrically charged minerals in our water for osmoregulation of fish. It's like charging a car battery. We need to keep a charge!

    Hydro Sponge
    Coarse Sponge Vs. Fine Sponge
    Why are people not recommending the fine filter hydro sponge? We think it's just misinformation. It's a great filter for the right applications. Find out more!

    Medication Dosing Pro Tip
    Aquarium Medication Dosing Pro Tip
    Water changes should be done before each treatment, but not in the middle of a treatment!

    Cool Stuff

    Everything Aquatic Forum
    Everything Aquatic

    One of the most helpful forums, with solid members. Ask a questions and learn from others experiences. The group has newbies to long time professionals. Talk about your set-up or check out tank builds.

    Sponsor Contact
    AAP Sponsorship

    Looking for a sponsorship for your aquatic club, group, forum, page, website, videos...? AAP might be the right partnership for you. Contact us for more details. How can we help each other?

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