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Air Pod Non Stop Battery DC & AC Aquarium Air Pump
from AAP

Heavy Duty 4.6L/minute Airpump
*For Emergency, Continuous, or Fish/Aquarium Moving/Transport.

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Non Stop UPS, Aquarium Battery AC, DC Air Pump

AirPod Non Stop Heavy Duty Air Pump- $85.99

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This unique Aquarium, pond or hydroponics air pump can be used continuously, for emergency backup, or as an air supply when transporting fish during an aquarium moving or similar.

Features include:

Twin Outlets

Automatically switches from AC to Batteries when power fails, even when you are away from your home or business.

Use 4 Alkaline 'D' Cell Batteries; NOT INCLUDED

Variable Rheostat that work for either AC or DC operation

Powerful; displaces 4.6L/minute, more than most standard AC air pumps!

VERY Quiet operation with buffer with double deck insulation

Power Indicator Light

Runs on DC power up to 12 hours in low setting, 8-10 in high setting

Can be integrated with existing filter systems such as a Sponge Filter and run continuously so as to retain bio filtration, even when AC power is available, something the old style battery back up pumps cannot perform.

New Design, Vastly superior to the older style battery back up pumps as these Non Stop Air Pumps run either on AC or DC with a modified sine wave inverter (UPS).
This means these AC/Battery pumps are not just a back up pump like most are that you would leave attached to an air stone to turn on in an emergency, these pumps can run your existing filters such as a sponge filter whether power is available or NOT!

Superior to similar rechargeable in two ways;
First our testing & use of these rechargeable models all had premature failures
Second; With long power failures, the rechargeable models would often run out of "juice" while the battery models are easily changed out with fresh batteries.

120V, 60Hz, 5.1 watts; when operating on AC

Hassle free when compared to similar alternatives.

Can be used solo for tank movings, running filters during long moves, or when an aquarium is temporarily moved due to tenting for termites or similar.

* Make sure the batteries are at 1.6 V as per a battery test/multi meter.
* Also make sure the batteries are properly secured with the enclosed black clamp

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