Pearl Trochus Cone Shell, Niloticus;
Seashell Collectible

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Pearl Trochus Seashell CollectibleGenuine Trochus Shell (4 inch)- $11.99

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*A beautiful polished Pearl Trochus, a true "gem" from the sea.

*A great collectible shell or gift.


The Trochus niloticus is a large, conical-shaped, marine gastropod (snail) of shallow tropical reefs that can attain a size of over 12 cm. measured across the base. Generally an algae grazer, the Trochus are found in two tropical regions of Australia. The first region includes the Great Barrier Reef and the Torres Straits Islands, off the coast of north Queensland; this region supports a large and productive trochus fishery. The second region is located in Western Australia where trochus are found on coral reefs of the Buccaneer and Bonaparte Archipelagos in the Kimberley and offshore at Rowley Shoals, Browse Island, Scott Reef, Seringapatam Reef, Ashmore Reef and Cartier Island.
It is important for Pacific islanders as the shell yields valuable mother-of-pearl.

Phylum: Mollusca Class: Gastropoda Family: Trochidae Genus: Trochus
Species: niloticus


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