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Pocket Purifier by Purely
For Home Surface Sterilization that uses UVC Light without Harmful Chemicals

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Purely Pocket PurifierPocket Purifier- $15.99

PLEASE NOTE; The Manufacturer discontinued this product (& others) due to Amazon practices that are destroying many businesses (we still have the 4 watt replacement UV lamp made by a different manufacturer).
Reference: Buying Aquarium Products via Amazon

The Hand Held Pocket Purifier™ by Purely has a built-in UVC light bulb (lamp) that when turned on and exposed to surface areas or items needing to be disinfected/purified, will destroy the germs and bacteria killing their DNA, and preventing them from reproducing and growing.

UVC light energy has been tested for the past 60 years by governmental and private agencies and companies and the conclusion remains that there is simply nothing more effective for killing germs and bacteria, purifying the air we breath and the water we drink.

How the Pocket Purifier Works Diagram

• The light disinfects surfaces in 10 to 15 seconds
• Kills Germs that cause Flu, MRSA (Staph Infections). & more!
• Excellent Bleach Alternative!
• Uses built in 4 Watt Germicidal Bulb, the same technology used in hospitals to sterilize surgical equipment (8000 hour with recommended 4000 hour useful lifespan)
• Uses Four ‘AA’ Batteries Not Included
• Includes Flashlight!
• Excellent Gift

• To use the germicidal UVC light for deactivating and killing germs, switch Pocket Purifier to “Purifier” and aim the UV-C light towards the area you wish to purify.
• Quick Use; Hold the Hand Held Purifier 1/2” to 1” away from the surface of the item you are purifying for 10 to 15 seconds. This will work for 1” x 4” area.
• Larger Area; Place the Pocket Purifier in a small enclosed area (12” to 24”) with the object(s) to be purified and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Use the Pocket Purifiers flip stand on the side of the unit to position it properly during this method of use.
• Flashlight Mode - simply slide the On/Off switch up.

Pocket Purifier Destroys Bacteria, Viruses on most Home Surfaces

For further information about UV Sterilization (including proper use, set up, and UVC bulb changes), please see this web page:
Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilization

Or for customer feedback: Customer Feedback

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