Professional Aquarium and Pond Filter Experience, TMC Pro Pond Bio Filter, superior to Nexus Moving Bed Filter

TMC Fluid Bed Professional
Pond Bio Filter;

*Model FBF80 Fluidized Sand Bed Pond Filter

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The TMC Pro Pond Fluidized Sand Bed Filter takes Fluidized filter technology to the next level with a professional pond filter that surpasses even the current fluid bed pond filters in bio capacity (which retail for higher).

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High bio capacity; up to 176 lbs. (80kg) of fish or other bio mass for the TMC Pro Pond FBF80.
This is enough capacity for a pond of 2500-5000 gallons with just this filter; HOWEVER when one considers this or any other similar bio filter is most effective with some pre-filter and Veggie Filter, this filter can easily support a pond of 5000 gallons

Better and more even mixing of sand in the tower design than in current fluid bed pond filters.

Includes 22 lbs (10 kg) of Oolitic Sand Media

Utilizes oolitic sand, which continuously is in friction and aids in pH, KH, GH, and essential Redox maintenance which is important when the amount of acid producing organic decomposition that is common to most ponds is considered; This is an aspect other similar filters cannot claim!

Generally maintenance free when used correctly.

Offers all the features of TMCs commercial fluidized filter with low head start up and diffuser bowl

TMC Pro Pond FBF are fitted with an anti-siphon device, preventing the oolitic aragonite media from back-siphoning into the supply pipe work when the water supply is turned off.

Use with some sort of Pre-Filtration is strongly recommended to prevent larger debris from entering the fluidation chamber.
This includes a surface skimmer, large pressurized filter, large micron mechanical filter, or a simple rock pre-filter built around a submersible pump (this would simply be volcanic or similar coarse surface medium grade rock in a bucket, box, or section of the pond)

The TMC Pro Pond filter (as with any similar aerobic pond bio filter) is best with in conjunction with other filter and circulation elements such as a Veggie/Bog filter and additional circulation pumps.

Dimensions: Height= 61 inches (156 cm), Base Width= 10 inches (26 cm)

Currently in Testing)

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