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For Aquarium, Garden, & Hydroponics
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• These self ballasted lamps fit in any standard incandescent fixture
• 120V & 240/277V applications
- Planted Freshwater Aquarium. Vastly superior to CFL & most T5s
- PAR light needs of Symbiotic Zooxanthellae in reef or Refugiums
- Indoor Greenhouse/Nursery/Hydroponics/Aquariums Lighting

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SHO Super High Output and Standard Compact Fluorescent Lights, LampsCompact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) along with SHO (Super High Output) CFL are simple yet effective lights, which fit into simple incandescent fixtures & reflectors. These lights are self ballasted standard incandescent fixture “screw in” type and are similar to T-6 4-pin and square pin CFL lights. Having about same lumen per watt output (generally around 60 lumens per watt).

SHO are among the highest PAR fluorescent lights available and along with T5s, Next Generation T2 Aquarium Lights, & even more so High End LED Aquarium Lights. These make up the best of aquarium lighting, especially for planted freshwater or marine reef aquariums.
In fact, light output and durability is really only exceeded by the high end LEDs as these SHOs compare favorably to most all other aquarium lights. Including the plethora of economy LEDs flooding the market often sold via Amazon & other discounters.

Also see the SHO customer review in the right side bar.

High Light Planted Aquarium With SHO Lights

SHO Aquarium Light growing Rotala in planted tankAbove: Planted aquarium utilizing 85 Watt SHO lamps (click to enlarge)

To the right is a planted aquarium (40 gallons) utilizing two 65 Watt SHOs growing Rotala

The 6400K SHO is popular for indoor nurseries/hydroponics applications due to simple application and high plant growth. This is actually the more popular application for the SHO light.
Available in 65, 85, & 105 Watt Lamps.

Please scroll down for our “high end” SHO Lights for Hydroponics/Aquariums or to the Pay Now Button to purchase.

Fits ALL incandescent fixtures.

Standard medium base LED Daylight Lamp
Available in two styles:

• 8.8 Watt 5000 K Daylight- $4.99

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• 15 Watt 6400 K Daylight- $8.99
U Shape CFL

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• 8.8 Watt LED Lamp length from bottom of base to the tip= 4.25" (10.9 cm).
Length of bulb above the base =3.25".
Diameter (width) is 2.5" (6 cm).
• 8.8 Watt LED Lamp has a Lumen Output of 800 (90.9 lumens per watt!!!) & up to 22 year lifespan.

• 15 Watt ‘U’ Bulb length from base to the tip= 5.25" (13.3 cm).
Diameter (width) is 1" (2.5 cm)
• 15 Watt 'U' Bulb has a Lumen Output of 930 (62 lumens per watt!) & a 10,000 hr. lifespan

• Fit Standard North American E26 Base.

• Great for planted aquariums with Kelvin range (PAR) best for plants (5500K- 7500K).
For an example of the nanometer output of this bulb, please see the color graph in the PAR section of this page: Aquarium Lighting

• These screw in CFL lights use only 13 or 15 Watts with a lumen output similar to a 60 or 75 watt standard bulb (60 for the 13 watt and 75 for the 15 watt CFL). With a 62 lumens per watt output!
Aquarium Incandescent fixture with 6400 K Compact fluorescent lights
An inexpensive alternative to incandescent aquarium lights for both fish and especially plants.

• Fit most medium E26/E27 household screw in socket bases (it may not fit some ceramic sockets due to shorter female socket end).

• Superior to standard power compact bulbs for aquariums. Wider nanometer range and higher Lux (Both important to fish and plants).

• Safe for Fresh or Saltwater.

Great idea for inexpensive yet plant capable aquarium hoods. Simply purchase a basic aquarium hood with two incandescent sockets and instead of using standard incandescent aquarium bulbs, use these higher useful light energy bulbs instead!

For Aquariums, Indoor Plants/Greenhouse/Hydroponics, High PAR Reef Lighting.

SHO aquarium light bulb The latest in aquarium lighting technology and already proven by the Green House and similar industries for growing plants with a simple yet effective light that requires no special fixture!

These can be installed in your hood using a standard incandescent fixture (with foil, Mylar, or similar to better reflect the light). Or for better illumination, hung pendant style above your aquarium (as is common for reef aquariums).

This is not your Grandmas Power Compact bulb! Great for planted tanks or “Monster Fish tanks”.
Please click to enlarge (Gallon jug shown for size comparison).

• This is an awesome bulb for planted freshwater aquariums (in fact there is none better currently available for larger aquariums)!
(See customer review)

• A great bulb for DIY high intensity aquarium or greenhouse lighting projects and now medical studies have shown benefits to human and animal life. Many convalescent hospitals are now employing these too, which along with greenhouse businesses, is the primary reason we have not always been able to obtain SHO lights as the primary North American Distributor is often sold out to these industries!

• The SHO are best used in vented canopies or open installations with 12 inches clearance in the canopy/hood. In small aquarium hoods the T2 and LED lights are a better choice.

• High output self-ballasted aquarium bulbs, no special (or expensive) ballast required.

• Fits standard E26 standard screw base (120 Watt).

• 6400K Day Light Bulbs.

Info on SHO Aquarium Lights
All About SHO Lights

• Ideal for planted aquariums (including Marine Refugiums), especially large tanks! In part due to the high PAR rating. PAR output is important for photosynthesis in plants or symbiotic algae in corals. As a generalization, about 2 to 2.5 watts per gallon are required of these SHO lamps for an average depth (under 22") "High Light" planted aquarium (use of a reflector increases performance considerably).
These bulbs are all you would need for a planted FW aquarium or Marine Refugium.

• We recommend complimenting these bulbs with either a Reef or Marine Blue LED Light, Metal Halide, T5, T2, or CFL Actinic blue in marine reef tanks for additional blue light for the best balance of PAR required by symbiotic zooanthellic algae.

• Even an excellent light for home and office lighting due to its high output of perfect 6400K daylight. In fact the North American distributor of this light has "run out" many times during winter months due to sales to mental health institutions, whichc swear by these lights!!

• 8000 hours average life.

-The 65 watt SHO produces 3500 lumens, the equivalent of a standard 325 watt bulb.
-The 85 watt SHO produces 4500 lumens, the equivalent of a standard 425 watt bulb.
-The 105 watt SHO produces 5600 lumens, the equivalent of a standard 525 watt bulb.

• Approximately 70 Lumens per Watt!

• Can be used in freshwater or marine.

SHO Mounting Demonstration

• The SHO bulb is VASTLY brighter than most other competing lights!
The picture to the right shows one of many mounting options (for more mounting options, see the left side bar). This diagram shows a very simple mounting using the reflector, which increases the efficiency of the SHO Lights. This is a method that employs the optional reflector without the possible hassles of a hanging mount (the hanging mount is popular among hydroponics businesses or hobbyists).
Please click on the picture to enlarge

• The SHO is a good compliment to LED Lights or T2 Lights in marine aquariums, especially as it pertains to symbiotic algae growth necessary for corals. Research has shown that many stony corals, clams, and other sessile species, which depend on photosynthesis of zooanthellic algae not only thrive, but also propagate when maintained under Power Compact lighting alone. Especially high output SHO lamps!

• Can be mounted in an aquarium canopy hood (too large for the small plastic hoods) using a standard incandescent fixture.

• This bulb can be mounted pendant style (similar to many Metal Halide applications) using a reflector.

• Can also be used for Greenhouse & Indoor Hydroponics applications.

• For Mounting Suggestions- especially for marine or planted aquariums, please see the
SHO Mounting Section in the left Side Bar.

• We suggest adding a bead of silicone or silicone lubricant around the socket once the lamp is installed to prevent moisture damage, especially if the reflector/pendant is used over an open aquarium without a lid between lights and water.

For more aquarium lighting information, please see this article:
AQUARIUM lighting, Kelvin, Nanometers and more

65 Watt SHO aquarium light • 65 Watt SHO Bulb- $37.99

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• Bulb length x Width (after socket): 8.25" (21 cm) x 3" (7.5 cm).
• A great choice for a high light tank 25 gallons or less or two for a 50 gallon high light aquarium.
Far less expensive with higher output than many LEDs such as the Finnex.

• 85 Watt SHO Bulb- $38.99

SPECIAL; 85 Watt SHO Bulb- $3.99 (Limited Quantities)

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• Bulb length x Width (after socket): 10" (25.5 cm) x 4" (10 cm).
• A great choice for a high light tank 35 gallons or less or two for a 70 gallon high light aquarium.
Far less expensive with higher output than many LEDs such as the Finnex.

105 Watt SHO aquarium light • 105 Watt SHO Bulb- $39.99

SPECIAL; 105 Watt SHO Bulb- $35.99 (Limited Quantities)

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• Bulb length x Width (after socket): 10" (25.5 cm) x 4" (10 cm).
• A great choice for a high light tank 45 gallons or less or two for a 90 gallon high light aquarium.
Far less expensive with higher output than many LEDs such as the Finnex.

• 105 Watt SHO Bulb 277 Volt- $45.99

SPECIAL; 105 Watt SHO Bulb 277 Volt- $27.99 (Clearance; Limited Quantities, all sales final)

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• E40 (mogul screw base) for European or similar electrical systems.
• Bulb length x Width (after socket): 11" (25.5 cm) x 4" (10 cm).
-Due to shipping costs, LIMIT (2) 277 V Lights per order.


• Polished Reflector for SHO Bulbs- $51.99
(Not required for SHO use)

SPECIAL; Polished Reflector for SHO Bulbs- $38.99 (Limited Quantities)

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• Diameter 12-1/2" (32 cm).

• HIGHLY reflective silver finish (no other colors available).

• Alleviates most ReStrike problems common to SHO and all Compact Fluorescent lights.

• The light fits snugly inside this reflector. If you're having some difficulty fitting the light firmly inside, we suggest applying some Petroleum Jelly to the neck of the reflector.

This reflector (this can be used with the single socket we sell or one purchased elsewhere) can turn your SHO bulb into a relatively inexpensive pendant, light which will provide better illumination and heat dissipation. In fact, with this high end polished reflector you'll have a SHO/Pendant combination, which is superior to a similar output Metal Halide for Freshwater Plant Aquarium, Indoor Plant Hydroponics, and rivals a MH for Marine applications (more so when combined with a LED or similar). All for a much lower prices and a simpler longer lasting fixture since MH ballasts often have a short life for a high price.

• Please see the sidebar for more DIY SHO Installation Tips


Twin Incandescent Light fixture • Twin Incandescent Fixture (Double Bulb/Light Socket)- $6.99

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We're the original seller of this product. Why purchase from an eBay seller plagiarizing our content when you can purchase from the original and experienced seller of this product online?

• Dual socket can be used for either CFL or SHO lamps.

• E26 or E27 Base.

• Can be easily installed in a standard metal or plastic aquarium hood or used as a replacement for an existing Dual/Twin Light Socket.

• For use with SHO lamps, we recommend these fixtures be used in a larger canopy with a reflector/heat shield for better reflection of light (aluminum foil or Mylar can work for this). You may need to add spacers/washers for use with SHO lamps (as these are primarily designed for smaller incandescent or CFL lamps) due to the large SHO lamp size as well (some DIY abilities may be required for this application).

• Please note that these sockets are NO longer available to us with the “plug” or nut. Only the electrical “pigtails” (for legal liability reasons as per the plug).
However, the plug and additional wire (& lighting fixture nut if necessary) are easily obtained at a local hardware/electrical supply store or cut from the used/old electrical appliance. Sorry for any inconvenience, however we should note that we sell these basically at cost as a customer convenience as there's only one manufacturer doing us a favor and willing to make these any more and even then ordering from them is difficult and more costly.

Single Outdoor style Incandescent Light fixture • Single Incandescent Fixture (Single Light Socket), outdoor style- $5.59

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• Can be used in for either CFL or SHO lamps (this is the recommended socket style for SHO lights).

• Especially useful with the polished reflector for pendant or similar style SHO lamp/light applications.

• Heavy duty outdoor style, great for applications where moisture is present.

• Please note that these sockets are NO longer available to us with the “plug”. Only the electrical “pigtails” (for legal liability reasons). However, the plug and additional wire is easily obtained at a local hardware store, or cut from a used electrical appliance.

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For the next generation in HO micro compact lighting:

T2 Next Generation Sub Miniature Aquarium Lights

Superior output to CFL and even T5 for the energy used.

For the Latest Generation LED Aquarium Lights:

LED Aquarium Lights- TMC/AAP AquaRay

The newest generation LED Aquarium Lights have no comparison when long term cost and output are compared apples to apples.

Helios G11 Four Pin Standard and VHO Aquarium CF Lights

For In Depth Aquarium Lighting Information:


BTW, I also purchased a couple SHO 85 bulbs with reflectors you sell and they're unbelievable on my 75 gallon. I have never seen my plants pearl as much as they do now, and I went from about 185 watts of HO t5s to 170 watt CFLs. I would consider these a serious upgrade!!!!
Mark T.


Please click on pictures below to enlarge

Since the SHO lamps/bulbs are larger than most incandescent or CFL lamps they'll not readily fit in a small plastic aquarium hood (a T2 or CFL will). However, considering the output in both light and temperature (not as much temperature as a MH by any means), they're best either hung over an aquarium using the pendant we sell or a simple clip on Incandescent Fixture, which can be purchased almost anywhere for low cost.

The picture above shows how the SHO bulb properly attaches to the polished reflector and standard incandescent fixture. Please note, the wires or other method of securing to the reflector are exaggerated for this example. We recommend twisting inside or clipping any wires etc, so as to look aesthetically pleasing.

Twin Incandescent fixture with SHO lamps inside hood with mirror reflectors

The other popular mounting method is to place Incandescent fixtures inside a wooden canopy style hood and then silicone mirrors, heavy duty foil, or mylar to the areas directly behind where the SHO will fit inside the fixtures. So, as to amplify the light from the SHO bulbs. This is a very simple albeit DIY method although the pendent method is probably the simplest/quickest (and directs the most light into the aquarium by limiting Restrike). See picture above.

The photoshopped picture/diagram above displays approximate SHO lamp placement in a planted freshwater aquarium. This shows (4) lights although for aquarium 4 ft or less in length, two lights is generally adequate (only one light for 2 feet or less in length).

Suggested Wattage
• As a generalization, (2-2.5) watts of daylight SHO Lights are required for planted freshwater aquariums.
• For Marine Reef, (2.5-2.8) watts of SHO lights (possibly mixed with other light types).

Light (lamp) Placement:

Pendant vs. Mirror-
The advantage to a pendant reflector over a Mirror/Mylar/Foil (depending on reflection quality) is that it will radiant downward in a slightly more magnified fashion than a Mirror/Mylar/Foil, however the Mirror/Mylar/Foil canopy mount mehtod has one advantage over the pendant, which is more wide spread light distribution. So, this choice comes down more to tank arrangement of plants or corals.

Light Penetration-
What's often a bigger issue, especially with deep tanks (over 24 inches) is to allow as much of the blue light (which is found as part of the light spectrum of these 6400K lights) as possible through to the tank and often a glass top will block these light rays (over 60%), so using polycarbonate or no lid at all may do more for effectiveness than whether you use a mirror or pendent. Supplementing with Actinic blue/50,000K T5 or LED lights is also suggested for deeper tanks marine tanks, especially reef (generally not as important for planted freshwater).

Specimen Placement-
One more point is depending on what you are using the SHO light for. I would move corals as high up in the water column as possible (in placement on liver rock or similar), or if this light is for FW plants I would move the high light requiring plants directly under the lights (or even elevate them with terracing, which can look quite attractive if done well and serve a dual purpose of aesthetics and better light energy absorption).

Whatever method you use to install a SHO light for your aquarium (or Greenhouse/Hydroponics), please keep in mind that these are not an “out of the box” light (there are no installation kits) and require some DIY ability to best utilize their benefits. However, these are not all that difficult to install if your application has the room and the rewards of economical yet high powered useful light energy is well worth it for persons with at least some DIY abilities!

For our business partners webpage:
Business Partners; Great Links

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (SHO & Standard), Sockets.

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