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Premium Reverse Osmosis Aquarium Filter;
AAP RO System, TDS Meter

Models include: 50 GPD RO System & Advanced 100 GPD with TDS Meter
Separate TDS Monitor also Available

PARTS: Replacement Carbon Block, Micron/ Sediment Filter, Membrane, & Thread Garden Hose Adapter.

Also available is the complete Instruction, Quality Parts Manual

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AAP Reverse Osmosis Filter

The use of Reverse Osmosis water for aquariums has been popular for quite some time.

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The two primary reasons are:

(1) For Marine Aquariums (in particular delicate Reef Aquariums) to use with quality marine salt mixes so as to prevent the addition of undesirable elements, toxins or nitrogenous organic compounds.
RO (Reverse Osmosis) water is of particular importance in “topping off” of marine/saltwater aquariums so as to prevent build-ups of Nitrates (most tap or well water contains nitrates) and to a lesser degree alter chemistry.

(2) For freshwater aquariums duplicating Amazon River or Southeast Asia waters.
For these water using RO water at 25% of aquarium water or higher, along with products such as SeaChem Replenish and/or Wonder Shells to replenish essential elements/electrolytes back into the RO water is the most simple way to both start and maintain correct water chemistry.
In fact this is vastly more desirable to the use of “Ph Down” or similar products that often result in dangerous pH bounces due to alkaline reserve found in tap or well water.
Mineral replenishers such as Replenish or Wonder Shells do not add to alkaline reserve.
Please see this article for a further explanation:
Aquarium Chemistry; Amazon River/SE Asia Aquariums
Or for excellent information on how to properly use RO Water in an aquarium:
RO and DI Water Use in Aquariums

This is why the Tropic Marine Centre V˛Pure Reverse Osmosis System is important additional aquarium equipment any of the above noted aquarium keepers should not be without.
What TMC brings to the RO system market is a company known for their strong backing of their product line, unlike other Aquarium RO system manufacturers that often do not regularly supply their retailers with replacement parts.
As well TMC is well known as a “top of the line” aquarium supplies manufacturer with rugged construction that sets apart their RO units from all others resulting in less flow-by than most other RO units..
EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, the TMC RO systems utilize Pentair TFC (thin film composite) membranes, NOT the CTA (cellulose triacetate membrane) most less expensive RO systems utilize which can concentrate ammonia or other molecules due to high rejection rates and inefficient membranes!

These Pentair USA Made membranes are Medical Grade!

This sets the TMC RO Systems apart from often inferior competing products, in particular as to the "cheapie" RO Systems found at Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, or even other Aquarium product manufacturers that often require a booster pump for higher water pressure (unlike the TMC RO Unit), and also many are not aquarium water quality since some add sodium and thus should never be used for aquarium applications.

RO, RODI TDS Results The Bottom line is there is NO better Reverse Osmosis System available! Please read on to find out why, including our tips for use
To the right is proof that the quality on many levels of the RO system affects simple RO results.
Here you see a high TDS before and ZERO TDS after WITHOUT EVER USING A DI Chamber!!

Based on our experience, these are the most durable RO filter units in their class you can purchase anywhere and based on our founders experience results, NO FURTHER DI chamber that adds to ongoing expense of use is needed with these "top of the line" RO Systems!!


RO Water Flow Pattern• Three-stage, professional RO (reverse osmosis) system incorporating high quality components.
Click on picture(s) to enlarge for a better view

• 10 inch Sediment/Micron pre-filter cartridge which functions as a first stage filter, removing particles of up to 5 microns from the water while also protecting and prolonging the life of the RO membrane.
This highest quality 5 µm pre-filter is enclosed inside a transparent filter housing so it is easy to see when the filter needs to be changed.
It is noteworthy that many of not most micron filter cartridges are 10 µm versus the TMC @ 5 µm

• 10 inch activated premium catalytic carbon block filter which offers the highly effective removal of contaminants such as chlorine AND chloramines and colorants from the water.
Far superior to other RO carbon filters we have used in our aquarium maintenance business in that these last twice as long or longer than most others

High quality Medical Grade Pentair Thin Film Composite (TFC) RO membrane, which removes contaminants such as heavy metals and hardness-forming minerals from the water, as well as a high percentage of nitrogenous wastes (nitrates, ammonia, etc.) and phosphates.
Most other RO/DI systems now use the economy grade TFC (such as the Dow FilmTec) or the CTA, a.k.a. the cellulose triacetate membrane (also sold by Dow & others) so as to keep the price low.
Cellulose acetate membranes are the oldest form of commercial RO membranes and the lowest cost to produce, hence the much lower costs of systems utilizing these.

Salt retention rate 98 - 99%

• Although these TMC RO Systems do not include an additional DI stage; based on our aquarium maintenance company's use of such units over decades, these are more of a gimmick that adds considerably to operating costs for no added benefit for aquarium use. In fact at about $10 per DI resin use which is generally good for only 50 gallons of water, this is an expense that makes even the cheapest RO/DI filter less practical when one considers the 0 nitrates, 0 chloramines, and 0 phosphates this PREMIUM 3 stage RO filter produces.

The DI stage is helpful topping off automotive batteries, however the removal of some additional mineral ions that the DI stage provides is not necessary for aquarium uses, both saltwater and freshwater and in fact these mineral ions/cations that the DI chamber removes generally is an aspect of water you need to add back in and thus really is best NOT removed.

V2 RO pressure gauge• Integral pressure gauge which helps to indicate when the RO membrane may need to be flushed or replaced, ensuring the RO system gives the optimum performance.

V2 RO System flush valve• Integral flow Restrictor/manual flush valve which prevents excess water flow to the RO membrane and allows regular flushing of the RO membrane to prolong its life.

• Compact, space-saving design incorporating a strong, metal wall-mounting bracket ensuring quick and simple installation (see the download further down for the complete instructions and quality parts list).

• Supplied complete with a self-piercing water connector, drain clamp, 6m of Ľ" RO flexible tubing (2m white/2m red/2m blue) and a filter housing removal tool.

The "Advanced" models have all the benefits of the standard models but also incorporate a feature-packed in-line TDS monitor which measures the Total Dissolved Solids value both before AND after water passes through the V˛Pure RO System, providing a visual indicator of its performance.

• In-line digital TDS monitor which measures and provides a highly accurate "real-time" display of total dissolved solid levels before AND after water passes through the RO system, providing a visual indicator of its performance.

• "Real-Time" calculation of TDS removal rate with a removal rate indicator. When the TDS removal rate is above 80% the LED glows green and when the TDS removal rate drops below 80% the LED glows red.

For further information about TDS & Tap Water in general, please see this excellent article from "Aquarium Answers":
What should I know about Tap water for my Aquarium? From Chlorine and Chloramines to Phosphates & TDS

• Dual, 3 digit LCD display with backlight.

• Easy to use with quick-connect fittings for simple installation.

• Selectable monitoring mode - battery saving or continuous monitoring using a mains power adaptor (not supplied).

• 1 x long life 3v lithium battery (CR2032) included.

*Detection Range: 0-999 ppm
*Sensitivity: 1ppm
*Accuracy: ±2%
*Weight 25g
*Dimensions 100mm (L) x 8mm (W) x 40mm (H)

• Very Low Operating Cost; Based on maintenance schedule and replacement part costs listed below, your operating cost is only $ .014 per gallon!

• For the Complete Instructions/Parts/Installation manual (Download), please Click below:
TMC V2 Pure Instruction Manual (pdf Download)

Maintenance/ Suggested Use:

*Dispose of the first 2-3 gallons of water produced during new filter operation or after change of Membrane.
It is noteworthy that during the first few hours output of waste water is quite high while "good" water is quite low; this is normal and does not indicate the need for higher water pressure.

*Change Carbon Block and Sediment/Micron Filter every six months or 2500 gallons of water produced, whichever comes first

*Flush Membrane every month or 1000 gallons of water produced, whichever comes first

*Change Membrane every 2-3 years or 12,000- 18,000 gallons of water produced, whichever comes first.

*In our Aquarium Maintenance business we found the use of a 32 gallon Rubbermaid or similar trash can the best way to store RO water. We would run the RO water directly through a small hole in the lid of the trash can with a secondary tube near the top to an overflow container should this first container fill while no one was present.
The advantage of this over a pressurized RO tank (besides simplicity and cost) is that with a pressurized RO tank, most are under 5 gallons and once filled the RO System will shut off, of which 5 gallons is far from enough water for most aquariums. However with the 32 gallon plastic container, enough RO water is rarely an issue!!

Click on pictures to enlarge for a better view

50 GPD Advanced RO with TDS Meter100 GPD Advanced RO with TDS Meter

*V2Pure 50 RO System - $159.99
(50 Gallons per day RO Water)

*V2Pure 50 Advanced RO System with in-Line TDS Meter- $199.99
(50 Gallons per day RO Water)

*V2Pure Advanced 100 RO System with in-Line TDS Meter- $239.99
(100 Gallons per day RO Water)

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TDS Monitor

* TDS Monitor/Meter- $95.99

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* Can be used to probe or constantly monitor Total Dissolved Solids
* Suitable for use with all Reverse Osmosis Systems or just to use to test tap, well, or even aquarium water with probes


Replacement CarbonReplacement MicronReplacement Membrane

*Replacement Carbon Block- $15.99

* Replacement Sediment/Micron Filter Cartridge- $8.99

* #50 Replacement RO Membrane- $65.99

* #100 Replacement RO Membrane- $99.99

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*Threaded Tap Connector; Part #0732890- $5.99

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Fits ANY RO system with standard tubing.
This allows attachment to a garden hose outlet or cold water washing machine outlet, allowing for a "soft install" where you can easily move your RO filter system around unlike the "hard install" out of the box as this and most RO systems are supplied.
This Option is NOT INCLUDED with our RO filters

(See "Tips" in sidebar for installation)

*TMC V2 RO System Replacement 'T' Hose connector- $5.99

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*Fits 7mm OD tubing on each end and 10mm tubing on input side.

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SeaChem Replenish
SeaChem Replenish is a proprietary blend of salts designed to replenish important minerals that are removed by reverse osmosis or de-ionizing filtration prior to aquarium use

TMC V˛ Skim Premium Venturi & Rio Nano Marine Protein Skimmers

Professional quality TMC V2 Skim Saltwater Protein Skimmer as well as the more basic Rio Nano Skimmer for beginner marine aquariums.
Both are Ozone Compatible

TMC V˛ Oł Zone Ozone Generator

Top of the line Ozone Generator which raises oxidizing levels, making your Protein Skimmer more efficient which helps to break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water

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Pillow Moss
A decoration that also acts as strong natural acid buffer lowering KH and pH for softer water preferring aquarium fish

SeaChem Reef Builder
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UV Sterilizers
TMC, Terminator, & Custom UV Sterilizers/ Clarifiers;
as well as Replacement UV Bulbs, Quartz Sleeves, Ballasts.

Including our PREMIUM high efficiency 9 Watt UV Bulb with a patented heat shield. You will NOT find this UV bulb at Amazon or eBay!!!

For one of best, highest PAR per input energy Aquarium LED lights:

AquaRay; LED Aquarium Lights

5 year warranty and highest waterproof rating of any LED light!

Also the Premium AI Hydra HD and iLumenAir/Zetlight LED Lights

Internal UV Filter/Pump
SunSun Premium Engineered, Designed Internal 9 & 13 Watt UV Sterilizer Filter, Pump

Helpful Tips

Garden Hose Adapter Tutorial
Please click on the picture above to better view this picture tutorial for the use of the Threaded Tap Connector

Reverse Osmosis System

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