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Aquarium Plant Substrate;

*SeaChem Flourite; fractured, porous clay gravel for planted aquariums.

*Azoo Plant Grower Bed, Compare to Eco Complete, Superior Performance

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Aquarium plant substrate; Azoo Plant Grower Bed, compare to Eco Complete


Available sizes/colors:

* Black 15.4 lb. - $29.99
* Red 15.4 lb. - $29.99

We now also sell by the pound since often a small amount is all that is needed by the roots

* Black 1 lb. - $3.99
* Red 1 lb. - $3.99

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Flourite Magnified SeaChem Flourite is a specially fractured, stable porous clay gravel for natural planted aquarium & may be used in any freshwater aquarium environment.
Flourite may be mixed with other gravel and unlike competing products, Flourite never has to be replaced. It remains effective for the life of the aquarium. Flourite is not chemically coated or treated and will not alter the pH of the water.

Although pre-washed, it may be rinsed before use to remove residual dust. Dust can also be minimized by filling aquarium slowly and dispersing water so that the Flouriteฎ bed is not disturbed. Slight initial cloudiness is normal and will clear rapidly (2–12 hours).

• Flourite may be mixed with other gravels and/or placed in areas of plant roots only

• Flourite will not alter the pH of water

• Each Flourite Bag (7 kg.) occupies a volume of 7,000 cm3 (425 cu, in.)
To determine amount of Flourite needed; multiple Width x Length x Depth of areas where this plant substrate is desired.
Each bag is sufficient for a 10 gallon tank at a depth of 2 inches when used solely, and can easily be used in tanks up to 40 gallons (36 x 15 base) when used mixed or with plant roots only.

Black Contains:
Aluminum (33510 mg/kg), Barium (19 mg/kg), Calcium (20950 mg/kg), Cobalt (4 mg/kg), Chromium (7 mg/kg), Copper (17 mg/kg), Iron (4338 mg/kg), Potassium (374 mg/kg), Magnesium (1868 mg/kg), Manganese (51 mg/kg), Sodium (5484 mg/kg), Nickel (9 mg/kg), Vanadium (11 mg/kg), & Zinc (9 mg/kg)

Red Contains:
Aluminum (15710 mg/kg), Barium (104 mg/kg), Calcium (120 mg/kg), Cobalt (8 mg/kg), Chromium (22 mg/kg), Copper (19 mg/kg), Iron (16190 mg/kg), Potassium (2417 mg/kg), Magnesium (2816 mg/kg), Manganese (47 mg/kg), Sodium (365 mg/kg), Nickel (7 mg/kg), Vanadium (18 mg/kg), & Zinc (50 mg/kg)

Aquarium plant substrate; Azoo Plant Grower Bed, compare to Eco CompleteAZOO PLANT GROWER BED

Currently Unavailable:


• Long lasting fertilizer, 12 to 18 months
• Removes discoloration from driftwood for 12-18 months.
• Stabilize pH; maintain a lower pH value without the use of CO2. Excellent when combined with Sea Chem Excel
• Natural look
• Can be used as only substrate or as a base around plant roots for more economy
• Contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur plus and many other elements to nourish your aquatic plants.
• Encourages both nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria around plant roots
• Compare to Eco Complete, however with more water stabilization properties and without the added liquid bacteria gimmick. Azoo Plant Grower Bed is a better choice for substrate especially when CO2 is NOT used.
• This product works well in mixing around areas of plant roots only, so the use of this product for the entire substrate is not necessary, saving money (I rarely use more the 25% of Plant Grower Bed to gravel).
• Available in 4 lb. and 12 lb. bags.

I prefer to use this product under my regular gravel as Plant Substrate will settle under most larger aquariums gravel or pebbles. I find that this will generally work well when enough is supplied around the roots while this method keeps costs down as well (vs. using Azoo Plant Grower Substrate as the sole aquarium substrate).

FOR OUR FULL PLANT ARTICLE, please follow this link:
Aquarium Plants; Substrate, Ferts, CO2, Lighting, and other Factors. Also Aquarium Plant Information about Hornwort, Anubias, Java Fern, Java Moss, and more

*Limit (2) Flourite per Order due to weight Shipping Restrictions.
*Please email us for additional shipping charges on this product (Due to weight) or for shipments outside the 48 contiguous United States

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Aquarium Substrate

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