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SunSun JP-033, JP-65, JP-54

AAP Economy Pumps for Aquariums, Vivariums, or Terrariums
160, 238, 317 Gallons Per Hour (gph)

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Via Aqua 305, 302 Aquarium Fountain, Pond Water Pump

We now sell the AAP/SunSun line of economy pumps as a compliment due to Via Aqua ceasing production of their line of aquarium/fountain/pond pumps.

The AAP/SunSun pumps are similar to the Via Aqua line in both reliability, economy, and design; and in fact our use has shown the SunSun to be slightly more rugged and durable in their design along with HIGHER head pressures for otherwise similar pumps

Professional Aquarium and Pond Pump Experience, Via Aqua 305 & 302 The bottom line is with the SunSun you will get a better made pump with more head pressure, but with less attachment options.

Compact design
Energy efficient
User Friendly
Simple Installation/p>

Via Aqua 305-

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)

SunSun JP-065 Submersible Water Pump for aquarium, fountain

JP-065 Submersible Water Pump- $19.99

Compare to Via Aqua 305, except superior performance

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Maximum head: 78.7"
Dimensions: 3 3/4" L x 2 1/2" W x 3 1/4" H
Wattage: 22
GPH: 317
Variable flow control: yes
Cord length: 66" (Standard Polarized Plug, NISPT-1 cord)
Recommended tubing size: 1/2" ID (best attached when heated), OR 5/8" ID tubing (recommended).
SUPERIOR pump in head pressure, design to NP 305 or VA 305 and ALL related pumps!!

SunSun JP-054 Submersible Water Pump for aquarium, fountain

JP-054 Submersible Water Pump- $15.99

Another alternative to the Via Aqua 305 with higher head pressure, but slightly lower flow

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Maximum head: 63"
Dimensions: 3 1/2" L x 2 3/4" W x 2 3/4" H
Wattage: 14
Variable flow control: No
Cord length: 66" (Standard Polarized Plug, NISPT-1 cord)
Recommended tubing size: 1/2" ID (best attached when heated), OR 5/8" ID tubing (recommended)

Via Aqua 302-

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)

SunSun JP-033 Submersible Aquarium Fountain  Water Pump, AquaTop NP-302

*SunSun JP-033 Submersible Water Pump- $13.99

SPECIAL; JP-033 Submersible Water Pump- $11.99 Limited Stock

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This pump replaces the Via Aqua 302, and is essentially the same pump, but a more "beefy" rugged version with a higher flow rate and better head pressure!

SunSun JP-033, Via Aqua 302 Submersible Water Pump in fountain Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 60Hz
Power; 8 Watt
Maximum Head Flow: 40 inches (1.0m)
GPH Output: 160 gph (600L/h)
Variable Flow Control: Yes
Weight: 10.5 oz. (0.3Kg)
Dimensions: 2.35 x 1.8 x 2.15 inches (56*48*55mm)
Recommended Tubing Size: 1/2 ID tubing
A better, UPDATED version of the Via Aqua 302 with SUPERIOR Performance, unlike other pumps sold elsewhere as a replacement.

Please click on pictures to enlarge for a better view

More Pump Specifications, etc.

Also Consider the more versatile Rio 1000 or Rio 200 as another alternative to the Via Aqua 305 & 302 Pump respectively.

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SunSunHJ-752, HJ-952 Multi-Stage Internal Filter

Simple effective mechanical and biological filters that fit easily inside your aquarium, sump, or similar application

SunSun JP-066 Water Pump

Similar to the Via Aqua 306 Pump; A popular and reliable economy light duty pump with a lot of power (475 gph)

Rio Plus Pumps
Rio Plus Aquarium and Fountain Water pumps are a step up from the basic Via Aqua pumps (such as the Via Aqua 305) in quality and performance.
Consider the Rio 1000 as an alternative to the Via Aqua Aqua 305.
Or the Rio 200 as an alternative for the Via Aqua 302

Via Aqua 1300 now SunSun HJ-1542 Powerhead Pump

A popular and reliable pump/power head for Aquariums, Fountains, Sumps (370 gph)

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