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Aquarium Canister Filter |
AAP, SunSun; 404, 403, 402, & Parts

Our Economy Canister Filters compare in quality to popular models with our Upgrades, including HO UV Lamp & Ballast.

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Available AAP/SunSun Models:

*HW404B or 304B
Parts to Fit SunSun, Grech, & AquaTop ™:
*Valve Set
*Barrelhead O Rings
*Pre-Cut Poly Pads
*Coarse Filter Pads
*Quartz Sleeves
*Ball Valves to fit MOST Canister Filters

We also sell
*Via Aqua 750 Parts;
O Rings, Impellers, Valves, Bio Media, Filter Pads/Sponges

SunSun Instructions/Directions

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AAP/SunSun HW 402B, HW 403B & HW 304/404B Canister Filters

SunSun HW 302, HW 303B, HW 304B Canister Filters

We are now selling the AAP version of the SunSun 300 & 400 series Canister Filter Systems which are an excellent "Value" aquarium filter system as per our early testing (note, we do not sell the 700 series due to quality issues).
The SunSun is the continuation of American (USA ) Designed/Engineered Aquarium Products that are built in Asia.
SunSuns's external 3-5 stage canister has 3 flexible media trays that allow you to add the filtration media of your choice.

Included in OUR AAP/SunSun Canister Filters is ADDITIONAL filter fiber, activated carbon, and volcanic rock (not otherwise standard with these filters).
The extra filter material and retrofit improvement is NOT available with SunSun filters sold elsewhere such as Amazon/eBay.

We still sell parts for the excellent Via Aqua 650/750 Filters (when available), however due to increasing prices, and poor business management we are no longer selling Via Aqua's Canister Filters.

• All AAP/SunSun Canister Filters include a Simple Spade Valve, we also sell separately a premium Ball Valve for better flow control if desired (this is NOT offered by other sellers of this filter!).


• In some models, we include a Return Elbow & Intake Stem that we strengthen and retrofit with an outer layer of 5/8" & 3/4" vinyl tubing to provide the best possible canister filters for our customer (we make this improvement based on our use of this filter).
More importantly, we carefully inspect and test this filter, which provides the security for the customer that they will more likely get a working filter and not have the hassle of returns or parts being shipped on what in fact is an economy filter since factory testing is NOT performed.
This is probably of late the biggest value, as we spend considerable time inspecting and testing of this filter.
Since these are shipped from China, often poorly packed, we often find broken parts (such as handles, quartz sleeves, etc.) that we replace or reject, thus saving the customer a lot of potential aggravation and return hassles.

While not a costly item, we then add considerably more filter media that is not supplied by the manufacturer, which includes premium nitrifying and de-nitrifying lava rock (this makes the filter appear dusty at first until the filter is run for some time).

As well, our AAP/SunSun Filter is supplied with a TRUE HO low pressure UV Lamp/Bulb, NOT the commonly used medium pressure "nail curing" lamp with considerably lower UVC output.
Reference: Actual UV-C Emission from a UV Bulb; Aquarium or Pond

This along with high cost of shipping of late (about $45+ per filter by UPS/FedEx that we 100% absorb as small businesses are now forced to subsidize Amazon for large packages), added filter material, & time taken (about 15-20 minutes per filter) for pre-testing all makes our price near cost (we average about $5-10 profit per filter)!
You also cannot trust "out of the box" reviews of these filters from Amazon or elsewhere, as they are often for an inferior or damaged economy filter compared to the one we sell by the time we are done with our testing, etc!!

Sorry, we have discontinued all SunSun Canister Filters as we were losing money just keeping the price in the ball park of the cheaper versions sold via discounters such as Amazon. As well the distributor for parts went out of business too for the same reason (we also tested the newer 700 models and these failed our quality tests and we will not sell these either).
Further Reading: Buying Aquarium Products via Amazon

SunSun Canister Filter retrofit improvement, better than sold on Amazon or eBay

You Tube Video; American Aquarium Products Upgrade | Custom SunSun Canister

As with ALL Aquarium Canister filters, these are for indoor use ONLY.

SunSun HW402B, Aquarium Canister FilterSunSun HW402B, Aquarium Canister Filter PartsSunSun HW402B -$105.99


*Please click on the "Diagram Picture" to enlarge for a better view
• Self Priming Pump
• Simple Spade Valve that cuts water flow to disconnect for cleaning, resulting no water spills
• Vastly superior to Jebo & other economy canister filters
• Compact design
9 Watt G23 Lamp Internal UV Sterilizer included
As with ANY Canister Filter with a “built in” UV Sterilizer, these generally are AT best for green or cloudy water and not for level 1 or 2 Sterilization, despite many claims (see Aquarium UV Sterilization); In blunt honesty, do not purchase this Filter or any other similar filter based on this feature, purchase based on its merits of a being an good filter for the price!
That said this canister filter has the best flow design around the UV Lamp of any we have inspected for use in our sister aquarium maintenance company.

• Energy efficient
• HW402B Gallons per hour= 264 gph
• Maximum Head Pressure Approx. 52 inches
• Capable of Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration
• Aquarium size: 20- 75 Gallons
• Includes 5/8 inch ID vinyl tubing
• Dimensions: 13.5" Height x 9.5" wide
• Power Consumption: 18 watts
• Includes Activated Carbon, Filter Fiber, and volcanic rock

Further Pictorial Instructions in Side Bar
Directions provided by manufacturer are very basic, please refer to these website instructions.

SunSun HW303B, Aquarium Canister Filter with UVSunSun Canister Filter Model HW303B PartsSunSun HW303B/HW403B -$125.99.


*Please click on the "Diagram Picture" to enlarge for a better view
• Self Priming Pump
• Simple Spade Valve that cuts water flow to disconnect for cleaning, resulting no water spills
• Vastly superior to Jebo & other economy canister filters
• Compact design
9 Watt G23 Lamp Internal UV Sterilizer included
• HW403B Gallons per hour= 370 gph
• Maximum Head Pressure Approx. 96 inches
• Capable of Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration
• Aquarium size: 35- 120 Gallons
• Includes 5/8 inch ID vinyl tubing
• Dimensions: 16" Height x 11" wide
• Power Consumption: 35 watts
• Includes Activated Carbon, Filter Fiber, and volcanic rock

Further Pictorial Instructions in Side Bar
Directions provided by manufacturer are very basic, please refer to these website instructions.

SunSun HW404B, AquaTop Aquarium Canister FilterSunSun Canister Filter Model HW304B PartsSunSun HW304B/HW404B -$139.99.


See Features for HW-402B, including important point about UV Sterilization
• HW304/ HW404 Gallons per hour= 525 gph
• Maximum Head Pressure Approx. 112 inches
• Aquarium size: up to 175 Gallons (larger with additional filters of any type)
• Includes 3/4 inch ID vinyl tubing
• Dimensions: 18" Height x 12" wide
• Power Consumption: 55 watts
• Includes Activated Carbon, Filter Fiber, and volcanic rock
9 Watt G23 Lamp Internal UV Sterilizer included

Further Pictorial Instructions in Side Bar
Directions provided by manufacturer are very basic, please refer to these website instructions.

SunSun Filter Trays, filter media supplied
Picture of Trays with Media Additional Media Supplied with AAP Canister Filters.
Note that the order is right to left/bottom to top for correct placement inside filter.
(please click on this picture to enlarge).
The picture displays models 404B, 303B and 404/304B which include Volcanic Rock premium bio filter media; This volcanic rock, carbon, and coarse filter media is not supplied by the manufacturer, we add this free as a customer courtesy (which also adds dust and /or moisture due to our pre-rinsing)!
(please note that that 304B has four trays)

See the Side Bar for:

• The SunSun Canister Filters are One of the BEST Canister filters for the price based on the MANY canister filters I have used in my maintenance business (The Rena XP may be better, but it also costs more)
• Can be used in “Under the tank Plumbed Systems”, see the diagram in the left side bar or this URL: Aquarium Set up

Parts to Fit SunSun, Perfect, Grech, AquaTop™
Most of these parts will fit other branded canister filters still built by SunSun as well as models not listed as long as the dimensions match. Example if your O ring is the same dimensions, the ones sold here will fit you filter.

Premium Ball Valve for Aquarium Filter• Premium Ball Valve -$7.99 to $11.99
SOLD ON SEPARATE WEB PAGE, Please Click on Picture to GO to Web Page
• Better than ANY valve provided with aquarium canister filters.
• Recommended (only one side) to better control your SunSun Canister Filter flow rate, especially to maximize a UV Sterilizer.
• 1/2" Ball Valve also fits 5/8" Tubing; SunSun Models 402, 303
• 3/4" Ball Valve; SunSun Model 304 & 404

SunSun Canister Filter Valve AssemblyValve Assembly Set to fit SunSun/Perfect & AquaTop™:
Please Click on Picture to Enlarge

Includes Valve 'O' Rings (please note that many others sold elsewhere do NOT include the O Rings)

*Models SunSun 302, 402, 702 & AquaTop™ 300- $14.99

*Models SunSun 303, 403, 703, & AquaTop™ 400- $14.99

*Models SunSun 304, 404, 704 & AquaTop™ 500- $15.99

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O Ring for SunSun Canister FilterBarrelhead (Top Motor) O Rings to fit SunSun/Perfect & AquaTop™:

*Models SunSun 302, 402, 702 & AquaTop™ 300 (8.25 diameter)- $4.79
*Models SunSun 303, 403, 703 & AquaTop™ 400 (9.25 diameter) - $4.89
*Models SunSun 304, 404, 704 & AquaTop™ 500 (10 diameter)- $4.99

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*O Ring for Quartz Sleeve #A - $2.49
Fits SunSun 302, 402, 702, 303, 403, 703, 304, 404, 704 & AquaTop™ 300, 400, 500

*O Ring for Impeller #B - $2.29
Fits SunSun 303, 403, 703, 304, 404, 704 & AquaTop™ 400, 500

*O Ring for Valve #C - $2.29
Fits SunSun 304, 404, 704 & AquaTop™

*O Ring for Valve #D - $2.29
Fits SunSun 302, 402, 702, 303, 403, 703 & AquaTop™ 300, 400

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SunSun Canister Filter ImpellerImpellers to fit SunSun/Perfect & AquaTop™:

*Impeller A- $9.99;
Models SunSun 302, 402, 702 & AquaTop™ 300

*Impeller B- $10.99;
Models SunSun 303, 403, 703 & AquaTop™ 400

*Impeller C - $11.99;
Models SunSun 304, 404, 704 & AquaTop™ 500

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Pre-Cut Poly Pads for SunSun FilterPre-Cut Fine Micron Poly Pads to fit SunSun, Perfect, & AquaTop™ (NOW INCLUDES ONE COARSE POLY PAD TOO!):

*Models SunSun 402B, 302B & AquaTop™ 300- $5.49
Includes 3 Fine Micron Pads and 1 Coarse Poly Pad

*Models SunSun 303B & AquaTop™ 400- $5.49
Includes 3 Fine Micron Pads and 1 Coarse Poly Pad

*Models SunSun 304B, 404B & AquaTop™ 500- $6.99
Includes 4 Fine Micron Pads and 1 Coarse Poly Pad
(Limit 2 sets per purchase due to very limited quantities)

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Baskets to fit SunSun Canister FilterBaskets to fit SunSun, Perfect, & AquaTop™:

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*302B, 402B Basket- $8.19 EA.
*303B, 403B Basket- $9.29 EA.
. *304B, 404B Basket- $10.59 EA.

Please follow this link to our Quartz Tube/Sleeve Page for:
Quartz Sleeve to fit SunSun & AquaTop™ UV

Models: SunSun and Perfect 303B, 403B, 304B, 404B & AquaTop 400, 500

Via Aqua 750/650 Parts

Via Aqua Priming Plug

*Chamber Plug for Via Aqua 650 & 750 -$3.99

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Via Aqua 650, 750 Replacement Poly Pad, Generic

*Replacement Poly filter Pad- $1.99 Jump to Shopping Cart

Sponge sets for Via Aqua 650, 750 filter

*Sponge Replacements (set)- $11.99

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VA 650, 750 impeller cover, lock
*Impeller Cover Lock For 650 & 750 Canister Filter- $5.99

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Via Aqua Canister Filter Clip

*Via Aqua 650/750 Canister Filter Clip- $4.99

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(Sold Individually)

*Via Aqua 650/750 Intake Strainer- $1.99

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For a Download (PDF format) of 750 Instructions, please see our Downloads page (near the bottom):
Via Aqua 750 Instructions, Directions; Downloads

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World Class Aquarium & Pond Information

Why Purchase from American Aquarium Products


If you are planning to use this canister filter or ANY other for a marine aquarium, please read this article:
Marine Aquarium Set-Up; Filters, more


Zoomed MagClips
*Useful for filter intakes, spray bars, etc.
*Also excellent replacement for suction cup holder that are standard with most aquarium heaters

Best Aquarium Canister FilterRena XP Canister Filters
While our SunSun Canister Filter are the best Economy Canister filters; The Filstar is the BEST Canister Filter at ANY price (only our Fluidized Sand Bed Filters are better for aerobic bio filtration). Available models: Rena XPS, XPM, XPL, XPXL

Tidal HOB Aquarium Filter
SeaChem Tidal HOB Filter by AAP

Compare to Aqua Clear but superior in every way

Best Aquarium Pre-FilterFilter Max Aquarium Pre-Filters
For improved bio filtration, improved aquarium filter efficiency. These Sponge pre-filters prevent fry, debris, and other material from being trapped in an aquarium filter intake and increase filter intake depth

Best Aquarium Sponge FilterATI Hydro Sponge Filters; for Aquarium
ATI Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filters for bio and mechanical aquarium filtration. New Hydrosponge Pro filter for high bio load tanks.
Also replacement sponges and parts for Hydro Sponge

SunSun Economy Aquarium HOB FilterSunSun Premium Economy Aquarium HOB Filter
The SunSun HBL-501 & 701 combines Dual (701) cartridges AND Dual (701) Bio Sponges for reliability and a price that beats many filters of half the capacity and double the price

Click below for our vinyl aquarium tubing page:

Tubing, Hose Clamps
The SunSun utilizes a tubing metric tubing size that is very close to the 5/8 inch ID tubing we sell on this page linked to on the left (please note that the 750 Filter already has tubing included, you only would need to purchase extra for applications such as a UV Sterilizer where more tubing may be required)

Aquarium & Pond Plumbing Parts
Universal Intake for Canister Filters & other Plumbing Parts

Unique Heavy duty intake that fits most all canister filters requiring 1/2" to 5/8" (12-16mm) ID Tubing for the intake.
An alternative for filters where this part is not available or is discontinued. As well for those who simply prefer an intake with more rugged construction.



For help determining filter head pressure and thus flow rates:
Head Pressure in Aquarium and Pond Water Filters/Pumps

Please click on each picture to enlarge

Initial Set Up

Canister Filter Set up Tutorial
TIP: a little Petroleum Jelly between the trays helps keep them from getting stuck together during normal operation.


Canister Filter Cleaning Tutorial

Cleaning/Changing Impeller:

Cleaning or Changing Canister Filter Impeller

SunSun Canister Filter Change UV Lamp Video
You Tube Video; SunSun Canister (302B/402B)- How to change O-rings, UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeve

*Make sure protective cap is ALWAYS on the UV Switch when installing or servicing the filter.
Water spilled on this switch can cause an electrical short. Make sure to dry thoroughly if water is spilled into the switch.

*RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS to use with your Canister Filter:

Filter Material; Including Ceramic Bio Media Products & Coarse Filter Pads

• Ceramic Bio Media for aerobic biological filtration (ammonia/nitrite removal)
• Premium Pelletized Carbon packets for your SunSun or other filters
• AmmoCarb by API

Volcanic rock
Volcanic Rock also makes an excellent media for canister filter, aids in nitrate removal as well as ammonia/nitrite (please click the picture for more information and for the page to purchase this on).

Betta Spa
Atison's Betta Spa Indian Almond Leaf Extract

A few other useful Filter Media Product Suggestions for your Canister Filter
SeaChem Matrix (each SunSun Basket holds 1000 mL to 1500mL of Matrix)
SeaChem Purigen

Best 9 Watt UV Replacement Lamp
9 Watt UV Replacement Bulb for SunSun, Grech Canister Filter

For more filter material suggestions information, please read this article: Aquarium Filter Media; Types, Replacement, and more


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