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Professional Aquarium and Pond Filter Experience, Via Aqua Multi Skimmer

Aquarium Protein Skimmer;
Filter and UV Sterilizer Combination.
Via Aqua Multi Skimmer and Replacement Pump & Filter Cartridges.

Introducing the next generation in hang on the back protein skimmers. The Via Aqua Multi-Skimmer is more versatile than any other hang on the back filtration system today. It is a protein skimmer, UV Sterilizer, mechanical filter and chemical filter all in a simple and economical unit.
It was created with the latest in marine filtration technology and innovation. The ViaAqua Multi-Skimmer is ozone compatible and has adjustable/variable Venturi with an exclusive air/water mixing chamber and an adjustable cup. The skimmer is designed to work with any Aquarium up to 80 gallons, for an instant Nano reef.

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The Via Aqua Multi Skimmer is a great combination skimmer, HOB Filter, and UV Sterilizer that is ideally suited for beginner saltwater aquariums up to 80 gallons (we recommend 60 gallon max if this is the only filter used, larger if other filters are used). Excellent when used in conjunction with other filters and live rock!

• Simple installation
• Adjustable variable venturi with an air/water mixing chamber
• Adjustable collection cup
• Built in biological chamber or UV sterilizer chamber
• Filter cartridge with activated carbon
• Injects more air than any other protein skimmer in it class
• For aquariums up to 60-80 gallons
• Surface skimmer and bottom pick up
• Filtration is improved with the addition of a Pre-Filter such as the Filter Max 1 or 2
• Although this filter is not the best SINGLE UV, HOB, or Skimmer; for the price and the fact it combines three types in one unit, the Multi Skimmer is easily one of the best systems you can buy for a marine aquarium under 60 gallons especially when combined with a large amount of live rock inside the aquarium.
saltwater protein skimmer, HOB filter, UV -ViaAqua® Multi-Skimmer™ Deluxe $142.99

DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer (Via Aqua)


*17" x 12 5/8" x 6 1/8"
*Includes a modular 5 watt compact UV Sterilizer

-*Replacement Filter Cartridge (Carbon, mechanical, and biological multi-pore bio beads)- $4.99

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Replacement Straight Intake Tube- $9.99 Jump to Shopping Cart
*6 inch Straight Tube


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• G23 Base
• Pin space = 7/8" (2 cm) Approx.
• Plastic Insert = 7/8" (2 cm) Long; ½” front width; 5/8” side width (approx.)
• Bulb (glass) length (not including plastic end) for 5 watt= 2 1/2" (6.5 cm)

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UV Sterilizers
TMC, Terminator, & Custom UV Sterilizers/ Clarifiers; as well as Replacement UV Bulbs, Quartz Sleeves, Ballasts.

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