Weekly Newsletter January 30th 2023

Featured Products

TMC Vecton 6

TMC Vecton 600 25 Watt UV Sterilizer: The Tropic Marine Centre Pond and Aquarium TRUE UV Sterilizers feature solid construction. Built by a company long recognized by aquarium maintenance professionals as an industry leader in its innovation and quality of products (our founder's large aquarium maintenance company has used these UVs in 100s of applications with superior results and zero issues when installed correctly). THESE CATEGORY 'A' STERILIZERS HAVE THE HIGHEST DWELL TIME OF ANY COMPARABLE BRAND UV STERILIZER! As well, these UV Clarifiers are built with low pressure, high output UV-C bulbs, which has maximize water contact/dwell time. Unlike many comparable high priced units. We are phasing out the Vecton 600 so get them before they're gone for good!!!

Million Air 80

Economy Aquarium Air Pumps: Our AAP/Via Aqua Million Air and TMC H2 Pumps are simply the best pump for your dollar. Superior design and state of the art technology creates a strong, reliable, safe and quiet yet economical air pump that lasts as long as many pumps triple their cost. In fact with the Million Air Pump, our aquarium maintenance company has been using these for over 25 years with results comparable or even better than pumps that often sell for much more such as the Hagen, Aqueon, and Whisper line of aquarium air pumps. What is noteworthy, is our aquarium maintenance company provided free return visits to contract customers if equipment was purchased from the service, so if equipment had problems our maintenance company would have to go out for free to fix/replace and equipment problems. What this meant is our company would not have been too profitable with air pumps that caused regular issues and these "Million Air" pumps were among the most reliable at any price! In fact we have found longevity of often well over a decade when many comparable pumps last a few years and often cost 25% more!!!

Featured Article

Aquarium UV Sterilization

Aquarium UV Sterilization: The MOST IN-DEPTH article about the Benefits and Myths about UV Sterilization, Clarification; A MUST READ prior to Purchasing ANY UV Sterilizer or Clarifier, as MOST devices sold are only Clarifiers. Written with 40+ years of hands-on experience/research!

Featured Video

AAP Air Pump

MillionAir Air Pump | Best Economy Aquarium Air Pump: This video shows the flow of all the Air Pumps. Million Air 80, 200, 400 and 600.

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